Jamie Foxx Reveals His Deeply Personal Connection to ‘Just Mercy” – Blog

LaLa xo
The way the audience was so quiet while he talked about his father. Who better to play this role! Cant wait to see it
I don’t think I’ve ever heard Ellen speak openly about race issues before. I’m glad to hear her voice that.
Funky Doolittle
you can tell that this movie is vey personal to Jamie…Jamie might joke but he is deep and serious when needed…Ellen gave him the space and time…one of the best actors in my opinion…
Afiq M Shukr-Ruzita
The pain in his voice when he talked about his dad … wow, my respect to you J
Ear Drums
Respect for Ellen for giving the time and space for Jamie to speak unlike other talk show will interrupt because of the timing or what so ever. I honestly need to watch this movie !
You could’ve heard a pin drop as Jamie spoke about his father. What an awesome son his father raised.♥
Dive deep
I love how ellen listened to Jamie without interrupting him
Ericka Jackson
This movie had me in tears all throughout the movie because some of these inmates die and is innocent. Alabama killed a veteran with mental health issues and I understand he was guilty but he was sick and the military just threw him away like he was nothing to them. The system fails people of color and they’re biased against a black person because of how they look. This movie was a success for Mr. McMillan but it demonstrates the failure in the criminal justice system. This movies haunts innocent people and compels the heart.
Bojan Kis
Jamie and his fucking great stories. I love that man.
joy kiarie
Almost done reading the book, ”The Sun Does Shine” that is another story of Bryan Stevenson getting an innocent man out of death row after 20 years in there. I highly recommend it. He is a hero and deserves the Presidential medal of freedom.
King Conscience.
People underestimate the strength and power that we, as black men and women, have. We endure so much as a people and will continue to persevere through it all. ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
Love how he teaches our generation HONOR, RESPECT FOR OUR PARENTS AND ELDERS!! Thanks for sharing with the world your life!!!
N Gabriel
When he spoke about his father, I felt that! 😪 Can’t wait to see this movie! Thank you, Jamie! 🙏🏽
Pats Nation
When Jamie in his acting bag it’s not too many actors who is on his level.
Joon Lee
All the dislikes, they can’t stand seeing a black man who’s more articulate, clean cut and successful than they are.
Biddy Bop
Father raised a upstanding human – so glad he’s now got his father living with him. That is one selfless human there.
Rosolyn McNeese
Jamie. Such a class act. LOVE him so much.
Surviving Adulthood
He sold tf out of this movie. I’m going to see it.
Kim Webb
Never knew that about his father. I think that it’s just grand that he supports his family with the success that he has gained. Go Jamie 🦊
Hanibal Michael
Jamie is such a Legend ✊🏿❤
alone 1995
When I first saw the trailer, I just assumed this was in the 50s or the 60s. To hear him say 1986 just knocked the wind out of me. But it’s 2020 and things aren’t any different.
Janet L
Never knew this side of him. I love him even more now. What an incredible story. I can’t wait to see this movie.
I just saw this movie an hour ago and I can’t say how good of a movie that was!!! It was an AMAZING movie that EVERYONE needs to go see! Jamie Foxx did a phenomenal job and Michael B Jordan was even better!!!! It’s definitely a MUST SEE!!!!!
There is and there will be just one Jamie Foxx in history. Such a talented man!
I loveee Jamie Fox’s story times… it’s like you’re there when he tell his stories ❤
3 AM
I just want to hug him when he told his story :”)
Latonya Williams
That movie had me crying it’s so good!! And it’s sad how it’s still going on today!!
I could not love this man anymore! He’s just beautiful inside & out.
Taylor Marie
So unbelievably proud of, Jamie. This film looks beautiful and I can’t wait to see it
Big Momma's Family
This man is so kind hearted and full of love.
wilma sariman
I watched this movie twice!! I cried like a baby. Thank you Ellen for your words. We need more people like you. I watch your show on lifetime and enjoy watching you, Twitch and Andy ❤❤❤I just wish I could meet you guys in person but I know that’s not possible since we are MILES apart. Big love and huge respect coming your way from Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea 🇵🇬🇵🇬🇵🇬🇵🇬🇵🇬🇵🇬 ❤❤
Our school had us read Just Mercy for Law School orientation week and the story is so powerful and heartbreaking. I can’t wait to see the movie!! Bryan Stevenson is such a role model to students interested in Public Interest Law. His name rings bells in most Law Schools to be honest!
Maria Diodonet
Y’ALL GO WATCH THIS MOVIE ASAP 😩😭❤️ it was sooo powerful!
Deby Nash
Powerful film. I’ve spent most of the day researching the main persons in this real life story. Incredible.
FE Grace
I agree that addressing racism is a collective effort that needs to be address from all races and not just the minority ones’s targeted! Also, I haven’t been to the movies in years but there two movies that I want to see in 2020 and this is one of them!
NapturalDivas2Adore Journey
Great movie….A MUST go see. It’s an emotional roller coaster so bring a box of Kleenex ❤
Apart from his demeanour, can we address how God spend time on this man 😭😍
alpha sow
Kudos to Jaimie for watching out for his Pop and reintegrating him after being incarcerated. That alone will make Jamie successful for the rest of his life.
suollevraM M
I felt every word from this interview.
