Freed After 40 Years in Prison for A Crime He Didn’t Commit – Blog

Thank the Lord for this “Innocence Project” and DNA analysis. Give the man a house and health insurance!
It should be a crime to wrongfully imprison someone for 37 years.
This man deserves a huge payday. Simply disgusting
BlondzRule All
We need to fund the innocence project and show this happens way more that they say it happens.
missy cat
He should get One Million a year for the 37 years of his life that he lost.
Maria Slavinski
This case should of been reinvestigated in the 90’s……our system is just broken!!!!
The best years of his life when he could have children and grandchildren, just dreadful, he needs huge compensation but it really doesn’t bring those years back
Deb S
Bite mark evidence is very sketchy evidence, even in the best of conditions. I’m glad we’ve learned this to be true, and no longer use them as reliable evidence.
Christal Harmony
Glad this guy got released, he deserved it!
Paula R
How Sad I hope he has a good happy loving life for the rest of the time he has in life
Brian Lohse
Why did it take so long?
vocky abney
I wanna thank you everybody for the nice comments about my brother God-bless you all
Too Sense
1.8 million isn’t enough. His entire youth, his children, marriage, life experience, health, birthdays, deaths, career, education, its not just about compensation for money he may have made. 50k a year?? Smh Actually that’s just ANOTHER injustice.
ShookOne Ldn
Sorry guys… the more I see cases like this.. I can NEVER support the death penalty.. EVER!!!
Kofi Rozzell
No, Ted, our criminal justice system gets it wrong quite often and the numbers of people freed after years in prison ficrimes they clearly didn’t commit is staggering!
Katie P.
The 80s, man. Wow. Convicted with a wound that wasn’t even a bite mark.
Bri Fnic
Makes you wonder how many other innocent people are held behind bars.
The wrong people are righting the wrongs: He deserves all of the compensation, tuition, etc. The sad part is that the money for these things does not come out of the pockets (pensions, investments, real estate) of those who directly made the conscious decision to brake the law to bring him to this point. Instead, it comes out of the pockets of the victimized public taxpayer. Then taxpayers suffer with no funds for public defenders, missing and cold case investigations, and the cycle continues to escalate.
Bite evidence should be non admissible, I’ve never heard of it bringing any good to a case
That man is traumatized for the rest of his live, he is going to deal with PTSD, he should SUE THE STATE FOR 5 MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!!!! He was jailed up for half of this life pretty much!!!!!! SUE SUE SUE
Mayra DeLaRosa
Omg!, For that men must have been hell. There is no way his life will be the same. May God bless you and your family. So, who is the real person that committed the crime?
Elaine Varian
What a great waste of a life. God bless him, give him some peace and measure of pleasure and comfort now. Such a sad tale.
Dayna 426
How about free healthcare? After all, his age is the time when our bodies decline.
Jason Rodriguez
Idk why they always trust jail house informants
K Horn
He was arrested at 19? Wow. His life was ruined.
what now
I’m dying to see how much the State of Florida compensates him for 40 years of his life..
Solstice Beat
Better be paid too!!
don keyballs
Only took 37 years to clear his name
3eo 3en
Sickens me every time I see these cases of shoddy contrived evidence brought on by dishonest detectives and prosecuters
Sara Brant
37million should be his severance pay for 37 years
Molly Cote
God bless this man!
BlondzRule All
Teeth evidence or bite marks have been shown to not be like dna evidence, this was shown as the snagged tooth killer. This man should never have been in jail for almost 40 years. So sad this happens in Florida. This man should be given a huge compensation monetarily.
A. B.D.
I heard this very hard to adjust after being in prison with no one telling you what to do with every move you make God speed and good luck.
Leo O
DuBoise is my hero! What an unbelievable amazing person! He’s not even bitter! How’s that possible?
Avion Pynk
He need a million for every year.
