Jeffrey Epstein Death: Medical examiner says prison death was homicide – Blog

So many people are going to get away with these heinous crimes and we as regular people get judged so harshly because of trivial stuff like traffic tickets.
Resist the Plan-demic CON-VID evil.
Sad part is this guy was just a scratch on the surface. Far worse evil lies underneath, powerful forces.
Found dead, cameras went down and no one was watching him….sounds like MURDER!!
The simple fact that he was placed on suicide watch in a cell which did not have a functioning camera tells you immediately that this was not a suicide.
Patricia Hamilton Kephart
No one’s surprised that the camera’s weren’t working that night and no one saw anything or noticed the guards weren’t making their normal rounds. We have the utmost confidence in the FBI and trust that they will get to the bottom of all this .Yeah.
J K.
Police / Guards: We have thoroughly investigated ourselves and found no foul play.
“I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy,” said Trump in a 2002 New York magazine profile of Epstein. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”
David Griffin
The guards everyone in the building are suspects. They know what’s going on. They do sleep in the towers during work. I used to work on the federal side as a co1. But we always had cameras and back up cameras going on in every section from a to d normally timed. Every thing is timed. Periodically checked to be sure everything is were it should be. The time frame is very short in between those times. And usually 2 officers to each section. I’m telling you that guy should of been watched. Unless they were totally incompetent. Knowing the guy was on supposedly suicide watch. No bedding and nothing to hurt yourself with. I do believe he was murdered.
Cindy Brown
Great reporting! Keep this nastiness front and center. Thank you.
Rick Dunbar
Did you hear the guard that was guarding him had a fatal car crash tomorrow.
Still Questioning...
We already know it was not suicide. We are just waiting for all the dirt to come out about his murder. It just takes the ones in charge to decide how long the truth will be hidden.
Rosie Mackenzie
You just have to realise when you are dealing with such a high profile case, mixed with alot of money (like more than you can possibly imagine) power and influence, and peoples reputation, all that needs to happen is a nudge nudge wink wink from somebody higher up the chain of command, and the deed is done. It’s not rocket science it is how things are “handled.”
So sad to hear the the medical examiner died tomorrow
Isabel O'Hanley
This suicide always had strange loose threads. Why did Barr visit the jail shortly before his death? Why were both guards on break at the same time? Why were both cameras malfunctioning? And why did Barr transfer the head of the jail a few days after his death? Seems like a lot of strange coicidences……….Just sayin……..
He knew too much and was better to get rid of him. You do not need to be a scientist to figure it out.
Normandy N7
I remembered the good old days of YouTube when there were entertaining conspiracy videos on every topic. So I tried a YouTube search. Nothing but main stream garbage. Seems we’ve veen silenced. Who else thinks we need a new platform so we can express ourselves without censorship? I feel like our internet is as bad as the Chinese just low key censorship instead.
J dubs
Hilary: Must protect Bill at all costs!
tricycle accident
Breaking News: Multiple respected medical examiners committed suicide all in the same night
Is it normal for the chief to sign the death warrant labeling it suicide without actually seeing the body or doing autopsy herself?
John Luther
Nothing like a good cover up we American people realize how corrupt it really is
Anthony HT
That guy had a long list of people, including Trump, he could have given to leverage a deal with the prosecution. There is no way a guy like this would committed suicide.
S. A. N.
I didn’t know Dr. Baden was on the DEFENSE team of the O.J. Simpson case. That changes things for me a bit.
United States of America
Yep. Ofcourse he was murdered. He was going to talk and had to be silenced by someone…
All eyes on him, and then whoops, the entire monitoring and suicide watch system fell apart for a small enough period to allow him to “commit suicide”, then it went right back to normal afterwards.
DJ DamnSelf
What some people, including me, have said in the beginning, somebody got paid off in the prison, i. e. the guard(s).
Jerbear 90s
My recommended list after watching this was scandalous oil changes and boot camp training stuff that I would definitely click to take my mind off of this subject. Kind of weird I’ve never seen a recommended watch after watching a video like this completely off topic
George Donaldson
Why would a billionaire with the connections he had take his own life ? He had clearly become a liability to one of his allies and someone decided enough was enough. Look at the inordinate lengths the palace is going to, to kill this story in the UK.
