Nick Vujicic: Attitude is Altitude – Challenging the VR/AR Community to Help Transform Lives – Blog

Imagine how annoying flies are when you don’t have arms to swat them away, or an itch ? Yet Nick’s always smiling.
Ivona Latu
I’m gng to emulate you Nick for such an amazing will to set inspirational examples and have faith in God . Thank you Nick
Shaun Petersen
I love this man’s will to live and to empower others
Nafika Ahadi
Nick u really blessed me, when m watch your videos can’t stop crying, may God continue to use u till the end, I love u Nick plus your family
Rory O Connor
Brilliant speech & amazing inspiration! Best of luck on all your phenomenal successes! =D
taji mtera
I have nothing to say but GOD blesse you Nick
samson ollawa
Nick, you are really a blessing to our generation. Grace and blessings be multiplied!
Getahun Menayehu
I am very delighted with the sermon of Mr Nick Vujicic . May almighty God bless his life richly right now.
ProsperityQueen Grace
I have no right to complain and make excuses in life. This man is a genuine inspiration.
dina march
God keep on blessing u
Sir thanks for healing me from my failure ND dispersion….soul… Love u a lot …I hope I meet u.. if I have the change. .
Vannda Kh ASMR
I am from Cambodian, thanks for sharing your life experience… you’re great person, god bless you..
Josephina Mokoena
Nick I Love you never give up God bless you all the time rest of your life it was a gift for your Parents to bring you on earth they must thank God
Mandela Kilian
God bless you more nick i really learn many from u your a good man we really need good words and hope for the good world
Justice La Chicana Ricana
Nick made me laugh when he said someone could hug him and take him , 🤣🤣🤣🤣 lol I could totally picture that…
Yeshua Our living manna
It was announced him having 2 kids of this last year’s video, but now he has twins which could be the youngest ones.
God blessing upon you nick
Emma Aryal
Praise the Lord 🙏🙏🙏
God bless us all and be good and pray and i will pray for everyone amen🙏
Sandra Miranda
Nick, you’re wonderful !!!
Trust ….to the world . perfect one sir …hands off…
Thoibi Akoism
God bless you Nick
Emma Aryal
There is great needs of him in this world
M'j Akum
thank you so much nick my name is Moa & i love you so much… & i from Nagaland (nortice) i want a smole prayer for me in my sister
Dennis Odongkara
A lot of thanks for inspiration message to me and the world
Nick is the most amazing man since Jesus Christ.
Alex Green
I see that someone loves cowboy bebop 🙂
Akshaya A
Nick vujicic u are special person and I like ur smile
splendor Glory
Thanku for inspiring me
Monina Camacho
I luv this nick GOD bless u
Almira Suguran
God bless u sir nick vujicic.i hope we met personal…
Too bad that someone set him up to be like this and make him lie! Because they are blackmailing his real parents.
Marlene Stewart
Nice I love you you touch my heart
Shri krishan Swami
I m biggest fannnnnn of uuuuu nickkkkk
Carroll Eaddy
If more people Cared about our Children’s Future Thay Would Pray and Suport. Nick,in Changing This World For Jesus Christ. If You are Not a Hearer of The Word He Speeks To The Hear Of Man don’t Nick Spoke to The Heart. About Your Life Now.
Elizabeth McAloon
Non profits keeps all the money. Your lucky if they give 10.percent.
Susan Jurcic
Wow what a man!! Defined by his words, his soul and faith. By the life he lives and the love and hope he spreads.. his lack of limbs are not even noticable when he opens his mouth to speak. And his goegeous face and smile is out of this world. He is more than inspirational, encouraging to sooo many, he is a God send. Bless him and his family and I hope to meet him one day..🙏❤🙏
Yeah that’s true too the comment below.