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Supa Soda90
It’s awesome that Ryan’s family, especially his dad, was able to gain the knowledge needed in order to assist in freeing his son. There’s no room for people like K. Crane, with their corruption, he only adds to the fractures our Judicial System is already plagued with. Thank you Kathleen Zellner, your tenacity has paid off once again. Our society can only wish we had more of you to assist in the 20,000 innocent slowly dying in the different prisons across our nation. Keep up the awesome work ⚖
God Bless this father and the entire family. For their resilience and continued support of Ryan Ferguson, God Bless the attorney’s like Kathleen Zellner for finding faith in him and seeking justice for the right prosecution. These are the kind of people that seek out justice in the right way. I cannot imagine what kind of dark road that must have been for everyone involved, but they persevered!
A wonderful story of parents fighting and defending their son against judicial malfeasance. This inspirational story is rendered bitter sweet by to 10’s of thousands of poor and black men and boys compelled to plead out to serve long life destroying sentences for crimes they didn’t do or were were grossly unjust. Prison is genocide in slow motion..
Ernest Fox
This is the judicial system? Amazing and resilient documentary.
Where is the accountability for the overzealous prosecutor and detectives that didn’t do their jobs… I’m so sick of hearing about cases like this… Such a shame. !!!! What they’ll do to get the conviction to keep their conviction rate and their crisis closed is unbelievable.
Damn this guy literally snitched on his own best friend, who needs enemies if you have friends like that fr fr
Gwen Renee
Feel what we’ve been dealing with decades. Fortunately this man had a diligent family and father to fight for his innocence!!!! the truth come out and He didn’t have the spend 20-40 years in prison wrongfully accused. let the church say Amen. Oh and by the way His Mom is Black but able to pass for white, and she did………….no harm no fowl.
Jonathan Aman
Just watched this documentary. It is disturbing that there is a Judge Kevin Crane. Our judicial system rewards corrupt and aggressive prosecutors.
Pete Owen
The plea system, in fact the whole US judiciary system is so screwed up.
There is nothing in this documentary that proves this man is innocent.
Yezzi Yezzi
In the actual show on Netflix, did anyone notice how the Ryan said in the police interview “I’m not going to sit here & try to prove my innocence” showing its not innocent until proven guilty!! Our legal system is very flawed, we rely on memories of witnesses which are vulnerable to distortion, & have indeed been proven to be unreliable, especially over time. Our system uses such witness testimony & parades it as factual evidence. We rely on police interrogation, which police may feed the answers they (the police) desire those interrogated to say. Along with this, the length of interrogation & mounted pressure can cause conformity, ultimately resulting in inaccurate statements by the accused. Then we rely on the jury to accurately & critically evaluate the facts from evidence that is not always possible to do in groups, in which there is the possibility of jurors holding prejudice, bias, not critically evaluating evidence, & being vulnerable to conformity or groupthink. In this case we have police who have tunnel vision & are feeding answers to Chuck, convincing him that he & Ryan are guilty, & pressuring a confession. Our system is not entirely horrible, but it does have many flaws which we need to fix or change in order to prevent circumstances such as Ryan’s.
Doug styles
And the corrupt prosecutor IS A JUDGE NOW!!! Seriously…wtf.
Of course I would have been so thankful to have my son out of prison. But I would have also made sure that the state of Missouri pray restitution for those 9 1/2 years across the board. Corrupt lawyers and judges, stay out of trouble people. You too could wind up like Ryan.
And the prosecutor is a judge now but a bunch of b*******.. imagine all the people in jail that are probably innocent… . What a joke what a joke what a joke…
Well, then, who did it?
“they can’t take my mind, they can’t take my body” well your bodys in prison so…
Alexei Romanov
this “film” is a waste of time. I don’t believe he is innocent. He spent 10 years of hard prison gay sex and he still stands straight and proud. He even wrote a book about his homoerotic encounters. He has been out for 2 years now; Good for him. If he is innocent that sucks. However, he did it..