Emiii mm
omg my heart breaks for him ;(
That’s my entire life! He’s been in prison since the year I was born, holy shit, that poor man…
marie campana
this os so. so sad💔💔💔 praying and hoping he will have a life full of love God bless this man
Suezanne Marie
I hope he enjoys everyday of his new life!!
Shelly Lyndsley
Amazing that this man can be so generous to the legal system that put him away, he has missed some of the best years of his life, his youth. I hope he wastes no time enjoying what’s left of his life and making up for what he’s lost.
That poor man.. I’m glad to hear he’s finally home. If I were him I’d be slapping lawsuits left and right. Enjoy your freedom good sir👍
Raisa Rainha
I feel so sorry for him. Im glad he is out! 🙏🏻
For the most part our justice system does not get it correct!
Michael Miller
They need to pay this man, you can never ever get that time back. That’s incomprehensible.
Monica Moreo
Amen!! Thank god he’s free
Dayna 426
His whole youth & the fun years, smh
Normi Sant
This is so sad. What a decent man still to be so positive!
artemis houdelis
Rachel Vanrycke
Good luck sir ,I hope you sue them so extremely that their grandkids will still be paying for this mistake for 40 years
trine 3
The state owes him money
Zebrina Pendula
Thank God he has finally been released and thank you to everyone who worked to prove he was wrongly convicted. Unbelievable I have heard of cases in which the person has been proven innocent/cleared and the/a judge refuses to order their release.
Suezanne Marie
May God bless every person who worked to free him!!
Heather Nicole
Never been to a walmart… damn that was deep… take your butt to the nearest Walmart and I think he has a lawsuit on his hands so he will have lots of funds for Walmart
Angelus ad tenebras
You know they convicted Ted Bundy on bite evidence alone. We can’t resurrect him though lol. Cannot believe this junk science was around for so long. Glad this man is out and he realizes whats left of his life is so short he has to start living now and forget about revenge or hatred. I wish you well.
don keyballs
I’m still bitter from 2 years in prison, 28 years ago lol
I’ve been following The Innocence Project for several years now. They are doing great work. Go to the Innocence Project website. See their work, and sign their petitions. It does help to raise awareness of these kind of cases.
Angela Carter
Thousands more just like him still in there
Leo O
The use of t informants must stop! To base a murder case on an informant? Or a witness. Or another person who strikes a deal? Is that really good enough for the Justice system?
Mat Aharon
The guy deserves the world plus then some 37 yrs chunk of his life some law enforcement personnel must pay the bill
Julie McCormick
I just turned 33. It boggles my mind by the time I was born this guy had already been wrongfully imprisoned for 4 years. It’s easy to read 37 years on paper or screen, but that’s a long, long, long time to be in prison when you don’t belong there.
Kim Conley
This has happened more often than you are trying to lead your viewers to believe. If chargers are brought against someone, most juries believe law enforcement and DAs. I pray more innocent inmates are helped and released.
THIS IS SLAVERY. We still have slaves here folks look at the 13th Amendment!
Kathleen Martin
Prayers to the victim’s family & prayers to Robert! What an amazing attitude, from a wrongfully convicted person. He is a role model, other people should try to model. Robert should become a guest speaker, to the public, an encourager to inmates & a strong supporter of the “innocence project”.
Robert Hance
Boy oh boy i don’t think i could be so forgiving & would most likely be seeking revenge …
That poor man. The sadder thing is that he’s only one of so so many. Our justice system is absolute garbage.
t0tts mejellin
The saddest part of being released is going into the world with a pandemic and social unrest.. Im proud of Robert and his character i believe people can be reformed but in this case there wasn’t anything to reform or rehabilitate this man was just wronged in so many ways.
Pamela Stephens
Wow, congratulations Robert, many more stuck in the system. Fix your American system. Disgusting
Why did they have to throw an innocent man in jail just so?
Lea Guiles
This world could learn a lot from Mr. DuBoise. Wishing him only the best in the future.
