Documentary. The Dark Side Of Chocolate – Blog

David Parson
the best part of this is them inviting Nestle to watch the documentary and answer questions, them refusing, and then the documentary makers setting up a giant screen by Nestle headquarters so they’d have to see it.
Michael Roy
Those children probably haven’t even tasted the chocolate they are slaving over.
Not the dark side of chocolate… It’s the dark side of every consumable product made across sea…
Ellen Ikard
Damn, I can’t enjoy anything nowadays without it being corrupt in some form or fashion.
Leke Oj
15:12 “we promised the trafficker we wouldn’t mention his name” Shows his whole face instead
Mateus Simões
I really liked that those guys not only made the documentary, but also showed it to UN and Nestlé HQ. Bravo!
Amanda Topel
I’m just glad the crew never got caught. Good undercover work👍🏻👍🏻
Liz Thomas
It is such a sad situation and fact that the things we love most come from the pain of suffering of innocent children!!!
Thumbs up. Those greedy corporations will stop at nothing. They don’t care the workers are exploited- it’s cheap cocoa.
Elizabeth Reynolds
That was awesome how he just projected the documentary for all of nestle to see right outside. That’s how you spread change! Great film! I will no longer buy nestle chocolate, only fair trade chocolate, and also make an effort to research where products are coming from
Sonya Kinsey
Nestle is one of the worst companies you can buy from. Not just for chocolate, but their entire business model is about screwing over developing countries. Buy fair trade, there are lots of options.
Lucanus Tiberious
I cried when I saw the man cry. Real human emotions. could almost feel the pain from the screen.
Hanni Chen
the problem here is not chocolate itself. it’s those corporations. they aren’t willing to take the responsibility of those children. They don’t have any incentives to do so bc ending the child labor won’t profit the company. So all they do is to deny the fact to avoid any legal charges. So pathetic 🙁
Rosemary Ndukuba
Its unfortunate that slavery was STOPPED in developed world only for it to continue in Africa. Well done crew for the findings!!!!!. God protect you all.
The government official was a liar and most likely makes a lot of money from NESTLE CHOCOLATE COMPANY . BOYCOTT NESTLE CHOCOLATE NOW.
Jon Ultime
This is real journalism
Joshua Post
Watched this last night. Any updated documentaries about the current state of things?
connie morgan
I am shocked to see this film was already made in 2012 and we are in the first day of 2016, I take my hat off to you sir and all the peoples willing to take the risk to get the truth out, may God bless you abundantly to keep informing the world about the truth. All my heart goes out to the children.
B. Wraith
The ending, with them forcing to show their footage like that, bravo!
Thiago Anitelle
233 candy entrepeneurs disliked the documentary.
Bless all the good people whom are helping in the fight to save these children.
Prakash Gautam
My salute to the entire crew for their awesomeness.
Important movie. Chocolate does not taste good to me anymore. My heart goes out to all the children and abused adults 🙁
Monem Nawaz
Salute man for this awesome documentary. Hats off….
Excellent work and very brave of those participating in this documentary
That’s true reporting, not like the CRAP that CNN airs….
django unchained
If the camera wasn’t on, the jornalist would’ve been dead!
Andy Oldham
N-E-S-T-L-E-S…Nestles traffics the very best…child slaves. We shouldn’t be surprised as it’s owned by Unilever. Put it on your boycott list!!!
ashraF mohd
Yes, they going on vacation to work in the plantations… I love how politicians everyone in the planet can twist things around to make something horrible look just fine….
Barbara Necker
Maybe i’t’s time to start protests in the US. I’ve got friends who live across the river from a Nestle factory near Fulton, NY. Our mouths water with the entrancing aroma of chocolate on the way to becoming something delicious. I went to school in a nearby town in the 1950s, & recall a delicious class trip to that very same factory. I wish I had known then what I know now.
Mikayla MacDonald
This is heartbreaking and sickening to watch. I had no idea things like this were happening, well, I had some idea but not to this extent. It’s terrifying thinking of how many children are taken from their homes and families every day to be forced to work for the rest of their lives against their will. i will never look at chocolate the same again knowing what I know now.
Honey Dubey
Corporations NEVER have your well bieng in mind. It has always been this way and will always be this way until we look into where our products are coming from & stop supprting greedy corps who only have profit in mind. ✌🏽️❤️🌎🌏🌍
Ccso Brother
One day all men will have to give account to God
From now on I start eat Fair Trade Chocolate from Oxfam… Thumbs up for the people who made this film, risking there lifes by doing so.
saikat sarkar
yeh wont give up …… good people are always with you go ahead whatever your doing to stop child labor …….spread the awareness more and more …and i am sure that every little help can save those children from the destruction
Louca Doida
😭😭😭😭 I couldn’t stop crying, how in the 21 century things like these still happening? This is unforgivable these companies buying these chocolate beans should be processed and pay a fine .
me Yo
It would be terrible if everyone including the kids were eating M&Ms, so this is the basis for umpa lumpas
anne njoroge
am from East Africa and here children also work on tea and coffee plantations in order to get by.poverty is what makes them.because parents have to ensure the cover more ground during harvesting so they come with their kids to help