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Emily H
“Andrew was suggesting that they can’t be seen together, what better way to do that than walking through a public park… in broad daylight” 🤣 👏 Dr. Grande you never fail to make me laugh.
Vivian Hale
Your straight faced humor while relating a true story is priceless! Thanks Dr. Grande!
Patrick Doherty
If I remember correctly, he described Epstein as having “an extraordinary ability to bring extraordinary people together.” This was long after it was accepted that Epstein was a monster.
Andrew was always an embarrassment. He was prevented from conducting diplomatic affairs as he was so arrogant and unpleasant
Gareth Williams
That interview showed Andrew’s sense of entitlement. He clearly thought he could say any old rubbish and the proles would believe him.
Nancy Fraunfelder
The doctor has the most wonderful sense of humor.
Martin Reber
“Alien lizard humanoids would never make the mistakes Andrew has” – brutal and true. Thank you.
Sarah Ferguson’s debt to Epstein of £15,000 is one of the more hilarious aspects of Andrew’s defence of the friendship. This is an average nights bar tab for a Royal family member.
What blows me away is that Andrew lost use of “HRH” and a bunch of military titles but he’s still in the line of succession to the throne. Yes, he’s 9th in line, so it doesn’t mean a whole lot. But if he’s too much of a dirtbag to use HRH, you’d think he’s be too much of one to still be in the line of succession.
Seriously, why on earth does royalty continue to exist in this day and age? Great analysis, as always!
“Telephones are for chickens” 🐔 so why has Andrew up to now hidden behind lawyers and vague technical clauses?! Hopefully justice will prevail!
Reel Mermaid
I laughed out loud at this one Dr. G. That’s some weapons-grade sarcasm you threw out there. Thank you for also sticking up for the alien-lizard humanoids, like they would EVER do such a thing. Cheers from Canada!
I had to look up “adrenaline overdose” as I had never really ever heard of it being a problem. The antidote is the medication Labetalol. According to my source the cessation of sweating from an adrenaline overdose only occurs in horses and Prince Andrew. I predict he will be sweating again, if not already, when this whole thing is over. 😬
Poochie Kitty
“Trying to escape a lion 🦁 by knocking on a tiger’s 🐅 door…..” Dr. Grande, you nailed it yet again!!!!!!! 😎
Seitan Beats Your Meat
When you’re a prince and a vice admiral but a “businessman”, without a legitimate business in America, opens doors to “opportunities”. Right
“This is like trying to escape a lion by knocking on a tigers door.” Oh man 😵‍💫
Stefanie Elle
I love it when perpetrators say they don’t remember their victims. Of course they don’t. Victims are disposable trash to these perpetrators. I believe these victims.
Rainbows Sparkle
You never fail to leave me chuckling out loud with your straight faced, dead pan humor. Do you really come up with this stuff off the cuff or do you have to think about it? I think you must crack yourself up sometimes by the edits! 🤣😂🤣 Great work doc! I love it!
Groaning Mole
For anyone who’s too young to remember this, Andrew was routinely referred to as Randy Andy in the news media back when he was in his early 20s. There were fewer cameras around back then.
That 2019 BBC interview was like watching a train wreck…you couldn’t look away. Every time Andrew tried to explain something, he put his foot in his mouth.
I bust a gut every time I listen to your analysis on people’s craziness! We love you Dr Grande…
Gail Harmon
I always enjoy Dr. Grande’s deadpan delivery of the facts. It amazes me how he maintains a straight face while saying things like, “Alien lizard humanoids would never make the mistakes that Prince Andrew has.” Prince Andrew is a prime example of the elite and wealthy who most often do not face any consequences. However, this pending sex scandal is more damaging than any royal spokesperson could squelch. Who can blame Queen Elizabeth for withdrawing support of her disgraced son? If Dr. Grande’s commentaries continue to be as GRAND(E) as this one, his popularity will soar way past the million mark in no time. Dry humor like this helps us remember the richness of truth.
Kokos Kokso
Dr. Grande slowly but surely moving from the scientific analysis genre towards pure roast 😁
Bella M
He used the ‘To catch a predator’ defence regarding Epstein – “I only came here to tell them I wasn’t coming”
Mary Vilorio
Dr. Grande happy new year! You’re an awesome story teller. Looks like you’re on your way to a million subscribers! Congratulations! I look forward to your videos, humor, and insights.
Val’s PTSD
“Lizards eat chickens and chickens eat lizards.” I almost completely lost track of the rest of the video, I was laughing so hard.
His interview was one of the most laughable denials I’ve ever witnessed. Andrew’s, R. Kelly’s and Jussie Smollett’s interviews made 2019 fun.
lorna farrelly
Dr. Grande, you delight me. Now every time I’m assessing a situation, I always think to myself ‘What would Dr. Grande say?’.
