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Alan Correa
Michael J. Fox should have received an Academy Award for his role . One of his best acting roles
Ben Hislop
By doing this, Max proved that he was more of a man than his Sergeant ever was. It takes guts to stand up to those in power, and Max had them while his Sergeant was a coward.
Jesús Santillán
Michael had some awesome acting skills, you can really note the anguish in his face, the suffering for not being able to save Tran Thi, as her death will haunt him for the rest of his life.
Sean Joseph
Man this movie was crazy, I saw it in theaters when it was released and till this day it’s still haunting. Forget All Michael J Fox’s other roles, this was his Best. Hands Down
Gregg Seltzer
The best scene of Fox’s career
The first casualty of war is always truth.
Nike Fanatic
The Score In The Background Makes This Scene So Powerful
Go With A Smile
I hope they never remake this movie, it’d be hard to for another actor to pull off this emotion in my pov and how it makes you feel 😢
Unfortunately, the real scumbags didn’t do much time at all. For instance. The guy that stabbed the girl in real life (the character of Clarke) served less than 7 years in a military prison. He was later dishonerably discharged and invovled in a murder/hate crime of an African American man years later.
Sir Pants
This is why I, an avowed atheist, still think the chaplain system in the armed forces is a great idea that should still stick around. It’s handy having Captains and Majors outside the chain of command who have high pull in solving grievances and welfare issues.
One of my very favorite movies and books (which was basically the script for the movie, they follow remarkably close!). Erickson is a personal hero to me, since I saw this movie when I was in elementary school. Thank you for posting this.
Satty Singh
Most powerful movie scene ever recorded cut you deep
Private Name
I really love this movie (it’s probably my favorite De Palma – also love Blow Out – movie. And especially that ending scene, where he sort of comes full circle (the same actress who played the murdered girl playing this new character giving MJ Fox’s character some absolution). The Morriconne (spelling incorrect?) music also making it especially haunting. As an aside I love the courage of the Erickson character. The fact that it was based on a real man, who risked his life on getting the truth out, and who refused to participate in the rape murder of that poor girl. It gives me hope for humanity. Unforgettable all round. My only ‘problem’ with Casualties of War is the casting of Fox. Who in my opinion, is an excellent light comic actor as he was in Family Ties & Back to Future, but didn’t have the depth/ ability to portray this unbelievably complex character. I think the direction & writing did a lot of the work for him. Just my opinion. He’s actually v good just not great like the rest if the movie.
horse 4166
Thats how I am whenever I got drunk 🙁
Joey Bigler
Robards Jr. is great in his limited screen time.
They don’t Write dialogue like this anymore. Mostly every line in modern movies is so vapid. Nothing is ever really as gripping as these old movies.
GrimLock TV
After this scene when the four soldiers were being trialled what did the sergeant say to him at the end
Druwy Down
And in my own experiences as a still proud, honorably-discharged Veteran of the Army, I should also note that, when I was in, if any Soldier had any kind of a real, true, dire, “problem,” the chain of command, which would almost always seem to break down for a Soldier, a chaplain, in the end, was always overriding, listening, taking notes, intervening, etc… And I’m only, here, talking about Christian, etc., Soldiers, but even Soldiers of other faiths, etc., knew we, us, always, if we were in the right , sh*t would definitely get done, taken care of, addressed, redressed….etc…………..
Amplass 333
When you watch a film like this it’s painful when the good man seems to be on his own. He confided in his Mate (who obviously had no influence) who advised him to take the matters to their superiors which came to nothing. This Chaplain obviously had a lot of power and a lot of friends (good men) well and truely high up!!!
Waldo Forsest
Why was Sergeant E5 Meserve only sentenced to 10 years hard labor for unpremeditated murder… …he instigated the rape and the murder of the little girl…he should of been sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labor….where is the justice
The chaplain is really handsome.
Javier Anguiano
Poor Marty McFly, Doc messed up leaving him in the Vietnam War Itself. It’s not leave he’s concerned it’s the fact that Doc is talking forever picking him and actually bringing him back to 1985.
John Griswold
If you dont also mind would you upload the scene where michael j fox talks to ving rhymes? If not i understand!
Charlie Morris
God couldn’t have come at a better time to hear what Max has been bearing all this time.
Roger Kincaid
I prefer this over ‘Platoon’.
Druwy Down
I don’t know about anyone else… But this one scene, in this classic, brilliant, seemingly true-to-life, to me, movie seemed to capture, right here, duty versus honor versus reporting versus “seeing” something versus not really seeing “something, anything,” or just “snitching,” if you will, on your own fellow comrades… Dilemmas, dilemmas, more dillemas, hypocrisy, contradiction, irony, dissimulation, “chains of command,” military bureaucracy, CYA, SSDD, and paradox, etc., et al., right here, right over there, and or where and whenever…
Jaycee Santos Cordova
2:38 “oh shit i know where this is going”
St. Vodou
I wonder how many women this actually happened to…one is one too effing many
Adam Boardman
How did he get drunk on so few cans of beer ? Lightweight.
Monica Alvarado
I never understood what happens after he talks to the Chaplain. Obviously none of his superiors wanted to move forward with his accusations and investigation regarding the rape and murder of the poor girl. Did the Chaplain look into it and moved through other channels? I saw this movie in 1989, when I was 12. So I was never able to connect the dots.