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It’s crazy to see how lucrative and powerful an industry can be, to then just in the matter of moments be brought to it’s knees.
It is incredible to me that it is more cost effective to destroy and sell a ship than it is to keep it in port and leave it intact. It is also nice to see that the salvage yard has made improvements that benefit the workers and the environment.
Chandler Tingle
Stuff like this makes you appreciate the working environment you are in and feel horrible for them
Louie Aratea
The captains of these ships mustve been so heart broken delivering their ships to be dismantled.
Garrett Gomes
I am exhausted just thinking about how much work it is to dismantle these things.
Roshawn Jamasi
This is crazy to see. My parents took me on Carnival Imagination as as a child and I have such fond memories of the ship and the cruise. Seeing it being demolished is saddening.
Evan Suddreth
there is a weird and sad feeling i get when i see them in scraps because at one point it was a awesome cruise ship
John Doe
It’s sad to see such majestic ships end their life this way.
All_Out_ Tripp
I remember on the Christmas before the pandemic, my parents had bought my family tickets to a cruise ride to Dominican Republic. We were going to go during the spring, but when we had to cancel because of COVID. With everything that happened in 2020, it’s crazy just how small the cancellation of our cruise was compared to everything else
Joseph McDonald
Watching the recent Carnival ships being torn apart made my heart drop. I have lived on the Fantasy for months. Enjoyed the cruising life on many ships. I understand some of the cost of maintaining a cruise ship which is enormous. Still these ships have a useful life just like we do. Cruise Companies will take years before they recover from COVID-19. Cruising will never be the same.
Mark Moore
This looks miles better then some of the other ship de-building yards I’ve seen. Most are kids with ropes and a 🔧 and it looks like a nightmare.
Anthony Jackalone
I went to Cozumel on the Imagination about 10 years ago when I was very little. I thought it was the height of luxury. There’s something very surreal about watching it be torn apart.
So glad they stepped up their safety. Gotta make the business something workers will be proud of and the public see as a good working environment and you’ll have an extremely successful company. Saftey can always get better though and I hope you keep trying as the older generation will be proud to have their kids and grandkids to work there
This is sad. I ve worked on a ship called Costa Marina who was turned from cargo ship into cruising ship apparently. It was for German speaking tourists mainly. I had a very tough job as a waiter but amazing time with my colleagues and being a small one, it felt like a family. It’s been almost 20 years since that moment. I feel sad to see this.
Coco Swan
Wow! Thank you, Aliaga, for improving workers’ conditions and recycling 🙂
This is so sad! I am crew member working on a cruise ships, and for me this is really sad. But good job for those workers.
Paul Kjoss
Good to see something positive for once – labour conditions improved in this dangerous industry 👍
Caleb Dickerson
Damn so 2020 really killed inspiration, imagination, and fantasy huh… LITERALLY😭
Ants Drone
Carnival inspiration was my first and last cruise. I definitely am not a cruise type of person but it is sad to see it go. It was a fun family trip when I was little
Those cruise ships must look like ghost towns. Seafaring luxury ghost towns.
I never needed to know how a cruise ship is taken apart but here I am and I’m not angry about it.
Stuart Coupe
There must be plenty of feedback and lessons learnt for designers through this process
To me the idea of taking a vacation on a boat never really seemed that fun anyways, but I really love recycling.
Keita Hashimoto
The sight of these magnificent ships being demolished is sad to see.
The silver lining is that with less cruise ships around, there is less damage inflicted on the environment.
Romano Guttadauro
It’s very sad to see the ships I worked on the Fantasy and the Imagination end this way. Lots of memory’s on those ships RIP My old friends
emre ersoy
Why did you not translate what he said at 5:54? He said “This is a serious figure for those who could not find opportunities of education”
With the huge amount of raw and hazardous materials it’s great that that are places like this ship yard to help extract them for recycling and disposal.
I can’t even imagine having to get every valuable stuff in a cruise
J Rand
Such a waste. I mean, those big beautiful ships, looking great and in perfect operating condition, just to be beached on a shore to be demolished. All 3 ships were refitted in 2016, so only 4 years after Carnival Cruise Line spend a ton of $ on the ships, they got scrapped. As said, what a waste!
Chris Marks
Its sad to note the Fantasy was one of the ships sold for scrap. I was onboard the Carnival cruise ship Ecstacy in 2006. While at Couzmo, Mexico I was suddenly blind sided while on deck by what I thought was a reflection of our ship, only to see it was the Fantasy. So in my mind among some of these British ship including the Queen Mary 2 I thought sweet another Carnival ship more of us Americans here. Even though other ships carried all nationals it was just a mind set thing ya know! It was so glorious how it sailed in and how both of the carnival ships looked parked among these large British ships. I never forgot that feeling and image out of the whole trip. Well how could I snapped pictures of it LOL damn Tourist!!!
Sadly a lot of these still excellent ships that got dumped a few months later into lockdown, are the classic smaller real cruise ships that yes mainly retired people go for rather than these huge ships that aren’t really cruise ships, more a floating town, might as well stayed at home.
Just being honest… first time seeing this job and thanks to those who risk their life and also this channel
wnnalis cioov
Good to see something positive for once – labour conditions improved in this dangerous industry 👍
Rapmagic Deleon
I always thought they just sunk in the ocean afterwards but recycling them is actually pretty good for the ocean. Good job everyone.