Take this man out on the town!!! He missed everything for nothing!! And he’s not terribly upset from it! I would be bitter if it was me 😒
This happens more often than law enforcement would like to admit. When prosecutors are more interested in the truth than in winning their case, that will be a good day.
Geegee 101
Far to easy to convict someone on so little evidence its shocking
tragic ! every bite mark case must be relooked at . re-examine forced confessions . states n cities must be willing to admit the wrong. blessing to this man ! may the light shine on him each n every day
chris minshall
For the most part? Are you kidding me? Buddy where is the accountability? Your jail’s are filled with innocent people
Annie Ann
Omg 40 yrs he deserves millions for what they did to him.corrupt freaking government.
Sharon Mickey
This made me cry.. this poor guy.
Samsng Device
Last time this happened, the guy went and viciously killed a news reporter Weeks Later and got the death penalty.
Music Cityimportsinc
Law suit 250k a year 37 years that’s all .
Tanay Oneto
Starting his life as a rich man! 40 years in prison is alot of time he will never get back, he will never be completely innocent, because someone couldn’t do the right thing, nor nobody wanted to listen to him that he was innocent.
My Gawd. This should NEVER happen!!! Poor man. What a strong fellow.
Nikki D
The truth always comes out.
Josie Fox
$2 million ? Yeah unlike Steve Irwin this humble man knew that a corrupt system would do no more. He not only deserved more but the state should have forfeited much more.
Drinks and Nonsense
I am happy for him being free but he looks creepy AF and dark. Hope he do well in society and have happiness.
This is so sad… He’s almost 60 years old…. I pray that no one is falsely accused like this. They better give him a billion dollars!
Small Town Girl Big City Heart
This is so sad and crazy. Imagine, the person who killed that woman is still out and living free!
Amy Valentine
So happy for this family,. The black broadcaster said that states are programs in place to make sure that people that were convicted weren’t wrongly convicted but with the mob saying defund the police they were probably lose the funding for these great things that happened in these states and I hope and pray that they don’t lose the funding so they can get innocent people out of prisons
Planned Obsolescence
“Every once in a while” they get it wrong? That’s a bit of an understatement. The Innocence Project and other review boards have been set up in cities all over America because of the high percentage of innocent ppl on death row and serving life sentences. Money used for military equipment and other unnecessary gear should be redirected and used for investigative work and scientific equipment. The rate of conviction for murders and rapes is something like 20-50%. Some sort of adjustment seems necessary.
andrea pothoven
From the Netherlands, question, is that the end sum what he totally gets or does he still need to pay taxes, sorry I was just wondering.
Kels TheGreat
As a juror, a jail house informant’s testimony shouldn’t hold any weight…unless the crime occurred in the jail, then maybe. Now find the guy that did it!
Wendy Wren
Bite mark evidence has been proven to be pseudo science
Deena Cardinal
It happens a lot and just way to much if you ask me. Once is to much its as bad as being murdered by the system.
sherry speakman
Happy he is free but he should be compensated for those 37 years…he has lost years he can never get back
James Jacocks
When the judge at 10:35 commends “both sides” I had to pause: he was commending the state which tried to justify and continue this man’s wrongful conviction. What a joke, a contest over the facts when the facts had been proved in error. Let’s just say the state presided over and sanctioned the extinction of a man’s freedom for 40 years out of maybe 75. During those years he lived under suspicion of being a monster and he lived under the fear of being murdered in prison. The evidence provided was typical of evidence used to convict people for centuries-just showing a pliant jury anything at all and they will convict as asked. What justice? We can do better than this today, there are so many tools which could ferret out the truth, juries are virtually Satan’s vote in a trial. They are deliberately stacked, one way or the other. If you are dragged into our criminal justice system recall the words inscribed over Dante’s Hell: abandon hope all ye who enter. Horrific.
