In the Name of the Father Official Trailer #1 – Daniel Day-Lewis Movie (1993) HD – Blog

This is one of the movies that you can not watch twice since it hurts so deeply.. The movie is beyond description, cried so much Just amazing🔥
HighVoltage Shock
Probably one of the best movies I’ve ever seen
Vengatesh vegetio
I trusted Daniel Day-Lewis & he didn’t disappoint…what a movie… Fine cast, Great performances…Solid Movie about Justice.
Alice Kingsley
This movie is outstanding. Hard at first, but otherwise thumbs up. Movie posters and home media covers made it look like Sir Daniel is looking straight at you. It makes me want to say “Stop staring at me.”
Chris Ellis
Still in my top 20 of all time brilliant films . .and one of Pete Postlthwaite’s finest roles.
Gabe the film and novel expert Donovan
Universal in the name of the father is absolutely fantastic. Daniel day Lewis as Gerry conlin really captured the story very well. Jim sharidan is one of my favorite directors . This definitely deserves to be in theaters again .
Saw numerous clips from the movie. Looked like a great movie. Bought it and was not disappointed. Great movie, performances and soundtrack. Sad to know there are people that just want a conviction to feel good instead of getting the right person/people
Solo Noco
Astonishing film, makes me realise just some of the reasons the Irish and Scottish have for hating the English
Rampage Clover
One of my favourite movies…stellar acting by everyone.
A brilliant film, I saw it in the cinemas on release, and have watched it a dozen more times on VHS/DVD and BR since…..
Michelle Krauze
The best movie I have seen in my life. Just amazing !!!!
Eoin Carroll
El Noventero Equidistante
Little makes me cry while watching movies but Pete Postlewaithe as Giuseppe, is a rare exception
Daniel, Emma and Pete: wonderful performances!
Sentiens Sapiens
Daniel Day Lewis The great actor
Romina Lescano
La mejor pelicula de todos los tiempos!
Nick Mulcahy
Powerful and wrenching — thank you Gerry Conlon
Alexander Sandoval LeDonne
Sheds a light and an interspective on what my Great GrandMum had tried to paint the picture of that time. Whenever I see this film and hear the sound track it reminds me of her.
I first watched this film when In 96,or maby 97.still watch if now, 2021.and still makes me cry😭😭. Brilliant film.
非常好看的電影! A fantastic film!!!
Brad Lafferty
I heard every one who knew Gery Conlin knew he couldn’t successfully pick his nose let alone build a bomb, so they were really outraged
Yes, they were freed from prison after 15 years, but they had a hard time adjusting to normal life after that. Nobody was sent to jail for the wrong convictions but I hope everyone involved in that especially the detectives get their karma. If some of them are dead I hope they are burning in hell, what they did was as bad as killing someone.
Margaret Connolly
I’m Irish and I don’t hate any nationality. I don’t hate. It was dreadful beyond belief but you shouldn’t hate.
Andy Noel
🔥 I laughed, I joke! 1:50 🧡🔥💃 👇👇👇💙
Cat Ross
Why do trailers date so much quicker than the films themselves
Terrible US trailer for an incredible movie.
I can’t believe the cops that pinned all that that on them got acquitted. They perverted justice, lied, beat suspects and picked them simply because they were around. The bastards X(
great Movie. Long time since I saw it.
stephen kenny
British history at its best!
Mike Lindsay
🔥🔥🔥🔥 I honestly thought I would hate this movie, but I actually ended up enjoying it 0:34 💛🔥💃 👇 👇 👇🔥
9/10 Great film.
Nicky Cockerill
One of the best films I have ever seen – this trailer is crap.
Thank goodness i watched the movie before I saw the trailer.
Bernard Craine
really good movie …. the trailer though not so much
“get your hands off me, I’m. going out the front door with Gerry”
I was gonna watch it until I saw Emma Thompson. DDL is still the man.
Jade Hurdle
I’m a free man and I’m going out the front door
John Doe
Terrible trailer for a good movie
Jade Shannon
Brilliant movie,however it’s a shame they got the incorrect men
Jaspreet Singh
” I’m innocent man ” ✌🏻
Eoin Carroll
R.I.P. Pete postlehwaite 🙂
Awful trailer, the movie is fantastic
James Mcrory
Surprised the British Government didn’t try and ban this movie
M Jallal
Injustice is injustices in the day of resurrection
“Three British police officers — Thomas Style, John Donaldson and Vernon Attwell — were charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, but each was found not guilty.”———Wikipedia WTF??!!
Fayez Goribi
what is the song at the final of the video? please.
Vasiliki Kak
U2-Pride (In the name of love)
Jaime McPhie
where can i watch this
HAHAHA.. HD. More like VHSD
Pete Keaveney
British government is so wrong
youdo onedoes
It’s so weird to use an American voice as narrator.
in the name of love U2
This movie has such a horrible title, and a horrible trailer, but damn the movie is good.
I think Britishers should make a similar movie on red Indians and what Americans did to them
damn trailers were cringey
Yann Lee
Alec Davidoff
In the name of… U2 :v
John Bhoy
Up the Provisionals
sharp gage
there is holes in this story that i dont buy. formostly the idea a high class working girls key fell on the floor right in frount of them just as she walking out the place and thay couldnt get her attension, then thay deside to go in there to you know just to have a lark about and thay just so happen to find 700 pounds in there… 700 pounds at that time would be proberly be round 10 grand today. this is there story of how thay came to have that kind of cash on them…? no sorry i dont buy it. gose to guilford befor the bombing sayings hes pennyless, leaves after the bombing with what would now be 10,000.
dave thomas
Guilty as fuck. Up against the wall.