How the Chocolate Industry Still Profits from Child Labor | ENDEVR Documentary – Blog

Lajoyjoy Joy
Definitely opened my eyes . I think about all the food wasted in my household and these young boys are literally working for free for years just to eat scraps. Smh We have got to do better, so sad.
Lance Millward
Please tell me this report has received an award for investigative journalism. It’s remarkable what you were able to uncover.
🛑 One thing made me confused! Why are european children’s faces blurred but African children’s not? If it’s journalism and media protection so shouldn’t it be applied to all? I’m asking just because of my curiosity 🤔Thanks for the great documentary!
Dessert Geek
Yes! We have got to get the word out on the state of chocolate, and get the large makers to step up! And support craft and bean to bar chocolate when you can! Because I wish they’d covered it more, since bean to bar chocolate has grown so much in the last few years, even including ways for folks to buy cacao directly from cooperatives like Uncommon Cacao or Meridian Cacao. (Which I absolutely recommend doing, they’re great groups and Meridian even sells sustainably sourced sugar and vanilla!) You can read the reports, see what the farmers are being paid, and also get much better chocolate. We can and must do better, and I’m also so glad more options are out there now.
Beautiful doc with a gorgeous ending , hope these little children get the chance to have a better life one day and a big hi5 for the teacher ” looked sorry , when asked about the Gov doing his salary “
Denise Husbands
The smile of the child at the very end just melted my heart and gave me hope that the lives of these children will improve for the better. I hoped that the families would hire a teacher and that the son that the father educated would come back and teach those that could not continue their education. I was happy to see the families come together and pay the teacher so the children could continue their education, even though limited. I pray that these children ould have much better futures.
Ying Zhang
Thank you for making this documentary to unveil the dark side of the chocolate industrial. On our side, we see “love” and “warm” through chocolate products commercials, but, in reality, the chocolate supply chain is cruel!
Rene Groulx
The ending, when they said that the kids parents all chipped in to pay the teacher, those kids are considered lucky in that country because they get the priviledge of learning reading, writing math or whatever they teach there. It makes me more grateful for our countries education system.
Jagpal Singh
A big salute to you. I watch your documentaries and the kind of work your team does is remarkable. They ask direct questions from the responsible authority. Kudos, keep doing the great work. I think we as consumers can be little more responsible by not buying from the notorious. That is where you come in for the knowledge and education. You have done your work. Now it is my job to work on the issue. I know, me alone will not make much difference. I can make others aware by sharing this documentary. That bit is in my hand. And I will work on it..
Hậu Kiều Nhân
Thanks for these documents. I didn’t how a small chocolate can effect that much to our environment and others lives.
Taylor Griffith
The guy isn’t very sneaky. He says they offer a 50% markup for premium cocoa that’s farmed sustainably. He didn’t say that they refused to buy cocoa that’s not farm sustainably or that uses child labor. He’s just saying that they will offer more money for it if it’s farm sustainably. Which from a business standpoint probably means that they don’t buy any sustainably firmed Coco because it’s more expensive for them as a company.
xoxo xoxoxo
Just the money spent on the chocolate convention alone in Switzerland would probably pay for hundreds of children to attend school
Priya Kc
I am shocked and just so heart broken. Big and high post high name and no humanity. They stopped not only the one person with camera they stopped those millions of children millions of dreams and sweat who are fighting for the good life just like the so called high class people. I really appreciate this documentary and tears rolls down while watching those pure and our mother earth is being killed with chemicals. This one step opened my eyes my heart my mind and taught me what my ambition and goals. Really want this to end.
Joe Ker
Watching all these documentaries, i wonder how can we be so evil to each other while there is good in us also. You gotta make a choice when you are tempted by evil.
I’m glad I don’t eat chocolate. If I had anyone to show these programs to I would but what can you do about them, that is my question. Big business is too strong and people are too ignorant to stop working for nothing.
King of Rivia
You know the fact that fair trade suspended their license is amazing because it prooves they arent corrupt and actually do go and see whats up
Dolphine Achonga
This is human nature. Everyone is looking out for themselves. The brokers, the multinationals, the European union e.t.c, are clearly beneficiaries of the situation. Why would they have any motivation to make fundamental changes? I see no way out for these countries except to establish their own industries for the benefit of their people.
Money is more important than human lives, welcome to planet earth!
thank you so much for this documentary
Samuel Littlejohn
“Child labor is Punishable by up to 6month jail” i dont think the goverment could scream “corrupt” any louder
Danson Seet
Very insightful documentary.Thanks alot
Lance Millward
Makes no difference if it’s sold as fair trade or not it will come from places like this.
I feel bad eating chocolate while watching this.
Elizabeth Morley
If anyone is interested Tony’s Chocoloney is a great company that is tackling slavery and inequality in the Cocoa/Chocolate industry. Their chocolate is a fair bit more in price but for a very good reason, and it tastes good knowing that they’re far more ethical!
whatsinaname noidentity
That little girl at 54.59, her questioning eyes seem to penetrate the soul of the viewer. Had tears in my eyes.
Ahati Maat
When it comes to abuse of blacks there is no law respected. – Ahati Maat
Simwa Duncan
🇰🇪👏👏👏 Team Kenya applauds.
Hector Ramirez
If wanted too we could of already have solve the worlds hunger problem but greed selfishness and ignorance prevents us from doing it. These are the consequences when you turn the whole world into a shopping mall. You’ll start seeing the world in numbers and when you that humanity dies and corruptions grows.
james lin
This is a old documentary I’ve seen years ago. I hope these poor soul have better life now.
