‘I have absolutely not a shred of sympathy for Prince Andrew’ | Palace Confidential – Blog

Robert Watson
To put it bluntly…These are not the actions of an innocent man.
David Brear
Prince Andrew was under 24 hr per day police protection at the time of his alleged meetings, and sweaty club visits, in the UK with Ms. Giuffre, Ms. Maxwell and Mr. Epstein, and which he absolutely denies. Presumeably, he was also under official protection during his visits to the USA? So why haven’t his protection officers come forward to support his claims? Why haven’t the written logs of his movements been produced as evidence? When asked, the head of London Metropolitan police, Cressida Dick, would neither confirm nor deny if she had seen this evidence. However, all these protection officers must know who is lying and who is telling the truth. Presumeably, Ms. Giuffre’s attorneys can oblige them to testify on oath?
This prince among men thinking he can return to royal duties at some point in the not too distant future, is just another example of his utter arrogance and delusional perception of himself as being perhaps ‘a little too honorable.’ What an utterly despicable excuse for a human being.
Sue Kelsall
If he wasn’t guilty he would face the music just cementing his guilt Dreadful creature
David Monkman
I am a monarchist but Andrew clearly is a low intellect character with limited ability, of questionable morals who has no insight into his behaviour. If he had a modicum of intelligence he would understand the damage he is doing to the monarchy. If he is innocent ( which I doubt) he needs to talk to the US authorities. However whatever the outcome his behaviour means he can have no place in public life and needs to keep quiet and have a very low profile.
Shelly Somerville
Prince Andrew needs to just talk to the FBI in England if he has nothing nothing to hide
Peter Strachan Music
If the photo did not exist, he could just deny everything and it would be very difficult for the accuser. However, the photo does exist.. He was in her company.. Whatever happens, he is finished as a working (money taking) Royal…..
Winston Fox
He deserves Fergie, but to her he is just a meal ticket.Both waste of space.
Ochuko Ovie
If Andrew has nothing to do with the lady, Why is Andrew running away asking security not to take the court case paper? Andrew’s action speaks Volumes. You can’t hide under your mother forever. Gone are the days you can use power to suppress the truth.
Kat Bar
Get rid of “The Stench” behind the guests. Another stench id P Andrew thinking he can go back to Public Life- he needs to get a grip on reality.
Melissa Koren
Funny how women will support a man like that as long as there’s something in it for her.
I have an Idea Swap Andrew for that Aericanwoman whokilled that boy on the motorcycle…
carolann Aitken
If Andrew and Fergie get married again it’s so she won’t have to testify against her “husband” when the Epstein trial starts
Keffiyehs Tolich
P Andrew is a disgrace & trying to evade US justice . Why should he be treated differently from a ordinary man ? Only because he’s rich & well connected he gets off free.
NEVER lose sight of the fact that Boris thinks that the Royals – including Andrew – are ‘beyond reproach’.The judgment of a fool or the words of a liar?
richard cooper
Can we do an exchange Andrew for that diplomats wife and let them both face trials and let a judge and jury decide
I think Andrew is going to remarry Sarah. A wife can’t be compelled testify against their husband. Andrew should be given up to the authorities. Discraced Horrible Person!! 🦄
Adriane Held
Why is everyone talking about Prince Andrew and noone talks about Bill Clinton or Bill Gates? They were friends with Eppstein, weren’t they?
Prince Andrew considers himself to be an expert at dodge ball. Cooperation in the beginning would have prevented all of this mayhem.
Satvinder Mudan
Seems a poor example to be running from the law.
Chanel Fitzgerald
Prince Andrew will get away with it. The rich always do, no repercussions, do whatever the hell they want.
Queenie has always protected Andrew. Presumably that’s why he lives within Windsor and now runs to hide in her skirts at Balmoral. He’s disgusting.