It’s sad to see all these ships be destroyed
It’s strange seeing inspiration being torn apart for scraps when you’ve been on the ship for cruises in the past
Frayed Sanity
I am so glad I went on a cruise when I did. Hopefully one day it will be possible to do that again. I enjoy being on the open ocean.
sameer munshi
Working in an office environment seems like a blessing compared to these hard conditions.
Ships are constructed in a modular design so that different modules can be constructed simultaneously, independent of each other’s progress. And then the modules are incorporated into the ship. Just follow that process in reverse to disassemble or whatever module order they want.
Mitchell Brown
I am happy to see they are making work life easier for these men and women.
What a meticulous and serious report… 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Insider great as ever
Luke Daigle
4:46 Not all ships have that, for example the cruise ships that are being scrapped in Aliaga were built in the 80s and 90s, those dont have lead paint or asbestos. Only ships built pre 1970s have those materials, and most of those ships are long gone by now.
I feel sad when i see inspiration from carnival on there…..8months i was work in inspiration maen galley
Stijn H
Also interesting to note is that these yards are now getting a very good price for steel due to the tariff war between China and Australia combined with Covid-19. Australia is the biggest supplier of iron ore and China is the biggest user. During the pandemic the Chinese government has turned to increase infrastructure investing like they always do during economic downturn in order to stimulate the economy. The supply of iron for China has lessened because of politics between them and Australia therefore recycled steel is a becoming more popular and thus valuable.
Why not turn the ships into floating hotels/condo’s? They could be anchored anywhere in the world, next to major metro areas.
I’ll buy one. I’ll anchor in the middle of the Mediterranean and declare myself the sovereign nation of Atlantis.
I know millions of people love cruising (my elderly parents included) but the more you learn about the industry, the more you realise it’s a blight on the planet. Terrible for the environment and abusive for the workers.
Nathan R
Oh man I went on the carnival inspiration back in 2019 for my graduation present. Sucks to see it be destroyed, it was such an amazing ship.
I’m happy they’re looking too help the environment
Gully Fourmyle
As a sailing enthusiast, this really does bring joy to see these hulking, gross behemoths being taken apart. Cruise ships can be devastating to marine ecosystems because of their ballasting method. Plus, they flood small paradisiacal places with loud, drunk tourists. Getting gastro on a floating casino/hotel is no way to sail the seas. Tear em’ up, boys!
every time I see something like this I just try and imagine what all of that land was like before humans came and destroyed everything
Boris Shuplecov
Carnival Inspiration was my first ship to work on. So sad to see waiting to be destroyed 😭
Tarek Anthony
This was a very interesting high end commercial for Aliaga lol
Jeremy Theimer
amazing how even with thermic lances it still takes a huge amount of time to dismantle them.
Late Night Cereal
The amount of scrap! Omg… I used to work in a bar mill, and we’d throw the scrap in a giant hopper-like thing, that turns out to be the bed of a dump truck, and the truck would back into the this hopper, and start pulling it up, and the front end would pop up in the air, do you’re just watching this dump truck do a standing wheely. Pretty impressive, to me. When I started there, I had no prior work experience, so.
Solaire Knight
As a former port agent seeing this really saddens me.
Jamie Lc
Great to know occupational heath and safety is still in the dark ages in those countries
Aria Nugroho
Imagine what will you take home as your collection, from inside the cruise ship, if you work as demolish crew there???
Arven Tahtyan
Good to see developing economies complying with green regulations, kudos to 🇹🇷
I guess this is why the UK doesn’t really build or dismantle ships anymore. Can you imagine the compensation claims?
i miss imagination it was my first cruise ship may she rest in peace just seeing it dismantle brings back memories
Wow…I remember the ARC from my deployment to Iraq in 2010. It was absolutely beautiful, and after we did a day of unloading our tanks and Humvees, the Captain invited us to have dinner in the galley. Crazy to think that its gone now 🙁
Sad to see ships I once sailed on be scrapped. At least its all being recycled.
Nick Erskine
Carnival imagination was my first ever cruise. So sad to see it gone
The inspiration was my first cruise. Knowing it’s gone honestly hurts
Jessica L. O.
I really feel for these guys, too bad they’re not getting paid $US, they would deserve $25/hr to put their lives at risk under such harsh conditions!
this is an incredible operation and the driver for waste recycling and management innovation.
Very well researched and presented… thanks for sharing
Darko Bakula
In the apocalyptic settings, I always imagined cruisers being cities.
Great job on this ship recycling yard!!
For 6 months I worked and lived in the MS Sovereign. To see her like this is heart broken to me.
bilishu aliss
At least the carnival ships that were being brought to its grave were all of the older ships instead of the newer and more improved ones.
Omg, these guys can describe a walk in the park as the most dangerous thing you can do in life.
Erick Espinoza
It was inspiring seeing the inspiration get recycled
Mystery Buyer
I always love it when stuff is just torn apart.
MadFranMan R
What a job! I can’t imagine what it must be like to dismantle a ship. I found this video very interesting. Thank you!
Weird seeing ships I’ve been on in that state. I know I’ve definitely been on the Carnival Inspiration and Imagination in the past.