Antonia Desormeaux
Esteemed Dr Grande! Love your work, I hope you are getting enough rest in between videos. I would really, REALLY love to see a video of you analyzing the protagonist of Dostoevsky’s “Notes from Underground”. The man from underground. The way his thoughts are conveyed, the unabashed intimacy of it, I think shines a light on the way some people think – a light that such people don’t generally want to reveal. I find it fascinating and it would make my week to hear your take on him. Take care and be well, I appreciate this bastion of prudent rationality and dry humor that you have built.
Diana Marie
If I am reporting this correctly, in the 1930’s King Edward VIII voluntarily abdicated the throne to marry the American divorcee Wallis Simpson. Another example of a royal losing their title. I would be interested in your analysis of this event.
Chase Palagi
Thank you for the Video Dr.G! It was Concise, interesting, and well done as per usual! For a minute there I didn’t think we were going to get any of your famous drive- by quips that you usually pepper in your videos! I was delighted to see you still got it! : )
You had me at “alien humanoid lizards”… Never change Dr. Grande 💕
Faith Castillo
For Andrew, these are the seeds he’s sown throughout his largely selfish and self-centered life. And now, what an abundant harvest he’s reaping; the harvest he deserves.
Corette Jones
Thank You Dr Grande! I learn much from each episode about the human psyche including my own. Clean concise rhythm in presentation.
Andrew can’t hide behind mumsie anymore, there’s no holding onto mum’s apron strings and being given special privilege as he is no longer her favourite child. People forget he was forced by his mother to marry for public perception, because of his liaisons with young American girls and the company he kept, his image had to be changed to suit the monarchy. I’m loving the reports from the British military that they are ever so pleased to not be associated with that Andrew fellow any longer.
Dr. Warnemuende
Dr. Grande as always provides clear information in essay form, punctuated with my favorite brand of humor! Appreciate you!
John Keating
I’ve always thought there was something “off” about him. The way after their engagement was announced how he and Sarah always seemed to conduct themselves like “brother & sister”. All of the jokes, the rough housing. The extra marital nonsense, and after she became financially insolvent, Andrew welcomed her into his home to live with the daughters. I always wondered, who are they screwing and how do they keep it secret? I also always thought after the Duke passed away, they would marry again. Now that’s next to impossible. It’s too bad for the daughters when the attention should be on them, their new husbands, and children that everyone is preoccupied, once again on their clown parents. In my opinion (which really doesn’t count), Harry & Meghan have nothing to be ashamed of when compared to “Randy Andy” and “Fergie”.
John S.
“I’m sure all of those grenadiers, fusilliers and lancers will be lost without the leadership of Prince Andrew, what does Andrew really do in any of these capacities? Like if he goes to talk to the grenadier guards does he visit them once in a while and remind them only chickens use telephones or advise them against sweating? Do they really need Andrew as a colonel, or as anything?” Hahahahaha brilliant and well put Dr. Grande!
Viper 7777
We all know that he had that infamous walk in Central Park was to get their stories straight. They couldn’t do it in the house due to possible wire tapping or over the phone. How stupid does Andrew think people are? 🤨
Soutine Fan
The Prince Andrew analysis provides many rich opportunities for Dr. Grande to fire off many of the absolutely deadpan zingers for which he’s known. I watch Dr. Grande’s vids for the hilarious zingers as much as for his serious analyses. It took me a while to appreciate how very funny Grande is.
Wat Dis
From the moment I saw his BBC interview, I immediately thought Andrew was not the brightest bulb of the royals. He would have been better off had he accepted the photo of him and Virginia by saying there were many individuals who may randomly ask him to pose for a photo with them. And the BS where he remembered going with his daughter to a childrens party at Pizza Express then spending the night home with his children on the night he allegedly had sex with Virginia 20 years earlier was ridiculous! Thats quite a feat of memory retention when he cant even remember the photo.
Maureen Lippincott
I so LOVE your dry sense of humor! You have made me roar , out loud, in laughter. Meanwhile, you are so serious in your delivery of the statements you make! love ya! maureen
Neil Nash
A careful well balanced analysis with a humorous flourish. Thank you.
