Fergie & Andrew: Disaster Royals And How They Ruined Royal Family – British Documentary – Blog

Her mother abandoned her in her teens. How sad.That is a pivotal time in a young girl’s life.
Amanda Slade
I loved her outfit for the wedding
Jeannie Cooper
Yes I like Fergie to I think she had the prettiest wedding dress it was gorgeous and I don’t think it was all her fault the marriage broke and she did do a few things and she pursued a career and she stayed around with her girls and saw them grow up and she’s still a good mother and she still with Fergie even though they hated her so but she’s still there she still got a smile
Lesley Allinson
I was surprised because she just had flowers on her head normally the queen would allow one of the royal terra Sarah’s dad wasn’t married to a royal. And come on what he was accursed of wasn’t a crime, I can imagine how lonely she was, but as andrew was a sailor she must have known he would be away at sea more than at home.
Agee Ibc
People don’t purposely fall into sin. Find the cause b4 we point fingers
Darren Jay Blagden
They didn’t ruin the Royal Family. That honor goes to Henry VIII and long before the House of Windsor was even a glimmer.
vagrant wanderer
You ought to get yourselves a new Editor
Marina Shear
Who the hell edited this? Such an interesting subject, but the backwards typed “Chapters” and the words not in sync with the person speaking and blips—all so distracting and difficult to keep up with.
Funny that Major Ron should support his daughter taking the children after her affairs with Wyatt and Bryan, when he took his girls from his ex-wife thinking that she was unworthy to look after them in Argentina with her husband. And Ron was the one who was cheating on Susie!!
Ann M.
All she needed to do is keep her mouth shut and behave herself
Cracker Jack
I look forward to seeing Andrew and Fergie remarrying and being welcomed back into the Royal Family and remaining in good standing with the Queen.
❤️ such a lovely couple it seems they still love each other … pity the Crown decided they had to divorce . I hope one day they’ll be allowed to remarry .
Ann M.
Season 2 so many that just didn’t deserve to be there and now they’ve got Megan
Shishira Nair
I love Fergie. She is a fantastic woman. Atleast she is a good mother.. She never abandoned her daughters. Fergie’s mom abandoned her and her sister Jane to be with another man. Fergie cheated on Andrew with Steve Wyatt and John Bryant as he was always away on Naval duty. It’s not her fault at all. It’s the Queen got them divorced. Andrew never wanted to leave her. Andrew still loves Fergie..
Ann M.
It’s not like she just came into the raw family she was always around them and the horses and what have you
Donna McZesty
Wow , now her ex – husband did the same thing only with CHILDREN . Unbelievable. Good Health to all. Let’s be safe out there EVERYONE.
I don’t feel too sorry for her. She had a good husband and couldn’t stick it out for 6 years. Her wedding dress was beautiful no doubt but she really did not seem to fit in and didn’t know how to behave. It’s surprising that Harry made the same mistake Andrew did.
marie Sahota
Impossible to watch…so many visual technical problems . Don’t bother UNLESS you want to listen to it
I love Fergie and always did!
June Cooper
I’ve watched fergie in interviews and she storms out of the interview if it doesn’t go to her liking because the public will never forget what Andrew and fergie have done…to me fergie and Andrew are people who have entitlement issues
Susan Yates
What on earth is wrong with the text?
June Cooper
Don’t like fergie,when young she was vulgar and loud,still don’t like her and she knew exactly what she was doing when selling Prince Andrews name,she just got caught and Andrew knew what she was doing too though he played dumb….royalty has lots of skeletons in the closest
Skye Masterson
35:00 “Kissing her toes”….Who does he think he is, The Pope?
Tom Pommerel
Production creativity trumps communicative intent. Stop reversing the visuals as the dialogue continues.
Where are the editors for this video?
Ex Mea Sententia
The videos from BD2 are the worst produced / edited videos I’ve ever seen. Titles reversed, repeating clips over and over, irrelevant music tracks cutting in, etc. My cat could do better.
Petula Runterstadt
Poorly edited. Speech and Picture often do not match. Very disappointing.
marie Sahota
Fergies father ‘s shananagans echoed Megan’s father
Ila Hilda Sissac
I agree, bad editing.
Myriam Lateur
Fergie is really too exuberant, almost vulgar. Makes me feel uncomfortable.
Myriam Lateur
Omg… one of the reporters had her lips filled , that went really bad.
Jeez. What is it about the Windsors? You don’t hear any of this crap from any of the other European royal families (yes, there are other royal families still. You don’t know about them because they are normal folks and stay out of the news)
Hazel Allen
bit of positive push publicity for Andy?
bryson west
Is this video stolen? What the heck is wrong with it?
Debbie Hall
hmmm.. like father-in-law, like son-in-law..
Eileen Bass
Get the graphics and text corrected and Inwill waych this through. Until then good bye.
This doc is so bad! Let’s see….who doesn’t know how to edit, really bad at English, and likes to steal others docs? Any guesses…
Fergie was the same age as Andrew? I thought he only likes 12 year olds….
Jeannie Cooper
There is so much fuss over Fergie or Megan they’re really not going to be anything not in the Royal family they were always second just like their husbands but there was something about them they had guts Megan’s taking hers a little bit far anyhow
Cecile Joubert
That Fergie is just as common as MM. She makes me cringe!
Maarten Deiters
Beatrice just looks like queen Victoria