Dismantling the vessel part by part and extracting metallic core and iron is a large scale recycling procedure.
one of the ships in this video is Costa Victoria, I used to work on that ship in 1997 and 1998 when it was brand new, very sad and weird feeling seeing her there
Alpha Centauri
Good content thank you for making a great documentary
Jakra Pup
What about retrofitting as floating hospitals, or quarantine stations?
Daniel Whyatt
It’s really easy to have mixed feelings about all this. Bad for the cruise industry, but great for all of these people, let alone recycling of base materials. I can imagine though that a lot of these ships could be themselves reused though instead, sold on at a massively reduced price and then converted by a billionaire company out there or something into a clean running alternative ship as an experimental platform for future designs. Elon musk could totally do that.
Joey C.
I can just imagine, the stuff these workers find: wallets, jewelry etc..
Shannon Morgan
After watching this, I get this overwhelming feeling that some things should never exist..
I miss cruise ships 😭😭
Jeff T
Damn…the process is crazy. Building these gigantic behemoths and then breaking them down.
Me Here
I feel sad, Poor beautiful Ships 😢
Good to see the safety standards here are about a billion percent higher than every other shipbreaking yard in the world.
2:25 oh that hits hard, I served on a ship like that and can recognise where they are.
Deepest Tempest
The US needs more high-risk high-reward jobs like this for those who have no other ways to make ends meet these days.
I’m sad to see the ship I went on for my birthday go to the grave R.I.P carnival imagination
Financial Shinanigan
Hopefully the newer Carnival ships have updated interior designs
Damon Guinn
These are the kind of stories kids in school would love to learn through.
The E2rnal17
This made me incredibly uncomfortable, since I love ships. It’s even more depressing when I see those older ships from like the 1950’s and 60’s being demolished, at least put them in a museum!
Donald Nowve
Also sad to watch videos about airplane boneyards like the Pinal Airpark in Ariz. and Victorville in Calif. where retired airliners make their final flight before being stripped for parts and cut up for scrap.
Tacos Salsa
I thought that demolishing a luxury liner would be blown away with a large amount of dynamite. (like the ship in the movie “The Legend of 1900”)
Noah Lawson
They should turn them into artificial reefs in deeper areas where reefs walls are needed to help with tsunami breaking
Man Ive never been to a cruise So sad to see this giants being scrapped.
I’ve never been on a big cruise ship before. I go Overlanding instead. Traveling on my own terms. It’s more expensive but worth it!
adrian mendez
Been on both carnival imagination and inspiration !
Harpax A
@2:00 I’ve been to ships before, but they never have a breach side… except the sinking one 🤣🤣🤣 PS : It’s a “bridge” 👻
Sudstah Gaming
The carbon footprint of cruise ships must be huge!
Pat McBride
Has anyone audited the safety of Greenpeace workers? And radioactive gauges? A ship has to be pretty old to not be using safe ways to light gauges, like Tritium. Same goes for asbestos.
At least the carnival ships that were being brought to its grave were all of the older ships instead of the newer and more improved ones.
I feel bad for the boats 🙁
Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access
Interesting, we bigfoots don’t have cruise ships in the wilderness
i’m surprised some of these don’t become apartment complexes. stationary if old and low end renters, but that could travel if new and high end renters. i’m sure its all about scrap and potential income but some governments should consider it in over populated areas.
Collin McDaniel
That would be so much fun to wander around an empty cruise ship
FYI: Aliağa is located 30 miles north of Izmir on the west coast of Turkey (Aegean Sea), and not on the Mediterranean southern coast by the Syrian border as the map in video indicates.
Now these ships are living their second life as skyscraper frames
Michael Maxfield
What’s the most serious thing a cruise ship’s doctor has had to deal with, over and over, regarding families?
I’ve been on both the imagination and inspiration. The imagination was a wild time back in 2006.
Just Because
Obviously far more difficult and expensive to build than they are to destroy, but it does still look like a dirty and dangerous job. It’s also good that they try to reuse and recycle where possible, plus the environmental and workers condition stuff.
I got ride on the carnival inspiration twice! Sad, but interested to see the ship being scrapped on here
moral coach
I like it how that guy was interviewed just to say “One of the most dangerous jobs in the world!”
HarrisIkhwan M
Hopefully they’re doing good. Happy working and happy business.
Gabriel Aleksandrov
Good to know a lot of them are being destroyed. Cruise ships are environmental nightmares. I hope that trend of cruise tourism never cathes up again.
Jonathan Godbout
Been on the carnival fantasy 6 times.also sensation inspiration and monarch of the seas….sad to see them go
Marat Mukhtarov
Important job I assume, instead of floating them in oceans reuse the materials, good for the environment but dangerous for workers
EaZy E
Wait, so a whole cruise ship is about $300 mill but Jeff Bezos just bought a yacht for $500 mill. What the hell is this yacht made of?
MAXIM, Holland Nederland, the Netherlands.
IDEAL to buy and start a own cruise line now 🤗🤗🤗 A ship under 10 years can still be used 10 years or longer.
I’ve cruised aboard the Carnival Inspiration. I’m sad to see her go, and Tampa Bay will miss her.
Buying Mississippi
where can I buy some of the recycled materials?
Nathan miller
Sounds like they don’t have a ERP in place.. This is why we have tool box talks or safety meetings to go over what is being worked on and critical lifts in the areas that workers can avoid.
Keith Shepherd
I’d sure love to get the air horn off one of these ships.
Nice job Turkey! Cruise ships are bad for the environment anyway. Hope we get rid of all of them.
