Slavery in the Chocolate Industry – Blog

Rebecca Garfias
God bless this journalist.
Noha Hawary
Appreciated efforts and valuable sharing for humanity issues thank you. Some facts are shocking and radically change our usual attitudes
The fact these companies at the end won’t give an interview just confirms their complicity & guilt.. It all comes down to money, as simple as that. The kids don’t get paid…but the companies make billions. Sad for these kids.
Lexie Curson
I have so much respect for this video and all who were involved in the making. I have known about human trafficking fro about a year now, and it’s an awful horrible thing. Thank you so much for spreading the awareness…it’s what we all need. I support an organization called The Justice Mission. You guys do wonderful things keep it up, and God bless.
you would never see a doc like this on american tv
Lucky Madi
Its always beautiful to learn that there’s still people who care about doing something good for the community regardless of the nationality and race. May your God bless you. Thank you so much for showing to the world that slavery still exists and trusting that our leaders will bring this slavery to an end.
B Jay
may god bless you for exposing child labour in the cocoa producing countries,keep up the good effort and keep exposing these criminals.
Fran Cky
I felt ashamed of my country(Ivory Coast) when i watched this video. Everything in it it’s true and even worse. Even mafia is more human than those devil who set up this modern slavery system.
this video is exceptional. very informative reporting! Purdy’s chocolates teaches plantation owners sustainale farming, and works with anti-child labour companies. How hard is it to hire a dozen or so workers who travel to the plantations to ensure labour laws are being enforced? And why aren’t the plantation owners being arrested for having child slave?
VIVA for those who made the VIDEO…….you’re a great man who loves other people especially these less fortunate to have a chance to grow in a modest way and realized their life upon maturity and work in a decent environment and not to be abuse because of their innocence. We salute your work, we wish there are more people like you.
i told my family about this. my sister said “So what?” my dad said “Why do you make your life so complicated?” my mom said “Stop being so negative.” …humanity’s fucked
Jen Hill
God will always bless you sir for helping these childrens..
Keep it up, such an informative documentary
Gernot Almesberger
A great documentary. It is good that we still have people like this reporter and station, who support these kind of journalism. BIG RESPECT!
My husband says to make sure that you buy free-trade chocolate. He also says that Hershey’s and Mars are the largest offenders. This is a repulsive addition the mountain of problems that the united states is causing. The only way out of this mess is to buy locally, and to stop depending on the rest of the world to supply our needs.
J's Reggae Tube
The end was amazing !!! Great job !!!
Dully Katzeff
I salute you for the work you do, most people just talk. I admit to be on of them, however, I’ll make it a rule not buy chocolate unless it contains the sign that it is equitable. If I did not have kids, I would have liked to join your fight in a more active way.
thankyou for uploading this. i’m using it for my schoolproject! It’s so sad to know that the’re everyday kids out there working on chocolate I buy…. not gonna buy chocolate anymore without a hallmark.
Captin Coburn
these guys were brave, i give them a lot of respect for producing this documentary.
Josie Lopez
i want to get involved and help… this just breaks my heart!!
I wish I could adopt those kids and bring them here to have an awesome life
Tasha’s Gay
I love that they took the film outside of nestle corporations and played it for everyone.
Planet of the Idiots
Nothing ever changes until the ppl who are actually exploited stand up for their rights.
The film maker did a very good job of showing the exploitation of children in the chocolate industry. Did the people that signed the accord to stop child slavery complicit, yes. Will anything come of it, probably not. What will happen is the price of chocolate will rise due to a spokesman for the large companies justifying an increase in raw materials but in the end, the corporations will laugh all the way to the bank.
Wow congratulation Svante, Robeto and Mikki and all others contributed in making this documentary.And most important for ua courage to make the investigation and to send it directly to those accused Netsle and their fellow bastards.You guys did ua job hope a lot of ppo includin me will follow your footsteps in fighting against Child Labor and 21st century slavery.
Thank you for doing this story!!!!
I AM IN IVORY COAST. I grew up in a cocoa farm. Some friends of mine have taken over their family farms. This campaign about child slavery in cocoa plantations is a BIIIG surprise to all of us. We have never seen what a slave is in Ivory Coast, except on the Internet ! We used to be hard workers, helpful to our parents, and this is how our country has become the worldwide lead cocoa producer. Like every success, it does not surprise me that ours could be under attack by some local or global groups of interest. The stories told by the so-called “victims” don’t add up if you take them one statement after another. You may also wonder why the “slave masters” are never shown. JUST FOR YOU TO KNOW that there might be something nasty behind.