Marian Serra
Thank you Doctor Grande for your evaluation of the British Queen’s decision to strip him of his titles and positions. I except that the Irish that do not subscribe to the Anglican teachings are not in mourning at this time but rather are celebrating as they toast to Saint Patrick. I am very glad you brought to all our attention the mistake you and most of us believe Andrew’s mother, the British queen, Elizabeth II has made by removing his titles. I thought ( as did many of our fellow Americans) that his mother The Monarch, closed the legal lid on Andrew’s gilded coffin by making this disastrous decision prior to his trial and possible conviction. All this signaled to me was: Elizabeth II has not learned from her horrible decisions or lack of them since she knighted her eldest son. Her speeches must be written by the very best and brightest for they are far from many of the things she actually does. I’m continually shocked by her behavior; I’m waiting for her to send someone from MI6 to the states to place a muzzle over her favorite ginger haired grandson’s mouth as they remove HIS military metals he has worn to a recognition of AMERICA”S Military; I just bend my head and shake it in shame for them. I do agree with Andrew in regards to one thing and that is: breaking any relationship over the phone or by letter or email is an improper and dishonorable decision, when one has the ways and means to do so in person. Thank you, once again, for your opinion sprinkled with very dry humor.
Nubia Castillo
Dr. Grande, You are an amazing statistician! A funny doctor! I appreciate all your insights. They are so informative, make a lot of sense to me. I love your sense of humor. I started following you during my doctorate to understand SPSS. You ROCK!! Happy New Year! Stay healthy!
Kelley Butler
Dr. Grande Thanks 🙏🏼 so much for the wonderful laughter plus after the week I’ve had with ie: pain and other M.S. side affects, the hard laughter that comes from the tummy truly is some of the best medicine!! Please forgive my sentences for running on and on, of course all grammatical errors I can’t see at times as well!!! Your breakdown or analysis on this subject I believe to be excellent and clear, the Queen is between a rock and a hard place (as some say) but she does have to protect the institution at all cost!!!! The Queen along with Prince William and Princess Kate are trying to modernize and make good choices going forward, so I think she had to cut Andrew out of any royal duties which is the correct move in my opinion!!!! Thanks 😊 Again Doc!!!!!
Rabe Family
Guilt or innocence is irrelevant. His behavior and choices have resulted in a situation that hurts The Royal Family Inc. He failed at his only job as a Royal…. To help perpetuate the family. Thus he was “fired”.
Diane Ruiz
Dr Grande, I love you ❤️ You always deliver wonderfully sarcastic humor while being dead serious 😂 Great analysis as usual!
Pamala Boyd
I can always count on you, to tell it like it truly is, and with dry humor. You are the best, and I always go to you. Remember, Dragnet? I’m 77 so it was a long time ago. The main character would say, “Just the facts, Mam, just the facts. You remind me of him. God bless you, and thank you, for all of your hard work.
James Santagati
Nice wrap up. I feel I know everything I need to know about this case. I haven’t been following closely. You summed it all up. Thanks.
Leopoldo Sánchez Cantú
Great sense of humor. Thanks, Todd. I always enjoy your analysis.
Viper Byte
Finally, as for Dr Grande’s comments on his thoughts around Prince Andrew’s “animosity towards chickens”, near the end: again, delivered in such a dry, icy, sarcastic, yet apparently, dead-serious way, they were among THE funniest lines I’ve seen / heard in AGES. Bravo!!!!
If you’ve seen Andrew’s interview you know he was lying 🤥 throughout that questioning. His Arrogance is immensely troubling.
Julie Morrison
Well, here in Canada, three regiments now find themselves without their Royal Patron: Andrew is no longer the honorary colonel-in-chief of the Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada, which has its armoury in Cambridge, Ontario, the Princess Louise Fusiliers, based in Halifax, and the Queen’s York Rangers, which has armouries in Toronto and Aurora, Ontario. We can scarcely imagine how these proud fighting men will go on without his expert knowledge of poultry involvement in telecommunications and post-traumatic sweat gland disorder.
Robyn Gatomon
I actually don’t think he’s guilty (yet). Apart from one woman’s stories, there isn’t any physical evidence to support the claims that he had sex with her, only that he met her once. For me there have been far too many baseless accusations ruining lives as of late, so I’m not willing to accept him as guilty until the accusations are proven or corroborated. I can’t help but feel like at the very least, more women would have witnessed seeing him and could confirm some of it, but I haven’t heard of any other women doing that (correct me if I’m wrong). Innocent until proven guilty until further evidence can be given.
Dr. Grande you never fail to make me laugh!! Thank you 😊
Jane Doe
I love your sense of humor, Dr. Grande! A lot of people don’t get my sense of humor and I bet you sometimes run into the same problem. No worries, I get you!
Brigitte Beltran
I have Covid, and the subtle humor here did more to stimulate my immune system’s endorphins than my zinc and D. Beyond priceless!