I rode in The Imagine years ago. It’s weird to see it being demolished
Satan Butterwolf
This is the nicest, cleanest shipbreaking yard I’ve ever seen. All I know are those Indian ones where the poor people don’t even have shoes and work in toxic sludge.
old wrench
Maybe it is time to do away with the cruise ship industry altogether. If this is such a environmental problem, maybe we need to seek alternative methods of traveling. Constantly scrapping ships isn’t environmentally sound thinking.
My Name
I rode on the imagination in 2004 and it was beautiful. Sad to see it in the graveyard.
Rainman CW
So sad for the beautiful cruise ships. Wow
I cruised on the inspiration right before COVID shut it down. Didn’t realize it was one of its last voyages ever.
I worked in those Carnivals, they are state of the art and robust technology that could be used for so much good, why they didn’t sell them? Looks like they just want to irreversible destroy the cruise ship industry same with the coal power plants. I feel sad for those ships and the job losses too.
Stephen Patterson
For those 27 Million un-employed Russian workers; that works out to about $10 each, for 1 day. Or any worker, anywhere. The average price ticket, for even a short cruise is ~ $1,000. So, there’s something wrong, there. Granted most cruise lines have over 100 crew and workers. That works out to $100 each, per day. Maybe double minimum wage.
I seriously doubt they tried at all to find buyers for those ships. They could have kept them a year or two more to see what the market would do or even turn them into permanent housing for devastated areas. Governments could have bought them. It’s ridiculous. They will build new ones shortly.
Ean E
This would be an AWESOME place to break into, imagine having an empty cruise liner all to yourself.
This is like the best ship breaking work site I’ve seen look up other videos
Isn’t it great when rich, Western nations thumb their noses at how business is done around the world, yet they ignorantly enjoy the cost benefits? This business likely follows all of their local laws and regulations. They provide a service that is wanted in the global economy. If you want to point fingers then point fingers at rich, Western nations and force them to dismantle ships. Then you had better be willing to eat the huge increase in costs to your goods and services as everything becomes more expensive.
M0lecular Ep1phany
This isn’t what economic recovery looks like for this sector… These ships are being disassembled to be smelted into steel. It makes more sense, to scrap these ships… for the steel… The entire hospitality sector is Well-Done.
Ben Ghazi
Only reason this job is dangerous is because of a lack effort and regulations But why do it safely when you have an large uneducated workforce you can exploit for larger profits.
Tate Tally
Wow, I remember about 2 years ago I went to Cabo, Mexico, and I remember a lot of these ships and I actually rode the fantasy. Crazy that’s all getting shredded now.
N Dewhurst
Level of risk is determined on how risk is managed. You can reduce high risk activities to low risk by putting measures in place. There is no excuse for injuries or death at work in this day and age.
lemard mays
Thank you for sharing this video.
Jumping Jeff Flash
i sailed Imagination for my honeymoon, Nov.05 for a 5 day out of Miami. Cabin V-17. Was a bit dated and in true Carnival fashion…..horribly and tacky-ishly….decorated but a decent cruise nonetheless. I have 4 or 5 carnival under my belt now and 1 Disney and Disney, while expensive was a great time.
The imagination was my first cruise ship I ever was on 🙁 now its being destroyed
They could of turned them into floating apartments.
i cant remember the name of the ship i was on but i was told it was the last trip before it was to be demolished. A complete demo by hand sounds impossible
I’m awfully suspicious on how the pandemic was/is really bad for small businesses but amazing for Big Business…
VR Time
Woah, that’s epic! Keep it up❤
Isabella Harvey
The economic hardship, recession, unemployment and the loss of job caused by covid pandemic is enough to push people into financial ventures..
Imagine buying the shipp and turning it into a hotel or your own dream town. after selling the engines and stuff and make it immobile.
With today’s ingenuity, I don’t understand why the cruise ships couldn’t be used as housing, it’s basically a huge floating apartment complex, with so much metal, I mean they are so strong and certainly be incredible living structures, even if not wanted on the water anywhere, certainly could make them stable in another setting, seems like such a costly waste dismantling and trying to recycle what could easily be used as is, certainly in poor places of the world, just a thought….one thinks of the energy alone it took to build such incredible ships and then to do it again to dismantle them, and all the energy again to reuse…It takes so much oil and coal to melt down the metal again, why not save on all the pollution and utilize what’s already there, they are certainly very strong and could easily be used like I said for housing…
sgm04 gm
This is so sad, in less than a year the world and the most powerful industries came to their knees…its insane to see how this massive monsters get destroyed
I’d love to work with this.
i went on a cruise and then like 3 mouths after the cruise the ship i was on crashed into another cruise ship i wonder what happened to it
Jeff Bell Music
Doesn’t look like travel has much of a future when ships with 10 years service left in them are being dismantled?