This reminds me of Agent Orange. Agent Orange hasn’t yet stopped doing it’s damage in Vietnam. Children there are being born in terrible condition even today due to that poison.
South African Cannabis Extraction
7,000,000 tonnes of chocolate eaten each year. WOW
Johan Yapo
Oh dear, I cringed at 50:30 when the representative mentions the cotton farming industry in relation to the cocoa industry.
We’re not informed about this, just clicked it and disturbing to see young children hard at work and not learning in school. Not surprised at this deceiving world of underprivileged being taken advantage of yet again.
Scandalous it’s put me off chocolate what that guy said near the end was true though it’s not just chocolate it’s cotton and everything else that we expect to get at a cheap price we are just as guilty as the supply chain if we aren’t prepared to pay more for it
KamauKambon 777
that was very interesting but despite how chocolate is produced i’ll still eat it.
non A
This will not deter anyone from purchasing from these manufacturers, unfortunately. Most people secretly love the ideas of slavery and child labor – as long as it is being done to someone with a skin color or religion that differs from their own.
aeya castañares
Kawawa naman low wages..hopefully their needs will be take care of.. Chocolate really is the best
Anna 64
Increasing the price will not increase the purchase price for the illegal farmer, it will feed the exporters in Cote d’Ivoire.
xoxo xoxoxo
6% is the problem. Love how he throws it out there that cotton and so on do it also. Doesn’t make it right
sheryl malayang
I am very sad because too much hardwork young labor to provide chocolate for cosume people to satified to taste chocolate ..❤❤❤❤
your Markie
Yummy chocolate is my happiness everytime i feel loneliness
Hombre Pobre
the government could charge the company or the employer but the kids will go hungry,, you should give them food after exposing. well, that’s how the world is, i work during my childhood but i never regret because that’s the way we poor people live.
Canh Nguyen
Yes , we find the cause , the problem but could we find the answer , the answer may come when the entire world stop eating chocolate or the product from cocoa .
Birdboy Entertainment
YouTube wouldn’t want this to go viral.
Must Love Dogs
Our indulgence is another’s nightmare.
the world of double standards, greedy corporations and sketchy capitalists we live in.
Ree Yah
I find this very convenient this being put out because the Europeans dont have full access to their cocoa anymore.
Mini Driver/south Sweden
It’s sad to see kids working for free.
Those businesses doesn’t care about humanity and environment…they only care about profit…they promise a lot yet not monitored their agreement whether followed or not…this is really alarming…
zola zola
I feel angry bout those parents of these poor innocent kids. Why they give birth if they cannot afford those children’s safety and future. This is unfair to these kids 😡.
Slavomir Šebesta
its same fight as plastic,every regulation says everything has to be packed in tons plastic layers and on other side there is complaining about mass of plastic waste 😁
sirws sawco
industrials dont care about hiding their hands anymore, they say, you want to save all those children and give them food? pay for their whole family, not even ur entire life savings will be enough
kim Quen
Can u just imagine? Farming cocoa and cant afford to buy a chocolate?
Abdul Jalil
What an investigation report is!!
Brownie Pudding
I love chocolate especially when I’m dabbing heavy on days that end in y
Slavomir Šebesta
so you will get a own parcel after 6 years,after goverment takes it from them,cool generousity😁
Luke Stockett
why don’t the chocolate companies take the short cut and buy them schools and teachers? Duh
Dash Replay
Laxarious foods of child labour is a painful that all their hard work was hidden in the plain sight. UN and Red Cross please intervene to rescue the little hero’s in the forest making cooperatives rich.
Khadeeja Rahman
Oh what a wonderful chocolate story! To you Les enfants, make sure you pay attention in class, Qui? Merci beaucoup! Khadeeja Alghali-Rahman (London, UK)
Abc To Xyz
Add some content which will demean India…. I mean you are good at it
xoxo xoxoxo
Wow back breaking work
hydron powers
Nestle: Laughs in Exploitation
Tim McCoy using cotton as an example of another commodities market came as a little tone deaf
I wasn’t aware they had chocolate in Morrowind.
pendo p
In my opinion the child labor issue in africa will be hard to beat however much we try, poverty is what leads to all that..if only african governments can provide good paying jobs to it’s population because am sure none of those children is from a rich or average family.
Jamise Denari
This is why I only buy fair trade chocolate. And what is not being said is these kids were stolen. There’s another documentary that goes in depth about this
Ramthian Thomson
Rene Groulx
Whoa this channel ENDEVR is the realest
Now show us a program about Coca – cola.
No international embargoes like in xinjian China 👎 down with child labor.
Hannah Greyhound
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YF Stone
Why you don’t boycott it just like Xinjiang.
Great idea stole from nike.amen
How about try to give foods money those children… While the situation is not resolve. And nextime better making documentary people in the city. How criminal people not doing a hard work for earning money. Gbu
Nothing wrong with kids putting in work
Sigrid Kaag
If they pay the farmers doubble, the chocolate makers would also doubble there price, and then nobody will buy it, thosr company’s need child labor, sad but true.
Kee Kl
Greta, where are you and your fans? Quiet.
We can just ignore all this and enjoy our declious Swiss chocolates
diggy doug
Those kids are learning a great thing sit on your butt you get nothing, you work things get sweeter in time
such a shame they cannot speak eng !! very annoying to watch, constant mute and skipping forward !!