Denis Korobkin
The Russian translation of the movie can be found on Youtube under the title: Правда о шоколаде (документальный фильм, Дания, 2010)
absolutely done with chocolate and nestle
mothusiemang mabogola
Thank you for this video now we are aware of the total production of chocolate and is very SAD to see how RIGHTS of our younger brothers and sisters are violated. I`ll make sure that I refer people to this video when engaging in serious international matters……thanx!
I think your doing good! I too decides to boycott these trade sources after seeing this documentary. People might laugh and never change but child slaves is just not something to laugh about.
Heartbreaking, the journalist and those who helped him were incredibly brave. Human trafficking, forced labor & slavery in general is a massive global problem involving millions of men, women and children.  It’s sickening to see those in positions of power blatantly lying , they know damn well their suppliers are using slave labor .  For concerned consumers there are a few aps created by independent human rights organizations that will scan a product’s bar code assigning a rating as to a company’s known use of slave labor anywhere in their supply chain.  As long as there is a market to sell to, of course these giant corporations will continue to lie or look the other way and ignore the issue. it means NOTHING that slavery is illegal in every country on this planet if it’s not enforced. Most Americans don’t have a clue this is a problem so bringing awareness to it is important… Slavery and exploitation of these children will continue until you, the consumer, take responsibility for the products you purchase.
Me and my family will start a boycott more chocolate for difficult as it may be, slavery is worst…no need for slavery when these corporations are making billions..innocent children should not be USED, and abused for any reason..a rightful way is mandate
44:30 That moment is just FILLED with win.
Show Me The Money Guy
“The dark side of chocolate” LMAO
Emma Warren
I think it’s a great feat you stilled showed them. Because for things to change it’s hard but it takes time. And in this scenario, the more you remind, the more you tell them what they are consuming is contributing to such a thing, slowly if they have a heart they will understand and ultimately change!
It’s completely infuriating how everyone in the companies denies and refuses to take responsibility for what is obviously happening illegally… it’s disgusting how we have become so blind to this horrible slavery happening! I am going to share this video with everyone I can!
Mr. Loven Heart Sweet Lio
Heather Macleod
I went to the Equal Exchange website and ordered 15 boxes of Halloween candy for my friends and neighbors. It’s worth it to pay more for chocolate when I know that it doesn’t involve child slavery. The farmer gets 6 cents for every dollar I spend on chocolate, and Mars Corp gets 70 cent – that’s just not fair. Next time my kids do a school fundraiser I’m going to use the fair trade chocolate at Equal Exchange.
Moshe Garland
great docu….i loved the ending…
The Vegan Point
This is really good journalism, it was eye opening
Daily Mike
30 seconds into the video…..damn, I want some chocolate right now.
Kshitij Singh
Mankind cannot stop using chocolate or Coffee in the entire wold  We all love chocolate and there are Millions of people in every country who love COFFEE  I am a Cafe House Owner in INDIA , I make about more then 300 Cups a Day  N I feel so bad for all those children who are working Under those Dogs  We common people may have the Problem to STOP these TRAFFICKING  But The BIG Coffee Companies Can Help Them In Any Way.
mathew adebowale
wow this is the touching and hardship lifestyle Africa kids go through. thanks for your risky voyage of discovery..
Soul in Balance
Good work ❤️ thank you
The ending was certainly epic.
Thanks. Well if we stop using the things made out of the sweat of the children and slave labor, maybe we will end up using none of the creature comforts that we are so used to. That goes to show what kind of world we live in !
Ted Chaffman
I am 14 years old, live in the USA and I would like to get more information about this. Do you guys have a Facebook page or a website where I can get involved myself?
trudian smith
Currently doing a case study on this and decided to see if i could get footage and wow!! this is crazy!!!!!! injustice at its best.
Vincent Sammartino
No more chocolate for me! Thanks for opening my eyes!
Roaa Sadiq
i can’t watch this without crying like who the hell would ever do this to a person where all human not dog’s not cat’s not any animal…. I’m now speechless
N’faly Traoré
this guy really accomplished his mission
28:40 “They’re coming here for vacation.” Oh ok, then. Case closed!
I can’t believe the owner of Saf Cocoa just totally denied everything. He deserves to rot in a jail cell since it’s so illegal in the Ivory Coast.
that was fucking cool, what he did with the huge screening of the film in front of Nestle’s headquarters… :o) I’m a geek so i appreciate that part. overall, this was an intelligently done, not too dumbed down, documentary. another reason for us ALL to start thinking long and hard about how to live on what we can produce ourselves, locally…
Anna M.
Would be helpful the underline text showing in a visible color ! Excellent documentary!
So other economic systems are more democracy-friendly? Could you give any examples on non-capitalist democracies?
Cameron Roo
Don’t bother showing your film to Nestle. They know exactly what they are doing. Show it to the parents of these children. Show it to the children. They are kept ignorant for a reason. They don’t know what they are doing. They probably outnumber the companies and so if they learn about this and use their voices, they might make an impact.