Judith Boltz
Own the state beat the hell out of them
Cristina Psarou
It happens more than you know
THIS is ANOTHER example WE need to do AWAY with the DEATH penalty (imagine YOURSELF being WRONGFULLY committed of a crime YOU DID NOT COMMIT) * Thank you for the dedication of the officials that set forth the ability to look back at these cases (overturned through DNA)
Nightmare isn’t even close to explaining this kind of pain!!! 😔🙏🙏🙏 I hope and pray this man has the best rest of his life. He is one of God’s chosen few that has been hand picked to show humanity/ the world what is real and how we should be. Blessings to him and his family. God bless all involved in this case horrible all the way around. 🙏❤🙏🤍🙏
A. May
Better human than I am. I’d be bitter as hell! You’d think these prosecutors would actually want to put the REAL killer behind bars. Which ever side has the best story in court I guess.
lucy hammon
What every they pay him it what compensate him for the young life he’s mist it’s tragic for him and that girls family
My Crafty Mind 4U
This is UNFORGIVABLE!!! Dear Lord help this poor man. The system needs to pay heavily for this. No dollar amount could ever fix this. It’s understandable he’s forgiving because he’s now free, he’s better than a good man!
Eye witness testimony is also very unreliable.
J. R.
He should be compensated is the least they should do At least $1 million for each year behind bar
Kitty Martin
A heck of a lot of bite mark evidence is flawed. It’s shocking.
Jemma J
But he admitted to it with two others? Just cuz there is not enough evidence to charge them all, if they admitted to it, it is their problem
Victoria Lee
This is crazy,this poor mans been locked away for 37 years 😵 and he didn’t even commit a crime 😡 How on earth can the legal system make it up to this man? They better at the very least,give him some serious compensation for completely ruining and wasting this poor guys life ☹️ it’s fucking shameful!
donnie owsley
I didn’t really see any evidence that he was “innocent.” May be that there was not enough legitimate evidence to prove him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, but that isn’t the same as being proven “innocent.” Jurys don’t find you innocent or guilty, they find you proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt or not proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Lots of guilty people are found not guilty using that standard.
Let’s all remember. Cops and people in the DOJ aren’t God’s.
And the cops that railroaded this guy will never pay I’m sure there all dead or on the way.
estelle patella
And to think that the real perpetrator walked free. I wonder how many more murders and rapes the real perp has committed while he’s been roaming the land for the past 37 years. Robert DuBois deserves restitution.
What a waste. So sad. Sick system 😪
Charles Leger
37 fucking years hahahaha Guys enjoy your freedom
Kate North
Could this happen these days – hopefully not because the technology is more advanced or new. Plus the evidence could only have been circumstantial. Tragic for every one concerned.
The Snarky Priest
This is tragic at best. This very innocent man had his whole life stolen; All his dreams & hopes taken from him, without cause. What is is even more upsetting is the other man has been free. A very disgusting human has been free to live his life. They did not disclose the man yet, but I pray that he wasn’t out there causing more pain & destruction. I am sadden just thinking there could be more victims & I think that any other victims or victims families that were raped and/or murder by his hand should also be compensated. The justice system didn’t just let Robert Duboise down, they didn’t just let the victims family down, they let down every potential victim, every life he may have taken & every family he may have broken,
Cammy Ymmac
This judge is 100% correct. Validation is a start. This man can never have time replaced, not enough monies to be repaid for a horrific wrongful imprisonment of 37 years. His life was stolen. Hopefully he can have some peace in his life.
Lesley Watkins
It’s such a shame DNA tracing wasn’t about like it is now. I don’t think 2 million is enough for 40 years behind bars, being an innocent man.
J Mac
37 years for what? So some prosecutor could move up in the world?
Bert Tremblay
Yeah he truly really needs to be compensated big time but this doesn’t surprise me in reality the state’s attorneys office truly really don’t care if ur innocent it’s a number game to them
They said this was mostly to blacks lol the media loves to lie.