Muffin Stuffin
Yeah off topic but definitely worth mentioning, nearly a million subscribers, that’s no small point! Congratulations! Dr. Grande puts out so much content and not just content but EXCELLENT content that people like me look forward to receiving! That isn’t an easy task because these videos take time, energy and a lot of work to create! I’m impressed!
K. Ryan
I love your droll sense of humor as well as your professional expertise.
Lori Hoffman
Getting closer to the 1 million mark! So well deserved, & I’m so excited for you!💕
Amanda Owens
I can’t wait to see how this all plays out. What Andy was thinking doing that interview I will never know.
Krissy U
“What better way to do that than to walking (with Epstein) in Central Park in broad daylight.” LMAO, YEP. Dr nailed it. Andrew was lying about telling Epstein he couldn’t be seen with him.
Abel Tesfaye
Shame on the Queen and royal staff. She stalled before giving Andrew any “consequences” that are all meaningless anyway
Dale Benjamin Berger
Dr Todd, you rock. I love your subterranean straight faced humour. Undoubtedly when I see a chicken, I will think of Prince Andrew.
Johmathan .B. Swift
Your Million sub mark that’s coming up, is well deserved. Have you ever thought of writing comedy?
It would be unbelievably easy for him to prove his alibi of being at Pizza Express in Woking the night she claims he committed the crime… all the staff could verify his story, as could the management, the security detail would confirm it and it would show in the royal diary. The whole town would remember the event as it would have been reported in the local newspapers. The fact that he’s not eager to prove his innocence speaks volumes… he’s obviously guilty.
Thank you Dr. Grande for bringing up the Alex Jones, David Icke bizarre argument about alien lizards. I’ve have several people refuse to believe this is an actual claim.
Thank you for your analysis, Dr. Grande!
Bridget Rose Gilbert
I love Dr Grande, specially stuff like this, as I’m from England, where we have to suffer the embarassment of living ‘under’ a monarchy
Closer to trying to escape a lion by knocking on a lioness’ door. After all, it’s the lioness that does the majority of the hunting.
Ben Avery
This is the best commentary on this whole clusterfuck I’ve seen anywhere.
Colton Wooster
Dr. Grande your sense of humor is always fun. I enjoy how you keep a professional tone and look on your face when talking about lizard-humanoids and the Princes animosity towards chickens😂. I thoroughly enjoy your videos, sir. Your professionalism is a nice welcoming change from other channels who use a lot of skepticism and opinions where as you are all facts sprinkled with your own unique thoughts and sense of humor. Thank you for your video, as always, it didn’t disappoint. Look forward to watching your channel grow even further than 1 million subs. I don’t think you will have any problem getting to 3 and 4 million. Your hard work will pay off. Thanks again Dr.
Diana Deane
You’re so funny!!! Thank you again for your thorough approach to difficult issues 😊
Craig Finnegan
It’s significant that Andrew fixated on the issue of outward-focused, elitist honor in his BBC interview, as no doubt he did throughout his entire life. Because it so ironically connects to his involvement with dishonorable people like Epstein and dishonorable actions like chasing after underaged girls. It’s not necessary to speculate which came first – his fixation on status-oriented honor or his self-destructive urge to undermine that false “show” honor, not to be confused with true honor rooted in one’s deeper self (ie integrity). All that really matters is that Andrew’s fixation on status oriented pseudo-honor combined with dishonorable actual behavior have fed on each other like evil twins, with disastrous results. I hereby bestow upon Andrew his one enduring title – destroyer of an outworn institution and it’s fraudulent standards.
Time was when these guys could do anything they wanted and get away with it. Some politicians in the U.S still do, depending on their political party.
This was one of your funniest videos. I kept laughing through the whole thing. It was also very accurate
Mary Ann Carlton
Great job you do and appreciate your hard work .
If it didnt cover a tragic event, that interview with prince Anderew would be utterly hilarious
Julie Smith
Andrew was the perfect stooge for those predators. Either completely naïve or profoundly unintelligent socially or both. The queen wasn’t much of a parent , it seems to any of her offspring.
civota mu az
It’s naive to think that Royal family didn’t know about his preferences. They looked the other way, until they decided to do something about it. It’s like a pre made obituary, a canned scandal ready to be popped open when necessary.
Dr., you are well spoken, easy to understand and from this video to me your best observation was that he cannot be a lizard human hybrid because they would never make suck bad mistakes. See, you are so cool you didn’t laugh and kept a straight face while saying that. LOL. Keep up the good work, you are well respected across youtube.
Jeanine Sahulka
All of your topics are informative Dr. Grande. I find this one so interesting and your thoughts about it because the royal family is so controversial.