Yall acting like we didn’t already know this
Ace Eastwood
Have you heard of the new death metal band HC/BC. Their new album “Arkancide” kills me and the song Epstein didn’t kill himself is so captivating.
Thanks for bringing this back to attention
Anonymous User
This is like the Breaking Bad prison killings only occurring in 1/3rd of the jails and consisting of 1/10th of the victims
ko napi
I noticed around 2012 that the boy I met when I attended the Yosako Isoran Festival in Japan in 1993 and 1994 became a singer. I was sent a support email and was stalked collectively. Then, I investigated myself about organized crime in nine years, and learned that Koreans with Japanese names are involved in a lot of entertainment in Japan, and that the money is used to fund gangsters. I didn’t even know that Japanese gambling and pachinko parlors often sponsor TV shows. The Yosakoi team in Kochi, who spread the Yosako Isoran Festival throughout Japan, was owned by a pachinko parlor. He was not Japanese. I’m also examining drugs, but the main offender who seems to harass a scary collective stalker is the president of a Japanese dance music company with drug rumors. Not only in Japan, but also in the United States and Hong Kong, I am interested in the connection. 私は1993、1994年頃参加した日本のヨサコイソーラン祭りに参加した時に出会った男の子が歌手になっていることに2012年頃に気づいた。そして応援メールを送ったことがきっかけで集団ストーカーされた。 それから九年組織犯罪について自分で調べて、日本人の名前をもつ韓国人が日本のエンターテイメントに多く関わっている事、そのお金が暴力団の資金源になっていることを知った。 日本のギャンブル、パチンコ屋はテレビ番組のスポンサーになっていることが多いことも私は知らなかった。 日本中にヨサコイソーラン祭りを広めた高知のよさこいチームはパチンコ屋がオーナーだった。日本人ではなかった。 私は薬物に関しても調べているが私が怖い集団ストーカーの嫌がらせをしていると思われる主犯格は薬物の噂のある日本のダンス音楽の会社の社長だ。日本だけではなくアメリカ、香港なども視野にいれてそのつながりに興味を持っている。 eddiee55h/why=yhwh=360°
Lauren Hallahan
No! he was extracted from his mission, that involved many countries he operated with great protections.
Flavio Sousa
How does a high school math teacher become this rich?
Even Stevie Wonder can see there was foul play here.
Jeremy Benson
His head was stepped on, or he’s still alive. The photo of his body shows an obvious boot print across the face at the ear. It was claimed there was squealing coming out of his cell. At the same time, this could be the conclusion they want us to come to, if he was alive. There are some differences in the body image to his body in life. The nose is different. I can see why the ear is different, the head is caved in. No one ever mentions the obvious cave in and shoe print. The heel is on the ear. That’s not all I know though, I have direct information on the island, from someone that frequented the spot. JK. Everyone related to King Henry II just dropped their marbles for a second.
barbara berenyi esterhazy
My bet is that he neither committed suicide nor was he killed. I think he is alive and well, enjoying a protected and anonymous life with the help of his friends. Yep, this is all circus, as usual…
These people have to be careful, or they will end up like him
He was murdered to keep from talking because he knew, too much.
Nubbs McFarkle
“The cameras on the jail cell and the hallway weren’t working”… Uh huh… OK. I’ll be yer huckleberry.
Yonatan Araya
It doesn’t add up if you are assign to watch high-profile person who attempted suicide how do you fall asleep as a guard & the servilance video not working give me a break. Something fishy about this case
Gavin C
It’s strange, the MSM isn’t even replying on this, and the select few companies that are are only getting a few thousand views 🤔
:47 “she agreed at the end” 😁
Ciechan Experience
Why would Epstein say “an inmate attacked me” if that really didn’t happen.
of course he knew too much, he had cameras set up everywhere, how do you think he got rich? the rich business men paid for his homes and found out he had videos of them with the young girls… it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure this one out
beat the addiction vlogs
He had valuable information to incriminate the royal family
That Meme
No Cameras . Airway was blocked too low for a hanging [Below the Adams Apple]. Both Guards Get Disciplined along with The Warden And Have Been Relocated .