You don’t need “direct control” in order to stop it. The companies got all the control that they need in order to stop it. The companies are participating in the crime just as much as the traffickers are. Maybe not in paper, but you don’t need every thing to be in paper in order to know what’s right. If they aren’t willing to do what’s right, then it’s left up to us as consumers to stop this atrocity from continuing.
How do you know which company uses chocolate related to slavery? Any links or names? Is the list in the movie the full one ?
Great documentary…I thank the God that unites us all for people like this who do something of true value and change in this world. Does anyone know what year this was made?
Excellent upload- expose the truth!!!!
Rómulo Novais
Please share it with the most number of people that you can find. If social networks can revolutionize countries and free people they can also end slavery. Use youtube and facebook to shout to everyone about this!
if the companies shrug off responsibility, it is up to us – chocolate eaters – to do something about it. I am getting off chocolate – haven’t been eating for a few months – but this gives me a stronger resolve. Not only chocolate, we must refuse all cocoa based products. That should get the companies and plantation owners thinking and running to cover their losses by stopping child labor.
Mirek Le Fou
How come cocoa plants are growing back so quickly and producing such a huge amount for entire industry?
Rain Dance Ranch
ditto… i go out of my way to buy fair trade everything amongst many other changes i’ve made for my families health as well as to support the change i want to see in the world
wait a second! the chocolate that we eat is made from people who are kiddnaped! im never eating chocolate ever again! i would give it to them for anything!
Damn, I know how that goes. Bless.
so awesome..great job….us help us all..much love thanx for making.
Rebecca White
Nice to see that someone living in Africa actually cares…however not enough in the country care
ken p
very very powerful,shocking and eye opener.
its so sad,,,,i never knew this about child slavery
sharon burney
im glad i am severly allegic to chocolate this is sick
Peter Munyaka
Soo sad, the thing we do for profits. Good work to the IJ.
V Vach
I am hoping that video gets to spread around the world and build up more awareness among the consumers and bring pressure on the BIG BOYS to own up to the their crooked ways.
For products that the children who slave never even get the chance to taste!! I can’t wait till I finish my degree so I can work for my charity I support (Challenging Heights). Challenging Heights work against child slavery in Ghana, mainly on the fishing industries, rescuing children from trafficking and hard labour and providing education for them. Peace 😀
Lucia Mendez
One of the saddest things in here is reading your comments. I can tell that you people don’t know very much of it. Don’t worry, there are plenty of fair trade products. We don’t have to give up everything. Some products are more expensive, some others not. But it totally worth it. We can’t do much more by now.
Weak communities make for easy exploitation. The people of these countries bring it on each other by not standing up for each other. This allows companies to come in easily and start using them. If a problem needs to be addressed, find out the reasons so few people of African nations stand by their kind. I bet this could happen in any industrialized nation as well if they weren’t laws against it.
This is a good documentary. Whats happening to children is sad. People like me love chocolate but this breaks my heart. We should send chocolate back to these third world countries where children are being trafficed and tell these bastards that we don’t want their chocolate because they make children suffer for a bastards own benefit.
Myriam Bogaert
Yes, fair trade is far from as good as the common chocolate; but now i’ve seen this documentary I only buy fair trade (and in fact I shoud do this for most of the products when possible).
The french guy that went missing at around 20:00 was obviously disposed of, and if these guys are not careful, they will be too. I can bet all my money on the Trafficker that sat down with them is now not a Trafficker either.
Muslim Grandma TV
I think slavery in africa caused by a lack of education, in my country (Indonesia), we are 2nd largest cocoa producer in the world after Ivory Coast, but no slavery in our cocoa industry
emilia alvarez
To not cry and not feel other peoples suffering is inhuman.
Demetrio Castillo
Fun Fact: David Bateson also provided the voice of Agent 47 in Hitman! Then he makes this!? That guy is awesome in everything he does!
we should all work together to get this video to get as much views as possible. that way, more people could know about what’s really going on and put a stop to it. spread the word (or at least this video) .to all those who say they want to help end this, you can. and that’s how.
Kat M
I recently found this one kind of chocolate called “UNREAL”, it’s legit and non gmo. I wouold check them out
I love the jumbotron at the end!!
RainbowHead PixiGal
This is disturbing and sickening and I resolve to never eat chocolate – or other cocoa products – again. How can we let this happen? I agree ChowyJumpy, money, well the greed for it, is responsible for so much evil.