Asli Odman
1500 Dollar a month for an average ‘shipbreaking worker’ without mentioning the season, the period and the working conditions works close to conscious misrepresentation of truth. Those workers work on a ‘götürü’ basis / lump-sum basis if there is a boom period like now. They work to death, usually 7 days a week, 10 to 15 hours a day, since they have to finish a specified amount of ship breaking on their own risk in a month. If they don’t finish this lump sum they don’t get this sum. So 1500 dollars a week, which is more than a university professor’s salary in Turkey is the price for illegal, auto-exploitative working conditions for a very specific period of the boom in ship recycling industry after the pandemic and existence of the EU-list. My question: Do the standards in the shipbreaking regulation allow such working conditions. We have not started talking about the cancer rates, the lost tonnes of asbestos and other hazardous materials on the way and the corrupt relationships of shipbreaking industrialist with the current regime in Turkey. So please more context and serious investigation in the reporting!
alex derpy racc
They could have been used as affordable housing why are they ruining it 😔
Cobb Mccorn
I’m not convinced that they meet the environmental requirements.
Trash Central
As a small documentary once said, if ship breaking became environmentally friendly today, it would take decades for the pollution to begin to go away
Niket Patil
Man i love to work there.
Linda O'Bryan
I hope we see a huge decline in the long term of cruise vacations
Heartbreaking shit to see all that work go wasted.
Integra DIY
I honestly didn’t know there were so many luxury ships to destroy 13 a year in the pasts, and twice as many now days since the pandemic.
Zooty Pickups
Imagaination was the first cruise ship I’ve ever been on. Sad to see it here
Elias Dunis
“We are recycling the entire ship”. That is entirely wrong!
Its very saddening this happened but im glad the cruise industry didnt get the bail out from america. Even though they operated from america and many of its employees were, they dodged taxes for years by being registered in another country.
Asli Odman
The real information about worker’s wages are as follows: the average worker in the shipbreaking region in Aliaga works 6 days a week and receives 4700 TL / 550 Dollars a month. But its social security is paid in most of the shipyards not over the real wages but the minimum wage which is 330 dollars a month currently. ONLY if there is a high season and boom like now, ship breaking employees conclude lump-sum contracts with some of its workers, who then start working indeterminate hours per week and 7 days a week (against Turkish Labor Law Regulations!) and receive a maximum of 1200 dollars during this extraordinary period. Thisi is due to the wish of the employer to speed up the shipbreaking process to receive new ship to break. And it is contrary to the Turkish Labor and OHSA regulations.
Never had the chance of going on a cruise ship.before.. now starting to think it may not ever happen…
More videos like this please!
It seems a bit premature considering people are going to want to cruise again when the pandemic’s over – and they won’t have enough ships to accommodate the demand.
The Carnival Imagination was my 1st cruise ever.. RIP Imagination..
$18k/year and that’s considered high in turkey. 😱
Camino John
Crumbling cruise lines? They are sending the oldest and most inefficient ships for scrapping. That’s the sign that the ships that were destined for the secondary market within ten years just got moved up in the queue. You don’t hear of any building contacts being canceled. Meaning the larger, more efficient cruise ships are now the backbone of the industry.
Jamal Jamal
I’m confused, the video says they can make up to 4 million from the scraps. That seems pretty low. How did they pay for the ship? How do you pay all those workers off only a 4 million dollar profit? They must don’t want to disclose the real numbers.
Sirena Spades
I’ve been on at least two of these, Carnival’s Fantasy and Inspiration
Pandemic didn’t wreck the industry, collective idiocy of governments around the world did.
Nathaniel Bruff
I’ve only been on one cruise in January 2017 to Cozumel and Progresso. I was on the Fantasy. R.I.P.
American Super Villain
I was a ship builder, I hate to see perfectly good ships get cut up. But, economics say the these ships are no longer profitable, into the recycle bin they go.
Avalanche 616
Could have used those to create micro communities and affordable housing for those in need. Those cruise ships are essentially floating cities.
Good job on the environment scrapping fully fine ships ten years early. 😅
This can be use as floating hospital floating isolation area for those who have covid . . And the government will pay for the maintenance
Dyason Alas
The next time a person tells me to have Imagination Inspiration and fantasy in me i will send this to them and tell this is where those three end up
Blue Mint Army
I’m from Bangladesh, Respect for The workers🌻🌼
Vic G
Hopefully Elon can make Electric Cruise ships that are environmentally safe. I would love to be on one.
John Rowe
Ohh yeah, they are “bringing it back to the economy” and “$4 million is good money [made out of the iron parts]”, but these ships cost roughly $1 BILLION to build. The loss in value is absurd. They are destroying an amazing piece of engineering that would still be usable and turning it back to scratches. Yes, if they are doing so, it’s because they probably evaluated it carefully and realized there wasn’t a clearly better option. But the whole point is how sad it is to see such a thing happening, right? After all the effort put into making it, all the investment, not only financial but natural resources as well, all the pollution it caused, and… all back to nothing.
Shane Jones
I was on all 3 of those carnival ships, sad to see…
Justin Echevarria
“Next stop inspiration fantasy and imagination rocket ships “ 🌟
Tom Dalton
They can’t be reused. Maintaining them to safety standards kills this idea. Look what it costs to maintain the Queen Mary in Long Beach. Dock space, insurance costs are crazy.
Lets get to 1mill without vids
I though asbestos was not allowed to be used in construction anymore
Trygve Evensen
I’m pretty sure Carnival sent their ships to Turkey because all the cheap Asian shipyards are full, but I might be wrong, lol
Just Some Guy That Stings
The fact they can net 4 million for the steel alone on 1 cruise ship yet they only pay their workers 18k a year is disgusting.
This was depressing to watch, I remember being on carnival cruises as a kid, and I remember standing in the great hall that they were demolishing…
Dry Fly Man
I wonder how damage to the environment the ‘toxic gases’ do??
