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Cacao is the food of the gods indeed 🙂 so I’d like us to also recognize the hard working farmers that makes it possible for everyone to obtain this magical food. Dirt poor isn’t something we should exploit for our own abundant health, that’s not healthy. But apart from that I appreciated this talk – thank you
Gerry N
I think his message it accurate to a point except the Kuna Indians have perfect blood pressure mostly likley because they don’t sit in cubicles or bombarded with junk food commerical on their TVs every day. They probably dont eat much processed foods and walk alot. They also probably do very physical labor in order to eat and survive unlike in America. Yes cacao helps but it cannot reverse the unhealthy lifestyle of the modern western man.
Debo Kumi
I really appreciate everything you said about cocoa. But saying it will be cheap because of slave labor is not ok. It needs to be Fair Trade Certified, kind and generous with appreciation toward the farmers.
sean maccormack
Thank God for Coacoa brought up on the plant,my mothers from Samoa she would feed us on the nutritional value it had 40x mag 40x iron Than greens.
Raffaella Brizuela Sigurdardottir
dirt-cheap is an insult to work exploitation in the non-industrial nations. child labour and unfair trade so think what words you’re using before promoting this drink of the gods. they won’t be happy you taking advantage of its origins. overall informative presentation.
Clive Lindley
The raw unprocessed powder costs more than the processed. Never understand that. It’s not cheap here. It’s an expensive “superfood”. It’s bitter but quite drinkable. I view it as medicine which rarely tastes delicious.
Long Nguyen
Thank you very much for your great presentation.
Jack Reacher
Great presentation! I never new these details on specific conditions :0
Kelly Spratt
1) This hurt my heart every time he mispronounced cacao – the subject of the whole presentation 🙊 2) 2000 cups a day is almost 1.4 cups per minute so definitely not true and irresponsible to infer that it’s fine to exceed the recommended daily dosage 3) Cacao is a superfood but he didn’t mention most of the reasons (nutritional composition) which make it so beneficial 4) Raw cacao is not dirt cheap! I consume it about 3 times per week and it’s an expensive treat.
Justin R
Its CACAO…KA-KOW. Cacoa doesn’t exist. Some dude who, I believe, worked for Hershey’s, spelled it wrong like 100 years ago and the misspelled name has stuck.
Jack Reacher
Very high % cocoa Taste great if one enjoys bitter foods like myself. Very bitter foods are very healthy
Patrick Rankin
Thanks, growing cacao and working on the best way to get it to market in with all it’s natural nutrients intact.
He recommends cocoa which is fine but he should be more specific. He definitely doesn’t mean Nesquick. Which everybody knows. The cocoa the Kuna drink is made from raw cacao which should taste just awful to most of us. Most chocolate and cocoa products out there are made from alkali-processed roasted cacao beans which are full of arcylamide.
James Carlson
Whew as a cacao enthusiast it’s really hard to listen to him mispronounce it over and over
Drink every time he says “It gets even better”
Joseph Tein
“Cocoa” is not the same as “cacao” which is probably what he’s trying to say. And there is really no evidence, based on what he’s saying, that it’s the cacao which is responsible for the good health of these native people … there are so many other factors that could be at play. And … it’s still true that cacao has a lot of beneficial properties, so let’s enjoy it whenever we can! (Also, by the way, “ischemic heart disease” is NOT the same as a heart attack.)
Novelyn Dayo
how about the fermented cacao? is this still nutritious?
I can’t believe this Ted Talk was so underrated..
Competitive Antagonist
I only partially listened to this. I’m now going to eat more chocolate.
arfa farooq
does cocoa has the same health benefits as cacao?
Does Dutch processed cacao have the health benefits of unprocessed cacao?
Cosmic Task
What he didn’t mention is that Meso American drink cacao with spices. European drink it with sugar. Sugar cancels the good benefits of cacao
boyettoreon torreon
very imformatve to health improvements execellent presentation ..
Nod Carillo L.
Glad we have couple of cocoa trees in our backyard.