You’re both correct. Capitalism is the source of slave labor, but it is also the reason why we are able to accomodate our needs with these so-called luxuries at minimal pricing and optimal utilities. Capitalism is nevertheless advancement in terms of economics, but in order for it the succeed, there must exist lower standards and humanitarian neglect.
for me it is sad in many ways… first a country with leaders that eat till so fat and don’t try to develop their own country and caused their people to become so desperate, second large corp. that try to squeeze every single penny out from everyone, third everyone involved try to ignore their responsibility or even cheat and say no such thing … …
joanne brown
why the hell didnt they take that little boy back!!!!that bit made me cry its horrible
Brian James
On the backs of the children! Greed and the love of Money, love your children !!
The Average Black Man
Much respect to the investigative reporter who risked his life to show us the truth!!! I will think twice before eating chocolate….
OMG why does everyone from the industry, even the own government denies about children labor???? This is sick!!!
Christopher Reef
thank you for your activism
Talk about first world problems. To add to your statement, these standards are held with different perspectives all around the world. What may appear to be a child to industrialised countries may not hold the same credibilities in developing countries. Whilst Westerners care more about the labor that accomodates these products, people who live in less fortunate places are so to speak, dying to live. Circumstances are always different, people are just too priviledged to see these problems.
تميم ترك
it is so unfair, why do these children have to work so hard under the burning sun so that our pampered children can eat chocolate???
it’s not entirely the companies fault, remember they said they’re not responsible for how people are put to work by farm owners…of course, they SHOULD do something, agree on that, but it’s also the farm owner’s fault. THEY’RE the one’s who put these children to work. companies won’t do crap about this. it’s a sad sad world we’re living in..
G Wang
For Heaven’s sake, is there ANYTHING I can buy anymore at a store today the origins of which do not involve the exploitation of fellow human beings?
I know I’m supposed to feel sorry but damn I want some chocolate.
This is an eye opener. Some of theses children look to be no more than at the most 7. Why can’t we truely buy anything that is cruelty free? There went my treat.
stuff like this doesnt motivate any nation to act! or only in the name of democracy will they intervene! Yeah is this democracy
This is fantastic advertising by the Fair Trade branded companies.
You can get more reliable coffee from south america, you just really need to look into the brands you buy
Well a comment for the film now, keep up the good work!
JJ Helna
Another reason to give up chocolate for Lent and beyond!
Nestle you are not doing anything more than your North American settlers did 200 years ago. Slavery should be punished with dead penalty and company which does buy goods form this kind of places should be fined really high amount of money and their chair person should be send to prison…
People do not want to think and give up their life, I dealt and still deal with the same crap due to the way I live my life animal and human cruelty free. At least you are awake and doing something, don’t keep silent. Change only happens when we unit and spread knowledge, educate not only with your words show proof and it is harder for them to ignore.
im pretty sure science made it a reality… and capitalism just made it mass produced by profiting off other people hard word. but then again i don’t know where we would be without capitalism, but i reckon it would be a better world.
Well it looks like I can’t eat food anymore unless i grow it myself. (looks outside at concrete jungle) ….shit
If only VICE would do real investigative reporting like this… RIP VICE…
Rum ration
Same story in the coffee industry.
Ben Kozlowski
Another reason to buy heirloom raw cacao or grow your own…
The chocolate industry is JUST ONE PLACE this happens. If not the chocolate industry, something else would take its place. As someone else said, the responsibility needs to start within their own village, country, gov’t.
Anthony Ward
I have a solution; don’t buy anything. Cothes, food, and housing. It all involves cruelty .
No wonder we are so depressed when only the food we are eating comes from people who are suffering.
I love chocolate but not enought to support bastards that steal children and force them to be slaves.Just awful,Thank you for the upload.It was meaningful and eye openning. It is shameful the way people can turn their backs on this, we are consumers, as consumers we are in control .We can make them stop by not buying their product ! hit them in the pocket books & they will listen, thats what my dear old Dad used to say.
Christopher Shieh
If you buy your stuff from Trader Joes, their products are all from free workers
Yes, you can do something! Buy only Purdy’s chocolates!
King Jones
wow you learn something everyday
We do care but it’s not like younger people can actually do anything extreme. Donating & raising money or complaining’s the most that they can do from where they are. If there’s going to be any kind of change, it’s going to be in the place where it’s happening. That’s the way it’s always been, that’s the way it’ll stay. & SolracCAP didn’t do anything bad, so why hate on him/her? I personally think it’s a good thing that he/she told someone, because at least it’ll help spread attention about this
Of course chocolate itself doesn’t cause slavery … but the companies that deal with does who use people as slaves, knowing it or trying to ignore it, yes they DO cause slavery and are co-responsible of it.
Hershey’s supports this 100%
Jeremy M
i just eat a mars bar while seeing this… and it tasted good 🙂
No coffee/tea/chocolate from me, unless it’s from free workers who get paid well. Until that day then
The girl did say that her own family asked her to work, just like one of the many children whose families need them to work too. And its not like they are doing bad things in the plantations. So, what’s the problem?