Joe Freeman
“Aliaga will be the last stop for Carnivals’ inspiration, imagination and fantasy… ships” the irony 😬
adam jafari
Hm if an Indian see this they will say “oh it’s very easy and safe work to do” I have seen same job by Indians but much more dangerous
Oh. This is the Teruel of cruise ships. Really sad seeing boneyards. Imagine the memories these vessels have created.
sound effects central
Imagine if as they get a new ship one guy just takes it and never comes back
A guy named Kirby
Business Insider: This is the most dangerous job in the world. Also Business Insider: Two people died since October (seven months ago). Great example.
These are one of the real environmental heroes.
HALF Warrior 67
Quite sad that the plan-demic was to blame. I bet somehow the owners of these ships really don’t give a shit on certain levels about the dangerous nature of this work.
Shinny rainbow Powers
They jobs are very hard I fell bad for them I appreciate they hard work they doing
Imagine having to rip that piece by piece
Asap dually
I never understood why it cost so much to do the right thing 🤦🏾‍♂🤷🏾‍♂
imagine the ultimate mega “yacht” if you could buy one of these to live in.
Dan Macneil
Some look like love boat era! Others much more modern the cost of each from start to end its mindbending!
Howard Petterson
Just shows that you can’t predict the future. I predicted that the cruise liner were getting so huge that sooner or later they would have a mega loss of life with a storm. Then an almost invisible flu bug destroyed the ship buisness
Bill Smith
Send them to Seattle, the homeless would love to live there.
I almost moved to Istanbul after volunteering for a bit with some ship builders that went to volunteer in the 1999 earthquake in Izmit and offered me a job. 😀
Reducing the carbon footprint?? Then don’t chop it up in the first place. 🙄 Refit it.
Bryan Del Monte
My first cruise was on the Inspiration like 30 years ago… 🙂
Paul Brunton
Such a sad sight, alot of those ships could have been converted into homes for people, or put in dry dock and made into hotels, they didn’t need to trash all of them.
Georgio Pizza
They should do a video on the expensive jewelry and personal belongings that are found left behind
Welp, I know how to get my cruise line company started for free.
$10 says the workers pawn off all the equipment on board as a side hustle 😂
Fanny Noriega
Bruh I went on carnival imagination in 2019. I know that ship was also recently renovated what a waste of money
Elod Gubcsi
Where can I buy the diesel engines removed from those ships? My lawn mower needs an upgrade
Kinda sad to see such nice looking ships get torn to pieces.
Amelia Post
Me: “sees video”…No…you will not watch that… Brain: B-b-but, you may die one say never knowing how cruise ships are demolished…
If I was a multi millionaire, these are the luxury ocean going ships I would look into buying. Talk about world pollution and climate change – and these hazards went unchecked for ever. That is a crime!!!
Phuck Hugh
Imagine buying one for very little and using it as a megayacht!?
ryan1981 cool
For how people went missing on cruises and cruise lines covering it up. They got what they deserve with this pandemic.
luis colmenares
Well, at least this will help to keep the demolition and recycling businesses in that area afloat during the pandemic 😀
Seth Leger
This is real unfortunate i took a cruise on the inspiration and imagination and maybe the fantasy I’m not sure so sad to see my first and second cruise ships go
Daniel Williams
0:07 These ships have faces! How could you destroy such smiling ships that look straight out of Thomas the Train.
Mark Ellison
Thanks for showing us which direction a falling part would fall
I-Crafts Design
Wouldn’t it be better to retrofit them for scientific missions or cargo?
Very Sad! Cruised on the Inspiration and Imagination!
Pero Juric
Thank God for the EU regulations.
Just Tim
5:00 you mean like all the countless ships that have been lost at sea over the decades, even countless cargo ships to this day still sitting at the bottoms of the oceans, seas, etc
Christian Ferracini
So saaaaad seeing the Costa Victoria at the end of its life:((
It’s good the the EU invested in Turkey to give them the resources to break down ships, but it’s sad for the countries that are exploited the most like India and Southeast Asia that experience the most deaths and will never see those same resources.
Bob Bates
I think farming has more deaths per year then ship breaking
Darth Vader
0:16 i remember my first cruise, it was the carnival imagination. really sad to see that one there
Feedback Loop
Wait, so goverment regulations for the enviroment and worker safety can be a good thing?
Unbelievable …Why have to destroy perfectly good ships ? Can’t dock them in a harbor till when the pandemic is over ?
🤔 Raft them all together and make a floating city for when sea levels rise. Shot gun waterside room!😀 Nar but seriously be good if end of life could be considered when building them. Maybe a modular design could be segmented and used as land based housing or hospitals for the next pandemic🤔. I’ll be happy to re-home one of those search lights though.
Me and the wife had our honeymoon back in 2012 on the carnival Inspiration. : ( sad to see it go.
Wendover: The Incredible Logistics of Schuttling Cruise liners
Shitpost Central
Crazy to see the Monarch of the Seas getting torn apart. It was the first ship I ever sailed on.
Regis-Michel Leclerc
Did I miss the price the vessels are sold to the ship breakers?
Wouldn’t it be smarter to have a warehouse that it drives into and gets pulled apart by mechanical arms.