M Cooper
It is so refreshing to listen to an impressive analysis that both assimilates information without bias and reports it accurately. Bravo!❤
Phat Santa
Well thought out and constructed video. Love the unexpected humour 😛 ‘Makes it all the funnier. Big fan mate, thanks for the content 👍👊🤌
tommy nevils
Love your sense of humor, Dr. Grande. IMO Andrew deserves to lose his title and more for his sleazy conduct.
Jane Endacott
It’s possible that the Queen is going off of more than these allegations to strip him of his titles. There may be other allegations that aren’t public that show him for the dirtbag that he really is.
geomax 333
You are so funny and did a great job Dr. Grande!
Norwalk Spectator
I’m wondering at what point is there enough punishment or shaming? It’s wonderful to say, “Oh, she was a minor. He should have known better.” But then you have the admission that she was paid for her “services” in England, which does give it a slightly different slant. Maybe not so forced. And another point is whether or not he knew she was underage. Please understand, I’m not defending his actions, but merely wondering how many gazillion times we will see that photograph of him with his arm around Virginia with Maxwell lurking in the background. In all probability, there will be a settlement before they get to the court room, but when does the shaming end?
Sharon Hetherington
I have been watching your programme for several years. I find your insights dead on. Sometimes I laugh out loud at your straight faced humour. a fan from Canada
NAC Heathfield
Love this analysis. Really like everything you have said in this commentary… They almost mirror my sentiments on the matter.
Lesley Schultz
It’s been a real pleasure seeing Prince Andrew get some payback for some of the awful things he’s said and done. But honestly, maybe it’s impossible to penetrate that thick layer of privilege and Mummy’s Favorite Son aura that he’s worn his whole life. I don’t understand how the Queen, who has been around the block a few times and knows parasites and sycophants when she sees them, could fail to see what a worthless fellow her second son is. Maybe he just shines next to Prince Charles, who she doesn’t either understand or seem to like very much, but I don’t know how deep Andrew’s affection is for her either. Maybe the only child who truly loves her is Princess Anne, who was her father’s favorite. What a mess!
Beverlee Busch
Great analysis and sarcastic humour throughout, Dr. Grande. Thank you for nailing the key selfish issues that brought Prince Andrew down–disconnect with people who are suffering, elitist attitude, and being his own worst enemy.
Michelle Bender
I was an ICU nurse for 20 years and never saw an epinephrine overdose. Now that I’m studying Forensic Psychology, I’m sure I’ll bridge the gap. (I go to TCSPP in DC) Your humor is a blessing to me.
Joanne Shakoue
Granted having said all that 17 year olds look back at there life and realize things should have never happened. Also 40 year olds should know immorality is wrong.
P. Eastman
Thank you for speaking the truth… it was a much needed breath of fresh air.
Carlos Cecilio
Thank you Dr. Grande, you are a hoot. I love your commentaries.
I have been gone for some time but back again. Glad to see you are still around and producing awesome videos. And I love how your background setup has evolved!
LuLu Ruckus
As always, you are wonderful to watch and got my Saturday off to a happy start! Thank you for delivering quality, well constructed material without fail and lifting my spirits when I least expect it! I also love your shirt!! Have a great rest of the weekend Dr. Grande!
Brent Testerman
SERIOUSLY entertaining and informative! That humor left me parched, matey.
Sugar Spring
That’s what I thought, too, doc – it doesn’t even matter if Guiffre wins or loses. Andrew is ruined. So many people believe he’s lying. If Guiffre loses, ppl will think Andy pulled in some favors to win.
Vicki Greenwood
That interview was stunningly sad. Andrew appeared to have significant cognitive issues and lacked insight. I don’t know if he’s always been that way or something happened to him, but someone should have stopped him.
Judy Hutchison
Thank you Dr. Grandpa. You have, in my view done a fantastic job on this subject.
Akacia Nicholls
What does it say about the Duchess of York that she had sizeable debts that Epstien would care to pay?
I always laugh whenever I hear you say the words “Alien Lizard Humanoids” That term, and belief is so contradictory to your sound sense of logic. 😂 Your whole thoughts and analysis was so perfect! “But his was like trying to escape a lion, by knocking on a tiger’s door.” 😅
Not to downplay the seriousness of the allegations in this video I gotta say: The whole idea of the royal family still being a thing in this day and age is ridiculous, and it’s kinda the reason Andrew was put in the position to do what he did furthermore I find it hilarious that he’s been prohibited from using the term “his Royal highness” …what does that even mean and how can I prevent him from using it?
Pumpkin Patch
I wonder if the government will investigate the other high-profile predators that visited the island?