Gunsol Videos
this is the real version of ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’
Muslim Grandma TV
I don’t see it as a problem. Palm oil is palm oil. Even it’s formula can be similiar to cocoa, but still palm oil is not real Cocoa. Beside, palm plantations now focuses their end products to palm oil, bio fuel or bio diesel, etc. I just read MARS website. They said that in 2020 will be global deficit cocoa supply, which is caused by many cocoa plant conversion to rubber and palm plantations. so the cocoa industry right now is struggling to help farmers to increase their production
Its good to make these problems visible to the whole world but I think the responsibility for the safety of children rests with their parents, their village, their country, their government. Nestle can’t police a plantation in Ivory Coast. It would be easy to eradicate this problem instantly. If a child is caught working on your plantation, the gov confiscates your farm. Problem solved. Why isn’t it so? MONEY, PROFIT trumps all morality.
Ezzati Aida
after watching it, i felt reluctant to buy nestle’s products. 🙁
Pras Anand
Don’t worry, it’s not that bad once you get out there on your own.. Family is fucked 😉
steve noe
when i was a kid I would have worked for chocolate bars.
But I just bumped another cookie, and accordingly the youtube role will bug the load of critical attitudes. Long live the environmental tradition.
Brother, this is the truth you say. This is the darkest of all truths. Every single trail of blood and toil leads to our homes, leads to our cars, computers, clothes, flowers, burgers, shoes, perfumes, paper, plastic, utilities, sex toys, brothels, hotels. The debt that we as a people have accrued over the period of the last 160 years can only be amortised in blood. And, it will be paid soon, very soon. Be prepared, brother, the hounds have been unleashed, the debt will be paid!
Henry Imaze Ehi
I would appreciate if any one from Indian could educate me about the working condition of fair trade cocoa farmers in India State of Kerala. I am a doctorate research student on Fair-Trade
Gabre Potter
The government official doesn’t make much sense. He is just trying to cover up something.
28:43 “When you see a truck… oh sorry, a bus… with twenty kids…” Ahhhh… Caught you.
Only fair trade chocolate from now on, that poor boy’s tears changed how I see chocolate for ever
sharon burney
im glad i have a fatal chocolate allergy. this is horrifying
Come to Egypt please, all car mechanics hire much little kids for work. 6 years and 7 years 🙁 they beat them, sometimes some kids get killed :(((
mustafa mtl
what a shame. unacceptable.
Tiaree Teriao
lucky that i am not a chocolate eater, now that i have seen this video i hate it even more. great job video producers.
true….and we don’t even know it. how sad 🙁
is it ironic that im eating chocolate while watching this?
I feel bad for eating chocolate now D:
it goes back to the principle that money is one of the most evil things.
Damn! Now I cant eat chocolate. But, damn! I should have known. There had to be slave labor involved to produce So Much Chocolate!
I thought I was used for a slave in my house my doing chores
I have suddenly lost my taste for chocolate..I think Nestle should be ashamed for they must know about child labor at the plantations..Turning a blind eye is unacceptable and right now there is a window of opportunity to clean their mess..they should take advantage before the window closes and they will be totally accountable for the shameful way of doing business..
you cant boycott everything though
@HerresKoolaid i completely agree with you
evan mallory
if everyone is lying then who says fair trade chocolate is fair?
don’t buy chocolate from the Ivory Coast it’s that simple, get from fair trade, the rainforest alliance, or from Chocolate grown from it’s place of Origin, Mexico.
If child trafficking is against the law in Ivory Coast then what is the govt doing to punish the people who break the law??
B Jay
those plantation owners should be jailed for a long time if they’re found guilty of child trafficking or child labour.
Great Life40
I have suddenly lost my taste for chocolate..I think Nestle should be ashamed for they must know about child labor at the plantations..Turning a blind eye is unacceptable and right now there is a window of opportunity to clean their mess..they should take advantage before the window closes and they will be totally accountable for the shameful way of doing business..
Hahahahaha that was funny
Heba Mesallam
onell rivera
IS OBVIOUS they know the “rumors are not rumors” look how they look away when ask everyone that have a basic knowledge of law,journalism or interrogation know the question make it fell uncomfortable.
once again, youtube comments have made me lose hope in humankind
yep, that’s so typical when you mention the sad state of the world people tell you you’re deluded or being negative etc…
They punish them by making more money for themselves
Екатерина Подстрешная
I think we should not buy these companies’ production and talk about this problem with our friends or share this video with them. The demand create the supply. It’s the first law of economics.
