Blood, Sweat, and Batteries: Inside Congo’s Cobalt Mines I Fortune – Blog

Ethan Kearns
This should be globally recognized and resolved ASAP.
Flora& Fauna
‘Despite them’ you made a great and informative video. Thank you very very much for your ethical journalism, and humanity, in dealing with this sensitive subject. We need to be aware of the consequences of our lifestyles in the developed countries.
It’d be good to see the African people improving their lives by profiting from this mineral, but alas, it’s the rich companies who profit.
lava language
Thanks for this insightful reporting
people should spread this video it isn’t getting enough attention
Triple I
If this is how you currently get money in Congo, then what will happen once you stop it? Where will they then get money from? How about giving them better tools for mining the cobalt in a safer manner?
vPete S
Yes cars and Smart phones have huge demands on lithium battery technology but so do all forms of GREEN energies like Wind and Solar farms. Mining cobalt for ion-lithium batteries is the front-end dark-side, there is also the back-end (recycling) side that is equally devastating. Due to the complexity of making ion-lithium batteries make it non-cost effective to recycle. Basically most used lithium batteries just get deposited in landfills where they eventually leach into the water tables. When we destroy our fresh water supply system, well grab your ankles.
All this wealth and it will end up in the pockets of a few . Those who could change this terrible situation have no motivation to do so . It’s all greed
Galen Crowson
Its a real shame they had to mine the material that way
Sheila Allen
Congolese take back your mines and build your infrastructure and tech companies you have the resources help and protect your people from foreigners greed who don’t care about you ASAP
Dinosaur Time and Funny videos
You kids are bringing people their phones and devices. You have my thanks.
Joe Smith
We drive nice electric cars and need that cobalt but nobody can send them good ropes to climb into the,I just can’t believe it.
Pablo Horteg
Moving to cobalt-free batteries will just make these people even poorer. This is their income. The tech companies need to develop ethical supply chains, where children cannot work and miners are well paid. This means it can’t go through China.
Chris Brown
So this is the ugly truth of just how the electric car is made. I know that my petroleum based truck supports good paying jobs in an industry that is highly regulated for safety standards, wages and employment and the mined Alberta oil is also very ethical. Now, when I see an electric car, I will look at them as a supporter for child labour in impoverished conditions. The sad reality is this video barely scratches the surface of what is really going on.
Dank Rock
Are these people being employed or are they freelancers and taking their own risks?
Paddy Peyton
The main problem is Africa was taken over by several European countries who proceeded to take the knowledge and resources away. Leaving the place fragmented and with no government. That’s what causes this.
pienke _123
Hope its over now!!God Bless Congo!!
Pascal Mebeben
C’est un transformateur que les gouvernement congolaise est sont vraiment besoin
So, problem is children working in the mines, or the children that need to work in the mines bcs of poverty?
Perichron John
5:13 Tesla has developed batteries that dont use cobalt. nickel, iron, and/or manganese will replace it.
Why don’t more people know about this
Alexandre Bamatembera
I prefer to deal with europeans bcz we share the same values and vision of the world.
jeffrey luciana
Terrible tragedy of the “green” suffering around the world
Make batteries cobalt free, all of those miners will have nothing to eat.
Nicholas. Bwalya
Copperbelt Province is in Zambia 🇿🇲 not Congo
Ralph Y
Poor countries with cobalt are now being invaded for the rich first world countries. This is blood cobalt here Elon Musk.
Petko Vasilev
And how about the consequences? Let say that all battery companies somehow start to shame of themselves and stop buying cobalt from Congo, then could you please tell me how the Congolese will earn money to survive? Is there a way for them to earn even more than now? Don’t just say what is wrong, but tell how to make it right.
Edouard Duqueronette
Why the RDC government don’t take control of the international price of their cobalt on the world market just like the Arab countries are doing in the oil industry and use the money to regulate their industry by adding security RAISE THE WORKERS SALARY and stop Child labor once and for all. So they could be more competitive and respected arround the world as this thecnology is developing the demand will increase for sure and taking control of this raw material’s price would be the key of an economic development of Republic of Congo
John Mwangi
If only Tesla n smart phone companies can establish their industries down there n make their products there .th only way to solve this cutting th midle man
Tom Bedlam
To my shame I helped them mess with union leaders.. things get to u
Martian Indie
bill vasilis
Is anyone ever gonna blame Chinese?
Randy Hip
Its kind of like wakanda and vibranium… sad
trina sky
Connor Mccdough
Who is here after anonymous Video on Elon Musk
Le’s send “The Squad” into the pits!
Brian Mitchell
But your Iphone is cheap so,…..
Therealsnap Boogie
So what they are in the mines. You dont care about the african people you just care about canada getting that money.