The dude said “bridge side” not “breach side” when talking about the expensive navigational equipment 🙄
American Citizen
The cruise industry is such a wasteful industry.
$4 million per ship profit? That’s less than I thought it’d be.
Kızıl Sakal
Ben bilmiyordum güzel içerik, Kolay gelsin abiler
James wickham
Wish I could keep one ship
Alex White
That is absolutely insane to do! Just sending their ships they bought for hundreds of millions or more off to be scrapped for a few million dollars, All because the cruise industry came to a temporary halt for 6-12 months? The cruise industry will come back strong and then they will be in a situation where they have extremely high demand and not enough ships to accommodate and they loose the income and also have to raise the prices and it’s just a loss for everyone!
Nathan Martinez
You guys should go deeper into the business and cover the ship breaking yards in Bangladesh. People die & get seriously injured there routinely. The companies that previously owned the boats that end up there don’t want to talk about it. It’s extremely sad.
Damn only 5 years. That’s a really short lifespan especially for something that huge
Dmitri Kulkevičius
Cutting with a gascutter is my favorite job, apart from building ships.
What a shame, the amount of time it takes to build one of these ships just to have to dismantle them in a few years.
How sad is it that you can build 7 of these ships for the price of one B2 bomber…
Patches Cessna
All these beached cruise ships were built no later than mid 90’s with few balcony cabins which is the hot sell in todays cruise market. Look at these as 727’s…. High maintenance costs and cannot command higher per diems
Cees Klumper
What about those giant engines that have 10 more years in them.
The world: Recycle my ship! Poor, homeless and third world: I wish I didn’t live in a shack
Sweet, this means bigger and better ocean liners.
Michael Hyland
One of the ships with the disk shaped top sections is what the wife and I took our honeymoon on. ☹
anthony perry
Floating farms, with desalination plant, grow your own food, raise farm animals like chicken, goats and some hogs. A lot of potential for a small community of investors.
Lawrence Neals - GeekLifeRules
I used to sing on the Carnival ships shown here. It’s so weird seeing stairs I used to walk on virtually every day INSIDE the back of the theatre in full view of the sky from the bow being torn off.
S Alan
Why demolish them? They can be turned into docked apartments for low income or homeless.
Lynnie V
This is fascinating.
Alan Hughes
i worked in the shipbuilding industry ,hardest dirty job bad for your health .breaking them apart is much worse.Someone’s has to do this job.i remember watching a breaking yard in india on 60 minutes the whole town was built from ship components.
Xph Aku
I wonder how many years Bezo’s yacht that costs twice as much is going to last before ending up here.
It would be easier to get theft insurance on a ship, sink it in the middle of the ocean, and report it stolen.
Max Just
Turning them into the 19 new air craft carriers we are building, new cruise ships will be built, better than the older ones.
Osama 111
One Industry growing from the collapse of another. How Ironic.
It’s not just “parts” – it’s the metal being reclaimed for recycling. And whatever other things they can resell are being used elsewhere… or recycled themselves. What else are you supposed to do with an outdated Cruise ship if you have new, modern, more desirable ships.
bobmcfeeasdk sjdifjsii
Peak oil, cruise ships seemed to have been banned by the higher ups, now only private yachts.
Windson Ma
This Video was Tough to watch knowing that Oasis would some day end up just like those other ships
Unfortunate to see these ships demolished before their time. But even if you just anchored a ship and used it for another purpose eventually it would fall into a state of disrepair. Sadly the Queen Mary has been in a state of decaying over the last 30 yrs and will need to be dismantled because the cost of reparing her is in the millions!
CAD Thunkin
What if the workers got covid? Do they quarantine them to the ship for two weeks?
michael paulissen
Great place for the cesspools they call cruise ships. Back in the day, cruising was a classy vaca thing. Now they are basically booze cruises. Constant health issues have plagued the passengers for years. Too big, too hard to clean.
Island boy
I bet they take great care to protect the environment. Such noble people
Could never do this in new zealand… health and safety would completely freak out… mmm no they wouldn’t, they just wouldn’t know how to even approach something of this scale…
Good, better them breaking and spilling a bit then those drifting cities that spoil so much shit in the ocean
Michael Mansun
Can you imagine, a huge well maintained ship, dismantled for parts and materials just for the money and these ships have everything. Homeless people could live on these ships. Military personnel. Retirement villages. Instead of dying in nursing home, grandma could die sitting on the deck.
Philip Aaron
Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, businesses and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval office.
Turkey business owners are notorious for their work ethic, as long as they make good money.
After The Storm
This would have been great work for all the unemployed union shipwrights. 😑
I wonder where they’re going sell those useable items.
Rashad Glover
When that stick figure fell down, I felt that.
Ben Rogue
Humans are so wasteful and exploitative. Sometimes I wish we’d die off already, just to stop the suffering we cause
Fryncyar Yorvjink
They should permanently park these things somewhere and use them as apartments and bars
James Rogers
They need massive band saws that are crain operated. Would be so much cleaner, safer, efficient, faster than blow torches.
It’s probably for the best considering the amount of waste of they dumped in the ocean each year
Joseph Stokes
Well done!! Best of luck!!
Ekim Andersom
Best what can happen to the environment. 20 of those make the same pollution as all cars in the world.