Lorenzo Bell
I took my wife to see the movie Saturday night. It was fantastic. Unbelievable talented acting. The movie was great.
Vanessa Sanders
Thank you Ellen for all you do! Thank you Jamie for going beyond what’s in the box….
soula kay
Jamie is amazing and a great actor. Can’t wait to see this movie
Joseph Fast
Jamie is extremely underrated, what we called a allstar is highschool. He is a star player all roles…all sports..all forms of entertainment.
Mateo Gálvez Arrascue
I appreciate you courage to talk about this personal stuff Jamie! Well done
stay 《 humble.》
Jamie will always be my favorite personality he’ so passionate about life and hillarious too like you literally can’t not be happy when you see him
laura kali
Such an important story. So depressing that this is still a reality.
I admire Jamie Foxx so much. He takes such good care of his family!
Lindsay Bennett
This made me emotional. Can’t wait to see this movie.
Clare Murphy
Excellent film,loved it,well done Jamie and everyone who made it.Fabulous work.
Ellen is a breath of fresh air. Jamie Fox is an incredible artist. I love and respect him so much. Love from Kenya.
JuJu M.
Wow, already wanted to see the movie and now it’s a requirement. Love Ellen and her show.
Christina L
That silence while he was talking speaks for itself
John Annan
When Jamie tells stories 😢😢😭
Rangi te Whiu Jury
Jamie, thank you for sharing your story with Ellen and the deep connection this has with you playing this character in the movie. Ellen, tēnā koe hoki. Thank you and the empathy you showed in this interview with Jamie too.
Friendtoall Faith1love
This was very well needed and needed to be heard by all 👏🏼👏🏼🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Labelle Lagonave
Definitely a must see. I literally cried
Pinky Valera
I cried watching this episode of Ellen. Will surely watch the movie, JUST MERCY! Please let us all watch it.
Sandro Kozlovski
jamie is great actor love movies with him and story that he tells every time i cry i wanna see this movie
Nelly P
This movie is so important. Such a great story 🙏🏼
My favourite artist since Ray…such a talented guy. And he is such good storyteller..could listen for ever
Jojo Radford
I’m so in love with him and his spirits/presence continually
Bentley Brewster
Wow! I think this is the most our the longest I’ve ever seen Jamie sit still and be quiet! I hope he wins an oscar for his portrayal…I will be watching it…
That speech from Jamie sold the movie!
Invincible Speaker
I hope he tells this story when he wins his Oscar! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Jacob Mendoza
Jamie Was Amazing In This Film! MUST SEE
Mar Hoyt
How does this still happen? 🥺😤🤬. So glad this movie is coming out! Need more of this!!!! 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
Luisa Hued
Jamie Foxx is the real deal He makes us believe in all he does and he makes us laugh what can be better then that…
Marquette Lamar
I must go see this movie. My first time hearing Ellen address racism. Awesome interview
Saw it. Love it. As he was talking about the movie, I felt everything I was feeling while watching. He was awesome in RAY. Even more intriguing in JUST MERCY
Micheal Baxley
Made me and my wife cry like babies!!!
Chris 3bKing
Already pre-ordered my tickets for this movie…it’s gonna be phenomenal!!❤❤ And my BFF Ellen ALWAYS predicts correctly – hope he wins! #michaelbjordan #jamiefoxx #justmercy Now, if Ellen would gift me tickets 2 her show after 15yrs of effort…😒😊
Nandipha Magandela
Ellen’s predictions always come true, I hope he wins ❤
Tina Lifestyles
This is fantastic. How can you be put on death roll without been in a place or knowing someone. Great story.❤😍. Can’t wait to see. Champions are made so Jamie FoXX and I celebrate our fathers today
Suldaan Beegsi
Jamie is such a great story teller
Tara S
Great example of what we can all strive to be. We need more love & kindness in our world. ❤
courtney parrish
Jamie brought me tears.
moon goddess 21
Jaime you and Micheal B Jordan were so awesome in your representation in Just Mercy. Everyone involved was fantastic. Out of a 1-5. Grade system I give ot a 10. Thank you
Chanel Anderson
Definitely a life changing film!
Sheyla Bryant
Ellen has a good heart and has helped so many ppl.
Wairimu Rommy
Jamie Foxx and Michael B. Jordan in one Movie! 💃💃
Ireland Walks
Really felt what he said. What a great guy
Nova Love
Please support this! My God I love Jamie Foxx and these stories. He is truly a living legend.
caryn martin
Amen to the end racism commentary Ellen had! Thank you, ellen! And jamie, of course! Can’t wait to see this movie!
Chris Stucchi
Tremendous movie! Jamie Foxx and MBJ…WOW!! Great acting!! Bryan Stevenson should receive a Nobel Prize for Justice.
Love Nurtures
Dear Netflix, please put “Just Mercy” on my list. Don’t have time to go out to the movies!😫
Elizabeth Sales
Thank you Ellen and Jamie. So much needs to be done with the criminal justice system in Alabama if you were charged with a violent crime and later charges dropped, you cant get it off your background. No expungement laws for violent crimes even if you did not do it and charges dropped.
Jamie you are a great person and talented actor!
He is a phenomenal human. I couldn’t help but cry.