Pls Help Me I'm In Great Pain
Epstein didn’t kill himself. I am smh-ing rn😶
He was an Agent. Allegedly.
Jay Dee
Maybe shuffled out the back door by his rich crony’s and changed his name and appearance things you can do when you got money …
Agrarian Revolution
Would that be the same type of cctv cameras that were fitted in the tunnel where Princess Diana had a fatal “accident”
What does it matter? They will all get away with it. Smh
Mikahl Lawless
Who saw this coming………oh yeah EVERYONE!🤬
Joe Hinton
Duh… Can we get past the obvious and start working on getting a coherant big picture drawn up here?
Let’s see here, a high profile multimillionaire prisoner in a heavily guarded federal prison with no camera and incompetent guards??.. smh
D L Johnson
It was an accident. Sleeping guards and broken cameras are all the proof we need. I bet he was just trying to stay warm and overwrapped a blanket around his neck then slipped off his bed. They need to look at it that way. (Sarcasm of course)
Latest News: A large truck hit and killed the medical examiner, then lightning hit him, followed by a shark tornato. 🙁 What? Not yet. Sorry. :/
epicgamer fortnite pro
Wrong wrong wrong he dont sappouse to die in this way.there are alot of ppl who have commit a major crime than him. This is not justice.😪😪😪
America can read a licence plate from outer space, but we can’t film a man in a tiny box that we control 100%.
Matthew Ramirez
He didnt die wheres his funeral at?
Ronny JoeJimBob
that's special
Hmm no camera,sleeping guards,broken bone’s,must have been Russia. Lmao
Rose Geaber
Time to clean up that prison. Guards on up.
I can’t imagine how someone would want to kill a guy that f*** a little kids. I am so baffled by this concept. The next sentence out of my mouth is going to be I was raped at 8 years old by my own brother so I know quite a bit about this subject You never get over it You get better but it never goes away and I’m not going to pretend that it ever will.
MG Menace Gang
Are we all gonna forget?
finally after months y’all admit Alex Jones was right
claribel garcia
He was killed allegedly 🗣
Alyssa Huffman
A guard was paid to kill him.
No Name
The Public has been saying this. I knew he would not have liked himself. He knew too much about too ma y powerful people.
Smart' Doctor & Physicist
Hi yes he was taken out by powers on top, please wake up people.
northwoods 2020
We can all rest easy the FBI is on the case
Was he related to Theo Epstein? HAHAHA
Thomas Jr
In todays age of tech just the fact the camaras were not working is enough to say its murder.. M6 for sure..
Odane Skervin
Kmft what do these people take us human beings for some idiots??
Absurdity run a amuck and than thrown in your face as reality
He had carrier pigeons with videos and documents ready to give everything he knew to his enemies in order to bring down his cabal if they turned on him..which they did. “If i go down u go down” kind of thing. Im sure some of this evidence was dropped off at the nearest post office after his death. Now the question is…how brave are his enemies who are now sitting on this information that was sent to them. Im sure they fear for their lives for having such material. But anyone who uses a cement truck to destroy underground tunnels and rooms at his island…most definitely had a death insurance plan. Hence..carrier pigeons
Duhhhhh!! He was Murdered
professional killing exactly what I said day of. not your regular hitmen. these people are ninjas.
Doug Proctor
He was murdered by an inmate the number on person that is hated in prison are child molesters he got what was coming to him prison justice.
Daniel M
69 knows what happened hes in fed custody to!
Thoughtful Aquarius
1:02 figure#2 How was that image taken, x-ray or ?
Graham Sclater
Sounds like Doctor Kelly, here in the UK….
Maria Aponte
I say this man didnt suicide he was killed. Cos he now to Many information about políticos. Too much information.