Love Cacao too 🙂
A Russell
I hate to sound jaded, but he’s too young and well educated in the field of nutrition to have so sloppy an appearance. I feel that while it’s never always true, but a person promoting health should lead by example – not just point out the research. Great video though and I do appreciate him and his work.
Mirko Berisic
Johntra Volta speaks about cocoa! I feel lucky!
Ima Z
He could apply a lot of the cocoa himself
I always find it interesting how these so called gurus talk about healthy living and yet the guy is 50 lbs over weight.
AJ Bateman
Mispronouncing the subject of the talk. Oioioi. Sorta joking, Awesome to educate others on the subject good talk!!!
Nick Sofialakis
i’m a cocoa dealer as well
Gerald's Videos
I supplement with cocoa.
Juliana Torrez
I kept imaging Dan Aykroid’s character from Trading Places was giving this lecture about “kak uh a”.
Gift from God NOT gods, agreed
Fredrick M
why every time? why are the health gurus the opposite of what they talk about?
Charles Thompson
What about the Cadmium content? There are warning labels on packages of cacao about this
Kura Cacao
Its Cacao not Cocoa 🙏
Jack Reacher
It definitely jump starts the heart space ;;)
Tony T
this guy tries to be all knowing and talks in a voice that arrogant. the simplifies these things too much and talk as if these are the only truths. but we all know this subject is much more complicated and there are always risk with benefits.
What about the theobromine?
Carly Jan Star Healing 🕊
How are these people allowed to mispronounce this. Ancestors looking down like 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄you have phDs and 60k + salaries and can’t even say THE ACTUAL WORD, oh my God literally 😹😹
So raw unprocessed cacao has all the health benefits?
Justin C
“Cocoa is dirt cheap.” $20/lb on Amazon. -.-
Gerald's Videos
How TF did this this guy get a Ted talk?
Pablo Céspedes
Theobroma cacao not cocoa…
I eat 100% cocoa from Bakers chocolate. Wondering if that’s the same of what he is talking about.?
cody belle
wow really ppl ;;making comments on your insulted by terms of truth poor countrys produced get over it this is their income , way of life like herion. it is a blessing of the poor by the poor to the world be grateful
Dennis J. Isreal
😇 E4 = M5 & C5 = ELOHIM’S, Emmanuel’s & Comforter’s Majesty, Made Everything: Matter, Energy, Creation, Creatures, Mankind, Matrimony, Children & Cosmos 2 🤗
It would help…just a tad, if the presenter didn’t look like he just came off 12 months of junk food binging and rolled out of a bar…
XRP Vampire
KoKoa is pretty good I hear……..
Tuvshinbat Sundui
omega 3 ,, and fish are too,,, cacao with milk are tases good plus honey……,,,>< coca cola ><>
Solar God
Cacao comes from Africa and South America. Europeans always try and take credit and claim they came up with the name and etc . A typical Caucasian story that people starting not to believe .
Dawud Asha
Great presentation, but dude looks like he partied all night, woke up in those clothes hung over, rolled out of bed and barely made it to the presentation. Guy looked like a disaster.
Get it right its cacao not cocoa Theobroma cacao. Cocoa is processed form found in most chocolate. Cacao is raw natural form.
ton ton
someone did not sleep for kokowa
Bishnu Talk B Talks
Food of the gods. Why r normal men taking it then hmm
Soniquete Music
Business/research guys shouldn’t touch these topics, only disrespecting indigenous wisdom with unnecessary analyses and trying to make money of it : ) chanceless.
Carlos Manríquez
Stop saying Indians, they are native humans or people. In your attempt to sound educated, you make some crucial offenses: it’s called cacao, they are not Indians, it taste bad only from your perspective.
Just before 8 minutes and he says that Montezuma and his guys ate up to 2,000 cups of cacoa a day.. something sounds really wrong with that number sorry…
Pinoy Planet
Love cocoa but this guy looks and sounds unhealthy, wonder what his blood pressure is…
It’s CACAO, pronounced “ka kow”.. yeesh