Susan Smith
Dr Grande, I love how Starbucks named their medium-size beverage after you! Wink wink 🙂 also I love your dry humor I kind of wait for it when I watch your videos. 🤩
Sir Christopher
Doc you have a good delivery of information. Your factual data is accurate and you do well covering stories with your own insight. You added some humor to this coverage and it was well timed and well rounded humor. I would be more relaxed and less tensed up when talking to camera. You seem robotic when you talk, stone faced and purposefully withholding human characteristics…like Spock in star trek. I’m sure your a great guy and smart, just relax and keep doing a good job.
Richard Contra Mundum
11:52 the lizard and chicken joke is SPOT ON! I love Dr. Grandes humor
Jean Aston
“Alien lizard humanoids…” and you say it with a 😐 Love your humour, Dr Grande And especially your delivery. Bahahaha.
Tyyne Viljakainen
So happy to see that some justice already happened.
You deserve all the followers, Dr. Grande! I’ve started listening to a podcast called Redhanded, and they cite you and your brilliance with regards to your knowledge of mental health and illnesses. I was so excited to hear your name, I jumped and fell off my treadmill. Thank you so much for everything!!
Diane Ruiz
Almost 1,000,000 subscribers yay!!! Congrats Dr Grande! You deserve them ❤
Elliot Mapp-Best
Your humorous inserts are getting better…!!! As usual great thoughts on the matter 👌
I know he’ll get away with whatever he did, and he clearly did SOMETHING, but it’s good to see a common free man calmly destroying a “royal”
I love you Dr. Grande! You make me laugh sooo much!
Keith Walker
Very good, I like your analysis very much, the Queen acted hastily and in doing so truly gives the impression of knowing something about her son that we will all hate
bean shadow
Andrew has gotten away with a lot in his life, being the Queen’s favorite child.
Storm T
So Prince Andrew has been stripped of his HRH (even though he was born Royal) what that means is his mother is not and cannot spare him from his civilian fate, you want to mingle with them then be one of them! It also means he no longer has special powers to avoid subjective justice!
Timelessmusic Familymusic
You don’t have to be an expert to know Prince Andrew is lying. He expect us to believe him because of who he is or should I say was.🤴🚫😫
Not a Gamer
I love Dr. Grande when he roasts people in that gentle and soothing voice. 😂
Whenever you say, “I don’t remember “. It makes you look guilty. Even if you don’t remember. He probably doesn’t remember that one girl because he has been with so many young girls. The “don’t remember” defence rarely works well in court.
Elsie Martin
Great video ,i really enjoyed your dry sense of humor and your hard work is always appreciated.
Victoria Ramsay
Really informative but I don’t think Dr Grande knows how funny he is. Subscribed 👍
Leigh Blacklocke
Appreciate the humor in your savvy analysis.
Leslie Matteis
Right on. I love your joke about Andrew vs chickens. What is really remarkable about the man is that he is clearly the least intelligent of Queen Elizabeth’s children. Oddly, her favorite.
Your humour is 100% on point. So good.
Talk about an unsolved mystery I experienced first hand many years ago. I had a really very creepy experience once while scuba diving. Here is a true story related to our oceans…. I remember not too long after I got my PADI Open Water Certification. I went to qualify for my Advanced Open Water Certification. This higher certification requires nights dives, deep water dives, navigation dives etc. to increase your skill set and expertise. I never will forget on our first navigation dive there must have been at least 23 divers on that evolution. After a 45 minute boat trip we arrived on the site. I suited up, checked my gear, checked my dive buddies gear, he checked my gear and off we went. We dove in, gave the OK signal to the boat captain and dive master and dove on down. I bet we were not submerged for more than 14 minutes (this dive was planned for 32-35 minutes) after we hit the ocean floor and that is when we discovered it. There was a large dildo on the ocean floor. What an amazing discovery. A large tan colored dildo laying on the ocean floor in the middle of no where! As best as we could tell that rascal must have been at least 10-12 inches in length. So you are indeed correct…there is no telling how many creepy and unexplained discoveries and mysteries and creatures and strange objects that are out there right now that waiting to be discovered by mankind!
Perfect placement of that true fact about lizards and chickens. 👍 “He is not an alien lizard humanoid; they would never make the mistakes that he has.” How do you keep a straight face thru that?!
Kate Sebring
I was having a bad day and now i am lmao. Dr Grande you are hilarious!
Kelly Sims
From, ‘Your Royal Highness,’ to ‘The Accused,’ within 24 Hrs. There’s nothing worse than a spoilt brat with a prefect badge. Everyone’s life will be a misery until you take it off him. And now they have!
Thomas McBurney
Your knowledge of alien lizard humanoids is what makes it worth coming back to watch your videos.