Aaron Irons
Wait wait wait!!! Only 2 million?!😩😳
Ashley Nic
The system fucks up daily. Yes daily. 💯🤦🏼‍♀️
chris minshall
Dani Lee
I know he doesn’t know what this is but I hope Netflix get s their hands on him and they can make a movie out of this… Or a real life documentary when he first walks into Walmart for home Depot or use a cell phone or computer… It would be fun to see his expression
Oh my! Bitten by fish, Maybe they shouldn’t consider bite marks as evidence unless if missing tooth somewhere which would then match bettet
Eric Alvarez
Florida is a whack ass state lol
Miss Jess
I don’t know how many millions the majority of your life is worth but I hope he gets buckets and buckets of money for this horrific injustice.
Overzealous PROSECUTORS destroyed this man’s life, along with the victim, that’s TWO innocent families who were torn apart, while the guilty person was allowed to walk this Earth FREE for the last 4 decades. It’s absolutely INFURIATING. I agree with everyone in these comments saying dude deserves some serious compensation for this from the County or the State. Either way.
* Gestetner
sick sick sick. thats all i can say about the justice system. we are so flawed. sad sad sad. that innocent ppl get their life taken away for no reason. i wonder how the prosecuter whould feel if this happened to him. and why they give immunity to prosecutors is insane as well. they mess up and have no accountability. why???????????? things need to change immediately
Meredith Ahern-Tamilio
So unfair and there are so many more who are locked up and are truely not guilty of anything about the case!! There is not enough money or forgiveness for this family and the victims family it’s tragic and thank our creator for seeing that the truth came out before he passed away!!! Its tragic and such a great loss on both sides!
But but but … A jail house snitch said he confessed !!
What they said is a bite mark isn’t actually a bite mark? I know bite marks nowadays isn’t so concrete but to say something is a bite mark but never was, is disgusting. He needs to have his payday sped up.
Peteena Poodle
The victim looks like Suzanne Morphew.
How aweful. He better get a big payday.
Brenda Taylor
Hes gonna get 2 million dollars. Minus taxes. Still not worth that much time prison. I hope he get the money to help him live a free life. Good luck sir!
Astral Flux
A lot of plea deals are actually people who are innocent or mostly innocent but are poor, or have no legal knowledge/ mentally ill, sick from being deprived meds / proper medical care from being incarcerated etc. and so they scare them and sway them and lie to them etc to force them in to taking the plea aka a guilty plea. It’s SICK.
Cherry D
We really need prison reform. I know not everyone loves Trump but he has really helped with this movement. God bless all those who help innocent people be free. They should have never been in there to begin with.
We really don’t know maybe the did kill her. Only he knows and god.
Mother Hen of Damnifiknow Farms
Wow! What horrible timing. What if he wants to just go out to a bar, or a steak house, or even a strip club?! Being released during a pandemic, smdh
ymp ymp
I don’t trust this he can doing again !
Kiki Rose
So they arw saying his life us only worth 50 geand a year? Who knows what he could have made if himself if not wrongly convicted. He could have becime a person making milli oi ns a year amd thing he shoukd be compensated accorsingly. You can’t cap someones worth like this.
Anthea De Villiers
To take so many years of anyone’s life is unforgivable unacceptable criminal and the most odious violation of any human being’s rights unbelievable unbelievable shocking stunning
Amber May
We need to review EVERY SINGLE violent crimes case with sexual assault reviewed. This shit upsets me every time. White, black, green or yellow… nobody should be in jail for that long and was innocent the whole time. Also give double digit M’s!! Not no 1.5 million… how about 30 million…. if you assume he would have made 50K per year…why now assume he would have been a millionaire
Kattie Anderson
Oh this is terrible!!! All the way around, this is unbelievable.
Rachel Vanrycke
2 million ain’t s***
steve clarke
But he is white where was his privilege i thought injustice only happened to black people.
let it go dont hold the grudge and hatred…acceptance that’s the reality of life and give forgiveness so that we had a better place …spread love….