With what do you wish to replace it? Why do not the Ivory Coast people realize that they could have so much more, simply by DEMANDING IT?
omg i thought the same thing! we’re both going to hell and burning for eternity! haha
Glen Bishop
They showed courage to go in their and film and expose the wrong doing of people who use children as slaves for profit.May the children have their freedom and a good life.Aho
im going to go buy some chocolate 😉
E Sotta
great journalism but I don’t agree in singling out the companies as the responsible. We have to look at the cultural side where this kind of exploitation is fair game in Africa. As shown in the beginning the girls saying that their parents would be upset with her. The ministry giving a blind eye, the traffickers doing the dirty job for the sake of some euros. Brasil has nescafe and yet we don’t use child labour in the coffee plantation.
How’s it hidden if it’s moving? *waits for people to explain how and say how idiotic I am*
i need to find out about Lily’s & other organic chocolate & “Free Trade” chocolate companies! evil!
Look at the ingredients in a commercial chocolate bar, do you really think the chocolate manufacturers give a tinkers damn for your life or the life of a slave? All they care about is money.
Ruth Beane
You don’t have to boycott everything. You can buy fair-trade and locally grown. And we don’t need chocolate. We have choices. The choice to support slavery or not.
Hakim Balala
if there is any failure,its in the whole economic system present in the world all the sectors there are lets not pick only on chocolate and diamonds,rather look at the whole picture.
Simo Nedelchev
watching this while eating some toblerones!
Gang Gang
its a bit ironic how the names the “dark side”
44:30 Squirm, you bastards at Nestle, SQUIRM.
Well it is for a good cause…
enjoy paying 7 times more for your food!
This sucks :c I love chocolate!
I’m not from there and I certainly care!
fred Lastfred
The 2 goons sitting in back at 27.46 don’t seem too happy and would have I think killed this man if had a chance.
Clare Labron
Unboxedthinker is right, sadly :/
4:10 Notice the head movements. He’s nodding while saying no.
Nestle is freakin greedy! I dont buy their stuff because they test their teas and coffee on animals/rats or mice! I dont think they’re being fair! Boycott nestle!
Dave David
Never really like chocolate but now I hate it even more.
Stop supporting the big companies!! Africa is one of the richest places on earth…but because of corruption and greed people there don’t get a piece of the pie. My heart is so sad for these children..and other children in other countries. Peace and Love
harold rodriguez
The only reason things like this happen is due to POVERTY, most of the  families can barely feed the child let alone cloth them , am sure if they would no mother would let her children go and work at that age
Makes you think next time to bite into a Kit Kat bar!
Work harder!! I want another Snickers now!!
Wang Chester
watching this while eating Milka
Trick or treat? Tie my feet, just so you have sweets to eat.
No people made my laptop a reality. Capitalism made the richest 1% a reality.
E Sotta
a problem difficult to eradicate  since the kids parents eggs them on to go away..
at 44:30 appears to be the biggest ever ‘fuck you guys!’ in history…
i was thinking the same
how about we just boycott chocolate and drop the price to oblivion that’d teach em LOL
Jahovah jahovah
this why i fear Africa  too much crime under their nose and they ignore it
allen kain
Great film … But cannot read the captions.
poor girl, with all that injuries…….
Cape Town
I can tell you that this story is completely one sided…
omg! i noticed that too 🙂
No , worker did it. capitalism made it expensive. Compare Linux and Windows , which is cheaper ? Compare Android and iOS , which is cheaper ?
Gerard Heck
Take note of and refer to this Scripture: 1 JOHN 5:19 “We know we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.”
Hareez Anwar
Geez…. Look how much effort they took to LIE, ryt in front d TRUTH!!
All of the guys he interviewed are involved
dude, these kids are slaves…. But I agree, not all of the beans are from a slave plantation and the honest owners will get screwed up because of the boycott
Tamika Warren
sad….so sad…..
i first thought the same though
Tammy Kent
GO MS. CONLIN!!!! -Shane K.
“The dark side of chocolate”… Could it be anymore racist?
Mary P
The corruption in this world and the greed for money is just endless.
le sommet des hirondelles
not sure I will be able to eat chocolat again….
Miki Brea
Ebola could come by chocolate to all others country
i thought this was gonna talk about Willy Wonkas wonkers
لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله
Rain Dance Ranch
look for things marked as “fair trade” certified… be prepared to pay more most of the time though… go to farmers markets
Indonesia might not have slavery, but is has a problem with its palm oil plantations, palm oil being an ingredient in many chocolate bars. Look them up.