How will Dr Grande celebrate for his 1 million subscribers achievement,,, it’s certainly drawing closer ! Well done 👏
I feel so sorry for the Queen. He was always her favorite son according to what I have read. I believe he was conceived when the Queen and Prince Phillip sort of re-engaged their marriage. I feel so bad that she is still alive to have to go through this. It must be heart-breaking for her. Several of his male ancestors and maybe Princess Margaret were involved in messes of a sexual nature but this may be the worse one. Plus, in this day and age how can you be so stupid to not know that as a famous person every single thing you do is being watched and recorded!!? Remember someone filmed Princess Diana in the gym for God’s sake!! No privacy anywhere!
Louise Czupryna
Another wonderful analysis with humor. Thank you.
All the Best
I didn’t know that Epstein had paid off Fergie’s debt; I think that explains one of the reasons why she is so supportive of Andrew. I would have loved to have heard the conversation between the siblings and the Queen about how to handle Andrew. They must believe the Epstein situation to have taken such drastic measures. Now, if they can just pull in the reins on Harry and his wife. On a side note, I am watching your subscribers numbers climb! Very happy for you!
Cathy Collins
Almost a million. Congratulations. Well deserved.
Informative and humorous. It made it easier to listen to how disgusting those in power can be.
Miss highter
Thank you for keeping up to the actuality!! Dr. Grande Thank you for everything. Love your video!
Cover Up
The chicken lizard diatribe was hilarious and informative
Colleen Hanna
Your dry humor kicks ass your awsome..I love your channel have followed you for a few years and I have learned so much so thankyou for sharing your knowledge
I’m concerned that he may suffer from lack of activity, he must keep busy I can’t imagine the stress he must be under and with all those legal bills ,, I wonder if he declares income from pimping ??
Daniel Lassander
What really threw me off with his Andrews interview was that it was so self centered. Everything was about “me, me, me, i, i, i”. Deflection upon deflection on even more deflection, he was acting like a snowplow shoveling all accusations aside. “I cant sweat due to my military service” – what the hell? This was his response to that one accusation against him said “they were dancing and it was sweaty at a nightclub”. What sort of defense is that, if someone says its sweaty they are refering to themselves. “No i remember that specific night very well, because we had pizza and we almost never have pizza” – Can anyone here tell me when they had pizza the last time or a hamburger? Please do tell me the date and time if you are sure. Last time i had pizza was around half a year ago i believe, what day and date not a freaking clue, it was a warm summer evening. June, July or August. Can anyone take this evasions seriously? I for one cant.
Indian Pot
A friend of mine was charged in 1985 and convicted of raping his own 14 year old daughter. While in prison he called me and I told him off. I did not want to see him again. After he was released he called again and I told him not call again as I did not want to be associated with him in any way. I did not have to go to him to tell him. I just rejected him from the start. He was later deported back to Kenya. I have never seen the man since he was charged. The girls first recollection of him was when she was about 3 years old and he was lying on top of her.
Carrie Fawcett
Almost a million subscribers! So well-deserved, I’ve learned so much from you, thanks Dr G!!
I love the analysis. Anyone notice on the Daily Mail, that all Andrew articles are moderated to keep the Royalists views to the max?
I would LOVE for you to analyze how you can talk about the Royals maybe being “Alien Lizard Humanoids” (11:45) and follow w/ a suggested theory that “Andrew’s animosity towards chickens” may be because “Larger lizards sometimes eat chickens” — and NOT crack even a gesture of a smile. Not even have to hold back or show a glint in your eye! I feel like I’m watching that famous interview all over again. Lol but I’m actually serious: how do you or anyone do that? Doc?
Green Brain
I know Dr. Grande doesn’t like the idea of being called a “Youtube Influencer”. But he does sometimes fit that description. However amongst all the crazy sensationalism commenting on current events, I prefer Dr. Grande’s calm objective commentary.
Laurena Lau
Well, if his lawyer tried to question the victim’s memory, it is confirmation that Andrew is guilty as sin.
Kyle Boulanger
5:08: “This was like trying to escape Mufasa by knocking on Tigger’s door”. I’m loving your sarcasm Todd Grande.
Vive Viveka
For me, it took a turn when Andrew showed himself to be a dissembler, a liar, clearly, beyond any doubt. Repeatedly. Convincingly. A real fall from grace.
Klara Skuro
I love how you provide the back story and then move in to calmly anihilate Un-Prince Andrew with your words!
I can honestly say, never have I ever read or heard that prince Andrew was brilliant, intelligent or even smart. Go figure.
jane davis
Sprinkled with hilarity, this video truly makes clear how nonsensically Prince Andrew has handled this scandal thus far–and how silly some of those royal titles of which he has been stripped seem. He deserves to have to handle this legal mess ‘as a private citizen,’ as the Buckingham Palace statement indicates, and not be allowed to hide behind royal status, of which he now has little to none
bettie pounds
In my opinion, girls of 16 or 17 pretty much get what they’re wanting when they go with older men. it’s only later, when they’ve been found out, that they complain about it. And, this young girl has already been “paid-off”, so why is she going for further compensation?