Zelda Williams
Yikes!!😬 I’m calling the mossad on this one!!💀👀
jill M
I know him he’s on a beach reading your comments
Miggz 5.0
It was a inside job 🤣🤣
Space Ninja
Of course he was murdered
Jet Vaughn
Follow the money……who at that prison went on a shopping spree? Or….who at that prison killed themselves like Epstein. Where is the prison video?
Ca Life
This will be a good one for the member berries later on in life
Jew Against Israel
“câmeras weren’t working” prince Andrew Clinton Obama trump and others must the laughing.
Wayne Mac
The question is who organised the hit.
Dede Bee
He was murdered by the palace in the queen.!
The brother is not talking about the charges, is he part of the sex trafficing.
H Factor64
On a beach Two 17yr olds on each side of him Tel a Veev
Paula Feenandez
So convenient the cameras didn’t work
jon prou
He would have took them all down. Had to get rid of him.
Darwin Graves
It’s not safe to be a FOB (friend of Bill)😲
He investigated jfk death and still no answers to that so…….. Lol
no one
What if he isn’t even dead?
Korasuma From Twitch
Guards fell asleep? Cameras out of order??? Sounds like 9/11 all over…
New Dawn
Another notch on Clintons belt !
Masinio Pierre
Lies he didn’t kill himself
Pika Pika
murder by suicide
Abel Cerrillo
Of course he was murdered.
So is he really dead?
Paul Wittekind
Sick of living in Zio Paradise
It’s a royal mess
Nothing to see here keep it moving
Nicky Jarvie
I can’t see anything on Epsteins funeral.
Kayla McDerment
Are we really that upset that hes dead?
When the JEHoover bldg., has it, we will we never know.
Clintons got him
Just Chillin
If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.
Political Idiot 2
Mob style hit job, obvious and efficient.
Cat Stevens
CDC Survivor
They sent him to Solitary with a Scattered Neck? 6 days later he’s dead 💀 from lack of Medical 🏥 Attention? Interesting 🤔!
J Polar
The cameras weren’t working because they were made in China ! LOLOLOL.
Hippy Grandma
Homicide , suicide, im just glad the predator is dead
JustinX Gamer6
So what …. The guy died due to homicide/Suicide . But point is , another Monster is gone. We should be happy.
Ugly Watchtower
This is red hot …..only matter of time before more whistle blowers speak …
Anthony Patete
Where is the body? A funeral??? 🤔🤔🤔
Frank Hambling
Am I the only one who thinks he’s actually not dead and the dead body wasn’t his?!
Heartless Near无良逆耳
lol hahahahahahahaha, America democracy is great
Randy Cheow
Here comes those conspiracy theory comments
Darcy Klein
He was murdered ? Only he wasn’t hahahaha he’s only alive ..but whatever.
Susan Collison
At the very least he is dead. Or is he?
Suicide or not at least he’s dead isn’t that what we all wanted?
Jarhead Calvin
Another Clinton hit
take it to the street like hong kong people
Birgit Pedersen
I don’t believe The man is dead he fake his death he is still alive and height somewhere in the World
Bigboy Rambo
His not dead his in Israel
rubber communist
Everyone that replies to this video will win an all expense paid trip. Somehow we all end up on the same plane. Wow imagine that. And then, well you know the rest, fill in the blanks; ” Today, a passenger airplane, Cuntinuntal Flight 34075 carrying 250 people, _____ _______ ______ _______ _______ _______ “?
A. K.
Surprise surprise surprise…….NOT!!!!!!!
Barış Karakaş
H*llary: hi is this the suicide hotline? i d like to place an orfer?
Sean Poyser
I like how everyone is so ready to accept that he was killed.
No Creative Name
Are we mad that a pedo is dead? Lol I mean yeah he was gonna expose more pedos but I can’t get over him being one as well.
Glenn Knauer
Catholic church didnt like the competition.😉
Kingsman *
This title is misleading. This forensic pathologist is not the lead. Also, he is not lead homicide detective on the case. Even if a few guards are asleep and a few cameras not working does not mean homicide.
Liam MacPherson
Is nobody gonna comment how BIG that reporter’s nose is