The worst part is that they don’t even care about it. 😐
Owuna Lacko
God will judge. This is just earth Heaven is what really matters When you die You die with your money to .
kelvin lim
It’s because they are undercover and if they save the boy it would be quite obvious what is the purpose of their visit
My kids and I boycotted Chocolate from non fair trade sources. I tell everyone I can about it. Most people laugh and keep eating it in front of me. Apparently it’s funny. Maybe if we live by example, things will change, but the sad fact is, most people just don’t fucking care. Ordinary people most would consider decent don’t care enough to give up (or change where they get) one little luxury to save these kids. Most people make me sick. Keep spreading the word. Maybe someday things will change
I only eat swiss and belgian chocolate. So, that doesn’t count right?
So, what changed, then?
Richard Allen
ha. as if greed was confined to a single company.
Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade
I don’t really care how many poor bastards die for my chocolate.
Alfonso Navarro
LOL. Still gonna buy chocolate. That shits good.
I wounder how Willie Wonka would feel?
you sure these people dont get paid?
Gator Monahan
What are they going to do run away with the boy and get shot i mean really its not they could help him.
Trish Carney
We must be related. Oh we are because we are ALL one. It will be ok hun…
Is the title to this video a double entendre, or…?
is this people still free without any charges ?
Boycott Nestlé and buy South American chocolate and then the government of Cote ivoire will have to take stricter actions against the traffickers.
Hmm…this seems like a infrastructure problem. They can create all the policies, gov’t and policing, but that will not solve the problem. The manufacturers do have direct control, as they are the ones who buy the coco. They can choose not to buy from those who traffic. What I don’t understand is why the coco is sold so cheaply. Something like 1 euro of coco equates to 40 bars. What needs to happen is to create more opportunity. It appears there’s lack of know-how from those who reside there.
Jen Hill
burn the chocolate farms!!!!…
Jane Rita
all that, and chocolate isn’t even that good for you…..
dont buy candies stupids… Now I feel guilty everytime i buy chocolate GREAT
chocolate now tastes even better
30:18 Isn’t that that boy from the beginning of the video who was crying????
Send Obama over there. He’s put thousands and thousands and thousands of young blacks here out of work.
It’s like saying. Oh I can’t put out the fire because I never started it. Not to mention the gallons of fuel that I’m pouring on it is helping at all. That’s just being stupid and hypocritical. And you know what the best part is? It’s people like this that are some of the most powerful people in the world! And we just sit by and let them get away with this kind of crap. Makes you wonder what this world is coming to.
Is it me or is fucking Hitman 47 the narrator of this thing?
Emily Rose
I am curious about what this german? accent speaking guy’s job is about? What is he doing actually in this organisation? Sitting behind a desk with a suit and not showing any emotions after this video looks very suspicous to me,
Jacek K
very end is very sad- no one care : one think they care to not make proves child slavery  against Nestle etc
Zerradi Zader
Do not you know governments and the United Nations in this matter ? Why not work to stop it ? ? ?
Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade
@TheWowgirl36 You just made me feel very ashamed. I think i go buy some chocolate to make me feel better.
Will Wonka’s chocolate factory
พงศทร คันทา
bull shit!! logical, 2 faces of coin
I don’t like how they, did nothing, just let the children go and be trafficked off, when they were there undercover.
Ευα Ευακι
Shut up and give me chocoooo
kuro senpai
Am I the only one who doesnt like chocolate?
Clayburne Washington
what,,,, I have seen it… kids working 17 hrs a day….
Mary P
You’re missing the point.
onell rivera
This us it i will not purchase more chocolate for me or my family, all this famous brand of chocolate could go to hell.
Don Perrault
What is the other side?
J̅o̅h̅n̅n̅y̅ F̅a̅v̅o̅r̅i̅t̅e̅
I will only buy White Chocolate from here on out.
what ever
the kids still made them and if we don’t eat them then all their hard work will be for nothing, so we should eat chocolate
Emily Rose
Yeah sure always someone to find who you can blame, its not about dictators this its against the law! They are doing it anyway because of big bizz AND YOU (WE) the consumers dont care. Its YOUR (OUR) fault that this is happening not the fault of some dictators there! So Typical always blaming someone else so you cant go on liek nothing happend.
Kodack Gaming
Um…..this isn’t the chocolate industry, it’s African agriculture industry. The nation could crack down on child slavery and it would barely impact the chocolate industry. This video sheds light on a real problem, but it is disingenuous of them to suggest chocolate causes slavery.
Vyom Dutt
Y don’t they stop all of the kids they see that are being transported?!!!!
well, i will never buy this shit again
Joseph R
Please all the viewers, if you wish to stop these abuses in all different  lines in all different parts of the world, try to subscribe and send the link to your friends and families. Let them know the truth. I wanted to ask that Moroccan French speaking guy  . If on passover night table he says, ”the Egyptians were harsh to us and made us to work hard labour and God heard our cry and brought 10 plagues on Egyptians” Does he think that God dose not listen to cry of these little souls and will not bring upon him and people like him plagues of justice?