Diane Clawson
“Larger lizards sometimes eat chickens.” I LOL’ed. Loudly.
Ronny Sunshine
he’s so obviously guilty it’s just unbelievable. to picture if he was innocent, would imagine he wouldn’t be so over the top scared & paranoid. some people on this earth really believe they are above the law & can do anything they want, only care bout themselves
William Allnutt
I love the Chicken-Lizard-Connection, once again showing off that dry TG comedic talent
Forgem Nos
I don’t get it. Rich and have royal titles; you have women throwing themselves at you, and you go and mess with minors. I’ll never understand.
Paul C
“Andrew denied all the false allegations” – well of course, who wouldn’t deny false allegations! Wonder if he would deny the true allegations?
Jan Edmunds
I love how the Harkle supporters are chiming in. Or maybe it’s the alien lizard humanoids! I love the Royal Family news, and to hear it from Dr. Grande is heavenly 😀
Juliet Gover
Your presentations are extremely informative without committing to bias.
jojoBTR Cook
This was so entertaining! Laughed out loud many times. Andrew is gone! No saving him.
Jeff Carroll
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The Classic Angels & Magick
Your videos are fascinating, we have actually started a ” who guesses the next topic” the winner gets a treat!
Tijuana Jackson
I’ve heard several times about inconsistencies in Virginia Giuffré’s story. What are they? I haven’t heard any. She has been detailed, adamant, consistent, and, quite frankly, seems to be telling the truth. I believe Virginia Giuffré.
Mathieu Leader
honestly I hope this scandal makes the political ideal of Republicanism in my country less taboo
Claire Hann
The victim has been on the news so much lately, you’d think you’d be able to pronounce her name. 🙁
Lissa Van Houten
If Andrew actually served in the military, can his ranking or any awards/medals he received while still an officer then be taken away? I can see subsequent awards and military promotions along with his titles being taken away.
Can you please do some “speculating on what could be happening in a situation like this” merch 🙏
Brittany Echols
you know it’s a mess when it’s hard to tell the difference between dr. Grande’s sarcastic dry jabs and actual quotes/facts directly from the interview/real story. example: the phones/chickens line came directly from Prince Andrews mouth in that interview ~ lmfao
Enigmatic Loremaster
This couldn’t have happened to a nicer and so humble a person. Proving that even the royal men still use the wrong head for their thinking.
i enjoyed this video, but am wondering why it would have been ‘smart’ for Andrew to ‘distance’ himself from Epstein when Epstein was arrested (as opposed to after he had been proven guilty), but problematic for the queen to distance herself from Andrew when he is being officially sued for sexual assault?
Pétur Arnar
Informative and highly entertaining 😉
I can kind of appreciate the palate cleanser with the humanoid chickens ect. for those who need it but the ‘conspiracies’ are actually about human trafficking.. which are entirely true. So many people don’t believe human/sx trafficking is real and do believe it’s all a big ‘conspiracy’. It’d be great if you could cover this much important topic Dr Grande.
Aussie Girl
I’ll never understand why she asked her mother to take that photo of her grinning, and what’s with the strange photo of Bill Clinton sitting and posing in a blue dress?
Sandra Quintal
Your analysis is always informative. You often provide my first smile of the day. Seems you have been so busy providing us with interesting information that you and the little Cactus haven’t had time to take down your Christmas decorations. Thank you for being such a happy part of my life.
David Cook
I love the remarks about chickens and lizards i see the story as shining a light on human frailty What happens if you throw a lovely steak in front of a hungry dog !? Its just the mans arrogance that puts me off
Baffled An'Deranged
It’s amazing how their “royalness” gets to their heads and they can do no wrong.
J Leger
I always thought Prince Andrew’s demeanor and body language revealed an insecure and shallow man…right up until Dr Grande pointed out the Space Lizard theory which makes sense because those holographic body suits never work right.
the lonely ghost
He sealed his own fate with that train wreck of an interview on BBC. I mean, did the guy not have publicists screaming at him not to do it??? It wasn’t even a LIVE interview, either! From a purely defense standpoint, he should have NEVER sat down with them to discuss anything. And that reporter came for blood…
Lucy Scott Walker
Read somewhere that none of the big name accusers were chosen to participate in the case which is quite convenient for the big names.
The simple fact that he has almost all of his titles removed by his mother shows that he is guilty……