Chase Bags
These guys got work for years to come now😭😭overtime like crazy
Ive always wondered instead of totally scrapping the ships y not send them to a impoverished country and dock them as a place where ppl can just live and set up marketplaces or something other than theowing it away make it stable and set it up on land
Poor Wotan
And EVERY video since Covid has failed to mention all the new ships entering the fleets… sigh.
sepins r
They should take the cabins out and build structures to hold them like condos. They could be homeless shelters.
patrick robinson
Very interesting the vastness of It is mindboggling
Ryan Mishra
I wish the networth when i die will be as same as these ships
Sam Walton
Scrapping a $300 million dollar perfectly good cruise ship is sad to see. In a matter of days that asset becomes a huge liability. With no market or buyers, it is a dark decision to make for a CEO.
Troy Walt
This is why i ve never gone on a cruise ship and you shouldn’t either, the cost for environment is too much.
the amount of cubic yards of or must be a huge amount to build a ship like that. hopefully at some point we will be done building and save some of earths crust…..
i am still amazed that company’s are not held responsible for the waste they produce, products must also me created with the tought that it might need to be dissasmbled one day. like modulaire products, so u can sepperate pieces easly. and also exchange them like used parts for other products that have a faulty module. this makes recycling a lot easyer but also gives the user the abbility choose what they desire in the product and leave what they dont need hens use of les product.
I want to know what they do with the lifeboats!!!!!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭
From a global or even cosmic perspective, priority 1 is prevent damage or contamination of environment. Priority 2 is take all possible steps to prevent injury or death. Also, having recently seen the movie Midnight Express, would like to know current conditions in Turkish prisons!!!
Chevrolet Motorsport
They remind me of those big barges that go down the river with tons of people on them.
AV Gaming
Yo, can that crane spare me that small running track on the ship?
Olivia O
I wish some American companies would get in this game. It would create a lot of jobs and the fact we could give citizenship to Immigrants coming from Mexico a good life.
Justin H
How about using these perfectly good ships to house the homeless in America? A very cost effective solution to a growing problem.
A rainbow simp
What happens to all the furniture? They could donate them to homeless shelters , hospitals, orphanages ect.
Cyriac Scheefhals
Imagine a future where giant robots torch these ships 24/7 at rapid pace? That would be cool…
DSM life
Shame to see the carnival inspiration there What on a cruise on her back in 2012 she was a great ship
When i was on the Imagination in march right before covid shut down everything.
Kami Art
Wooooow…. What a amazing project….. 👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍
Having watched One Piece, it makes me sad seeing ships decommissioned and demolished. ☹
Kris Adams
Wouldn’t want the demolition of the ship to hurt the environment…
Time, effort, engineering, and design into building those cruise ships all so they could end up as the same metal scrap that was used to build them.
they are not even wearing safety harnesses and they are on beams over a 20 foot drop and more harnesses have to be worn on anything over 8 feet where there is no fencing or guard rail they also are not wearing safety glasses
Dean Snipah
2:56 I thought the hardest job was being a mother 😂🤣
g bridgman
The dangers ship breakers face is quite similar to coal miners: Fumes, possible long term health effects, injury and even death on the job. For big money people are willing to do it just as our coal miners in the USA made good money before the industry mostly collapsed. These people are performing a needed function and deserve whatever monetary rewards afforded them. We used to scrap ships in the USA, but I guess that industry, like so many others, has moved to other countries.
Mr NeonReindeer
The demolished ships reminds me of the shipyard level in brink the game… Is it just me?
David's World
you have to say 1 yr to break it up and 4 million just for the iron what do they earn for selling every thing on the whole ship why do the cruise liner companies not remove and sell the onboard stuff themselves you almost have to say why not have the iron site closer to were the ships are cut up
Joe Smith
The thing that started Thier decline was the Norwalk virus.i remember people recoiling from that risk before covid.oh and solar is still too expensive unless sombody raises the electric rates any higher that might change. The cheapest way to get electricity is to put a windmill in a tree and use a 10k inverter with a bunch of deep cycle batteries.or a generator.
Is there anyway to repurpose these ships lets low income housing? And we are still using asbestos in ships
That cruise ship was perfect, didn’t need to be demolished, these companies are awash in money or they wouldn’t scrap these ships. Marketing loves to claim brand new ships without mentioning wasteful scrapping of perfectly fine ships
Mark Harris
All ships have a life expectancy. Corrosion, obsolescence, etc. These ships were only expected to serve another 5-10 years anyway. By selling them, no doubt Carnival would have got several million per hull if the yard is making that kind of profit. That’s cash in bank at a hard time so good business sense. Carnival are still receiving new ships too, as that investment is long- lead. By scrapping old ones a few years early, you manage capacity and cash flow. Plus using the hard is ethically a lot better than SE Asian ones. Turks are very hard working, lovely people. Wages are very low, but costs are too, so standards of living are not too dissimilar to ours. Even the poorest peasant seems to have a nice iPhone and satellite TV!
I wonder how much the yard pays for the ships.
Mac Richardson
Such a waste. These could be re purposed on so many levels
Ailee Lee
They should make living spaces out of them
41dfcpe A
Yea, some jobs are just dangerous.
VR Time
Stay safe out there ❤👍
Anthony Fanchin
They could literally turn those scrap ships into a floating city or a Star Destroyer
Deez Nutz
So instead of keeping these ships in tact to help people who lose there housing on the coast from storms, tornados, or floods they rather demolish it. It’s literally mobile floating housing