I like to know what i can do to help
So, where are the cries of outrage from the liberal media?, or Louis Farakhan, Jessie Jackson, Quannel X, and all those other loudmouths who are supposedly so concerned about black people’s rights? Why do we not hear from them? Why does this not make the six O’clock evening news?
children are cheap work force
ja k
this is what nato brings to people.
Same with my parents, they don’t give a shit.
Sebastian B H
Im not from there, but I still care… That was a lousy statement…
30:10 the same kid from 18:42
Vechilu Ana
without this dark part of the story, America would not have these low prices in terms of chocolate and many  other things. There is always a bad and a good part . The world is balanced………
Roberto Vazquez
horrible. I’m done eating chocolate. for real. evil evil people
Maria Dolores
See what sugar company is doing
Boycotting chocolate won’t work. Don’t be freaking stupid, you’re talking about third party groups here. Chocolate traders are to blame, and the plantation owners. The damn traders from Europe who buy straight from the Plantation owners and know exactly what’s happening to the kids.
that little girl had some 40k jungle gold earrings.
done with kraft also
:48 whats up with the lion’s mouth subliminal message in the chocolate bar at 0:48 seconds?
Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-dee
Really? The dark side of the white chocolate.
Afrikan blood chocolate
lol…just realized.
They have nothing to complain. They must be happy to have a job.
Willy Wonka was a trafficker. Poor Oompa Loompa’s.
Gerard Heck
I meant to give you a thumbs down….sorry.
Eugen Iorgulescu
Can’t even pretend to care.
The Narrator is agent 47?
gr8 wrk, has it give any result ???
Jim elma
dont be silly, im white
This horrible world, always out to abuse the poor and downtrodden! Will I ever eat chocolate? I will certainly never be their fan!
What kind of stupid logic is that? Seriously, it’s not the manufacturers fault, it’s the traders fault for not reporting it and these plantation owners for letting this happen. That’s like blaming the dude who invented sharp objects for every person who was stabbed and killed by someone who was born 500 years later…
Don’t buy Hershey’s Chocolate those bastards do this to kids.
I only like white chocolate.
Its Agent 47 Narrating!
Is that agent 47 narrating?
Yüksel Pıtov
да спрем да ядем шоколад …… представи че си на мястото на 6 годишното дете …..
Sorry, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Hagemann is on someones payroll…
John Boner
Every race of people exploits their own people; some more visibly than others. You have to understand when you’re living in absolute poverty, where many of your government officials are corrupt and access to good paying jobs or even schools is impossible, you’re forced to do whatever you can to survive. Your comment is ignorant and you should apologize to the human family immediately.
Great Life40
what is wrong with you? you need help my friend 🙂
bidka mwangi
I will still eat chocolate as hell
Buy Fair Trade
Jim elma
fair trade tastes like shit. i would rather buy better tasting chocolate even if it costs a child their human rights
That’s their problem. Are they poor because of they are stupid, or are they stupid because they are poor ?. COUNTERCONCEPTION is the only way to avoid famine,  children labour and infrahuman labouring. Dont talk about progress if every 20 years old girl has already 3 kids, and those kids in 18 years will have 2 kids, etc etc etc. 
Aaron Guenther
Why are they paying them as little as possible …And sell chocolate for very very much,WHY, don’t u know Liv an let Liv…..
Camo Girl
Why does every thing have to be made with shave labour there kids you sickos
I got bored at the three minute mark
Ben Ireland
This is terrible.
This should have 500 mil wievs not fcking justin bieber
خلق الخالق
We have already owned too many of africans and we do rehabilitated them properly, probably, it is the right time to push them back to home to take power lead, so the image will be cleared and the information will be correct. The rule may be applied to indians and some asians like pakstanis and afghanis. Many of such individuals have about 60 years of deep and right values so since age 15 they were in the process
Vincent Kommers
VOTE FOR OBAMA this election – Romney wants to open more trade in South America, Obama wants more manufactories in America itself – there are many people jobless in America, opening new productions in the USA means less child labour in indonesia/south america. *We care*
Abbigail Pierson
Teach you anything trash
lol you have no hart ^^
James Adams
yeah I know I also saw your mama….
Branden Nguyen
This is where slavery all started, Africa, not America.
The consumers are guilty, not the companies. If we, YE, ALL WHO EAT AND DRINK CHOCOLATE, buy Fair Trade products, this shit would not excist.
خلق الخالق
Such reality gives false image or information and a noisy one about arabs and muslims
خلق الخالق
A bad news american may hear is a drop in the number of black workers who left america to there origin, that a good example of how the economy maybe affected by international events