Patricia Katz
Had Andrew not done his interview, he wouldn’t be in this hot seat. He did it to himself. He’s got no one to blame but himself. Lol
Andi Harper
Slippery Andrew, so much for offering to help the investigation, attempting to hide behind ‘process’ If you have nothing to hide… front up man, this is far from being some petty shoplift!! His behaviour thus far is a disgrace. He has been happy to be lavishly funded by the UK tax payer most of his life, but refuses to do what the vast majority of the UK tax paying public believe is right, decent and acceptable… hypocrite.
andrea capri
Stop showing that bloody stench book, the only one on the shelf, all on its’ own behind the head of the speaker so we see it every time he speaks! What are you doing? advertising for her? Geez!
robert alford
Cant think of the authors name right now, but there’s an excellent book to download on Amazon called ‘And what do you do?’ This is about the ponce of pork’s older brother with big ears, nose and pockets. I’m definitely not a commie, but this kind of read could lead to a revolution. Just compare this book to the life of an ex-squaddie living rough, somewhere near you.
Javier Orozco
So Prince Philip could not stand the dreadful Fergie, could he? Oh boy, he knew it , was he ever right?
Kristine Campbell
Balmoral hide-out. It’s a case of the old “ Hide-a-sneak”.
Alexandra Roman
The Queen does like Fergie, always has done so. Prince Philip did not like her that is true.
Frannie O
What’s the betting that a royal detective or some other minion will appear at the 11th hour with an alibi for him.
richard severn
Mountbatten supplied and encouraged Prince Charles to get his oats while he was still single. Seems it runs in the family.
John Lott
Allegedly Andrew had his arm around a girl he has never met, in a photo in a reported pedophiles house? How unfair to accuse him. 🤪🤪
Ioana Catalina Leivi
Why is the victim so “happy” with Prince Andrew and G Maxwell (after the abuse/or was it befor the abuse)in a photo that circled round the world)?
Eileene Clark
Boho Tumbleweed
Andy had had a cherry pick in what was the fruit of Epstein’ s profession.
Paul Roberts
Air miles Andrew, whilst trade ambassador used to love flying, always fitting in a nice golf course, the FBI are offering him a free flight, and there’s some lovely golf courses over there. And if he could fly out to see his pervy freind Elpstian, even after being convicted of charges against minor’s, what does that say about him
Simon Gaines
Hot and cold running servants,palatial accomodation,and all for free Fergueson must have hesitated for a complete nanosecond.
Johnny Wrotten
She’s only with Andrew because she couldn’t get anyone else after him
Stephen Dowthwaite
I’d like to know who among the sanctimonious Hollywood elite and the music industry is crapping their pants right now..
Amazingly Spectacular
Prince Andrew knows if he talks too much he won’t be around for long. He is involved in a very cold group. Even prison won’t be safe for him.
Nancy Dublin
He should have just cooperated with the FBI to begin with instead of hiding under the rug. It’s only made it drag on and on and on, and it still is unresolved. It really gives the monarchy a black mark on its reputation. Andrew needs to man up.
Ainz Gown
the family with pervy blood running through their veins .
Jacq Pearce
He is the Queens favourite child which he’s hoping will protect him. It has up until now.
Sandra Johnston
Ferguson has stayed “friendly” with her ex for financial reasons. End of.
Rosemarie McHugh
As long as the Queens backs Prince Andrew it makes her looks sleazy too.
They are hidding behind their titles and power, not only him but the majority of them. Probably they are corapted to their core spending and living of british people’s taxes
Crystal Clear
I”ll bet he”s sweating now*
Mark Fru
Here is what i do not understand, if this is a civil case, why is the FBI involved, my understanding is their mandate is in criminal cases, as nothing has been proven against Andrew at this stage they have no jurisdiction in this civil case, yes i get they may want to talk to him in regards to Epstien, the only other reason i can see at the moment would be in relation to the allegations that Virginia procured young girls for Epstien, which would have to do with child trafficking.
david thomas
Better idea, stop calling him prince. He is a friend of jimmy saville
Nobody covering the activities of Andrew when he tried to smuggle a couple of prostitutes into Buckingham Palace. He was challenged by one of the on-duty police offices, to which Andrew responded with an expletive laden rant and “do you know who I am?” The policeman was subsequently disciplined and “retired.”.
The FBI takes years to do anything legally
Alexander Gordon
There is actual film of Andrew bidding farewell to a very young looking girl, not Virginia Giuffre, at the front door of Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion in New York.
If Prince Andrew is so sure of his innocence why isn’t he suing?
Why on earth are they “advertising” Harkle’s so-called book in the background? Surely there’s a more deserving book that they can display!
Ari Dale
I’ve enjoyed following and participating in this discussion for the past 24 hrs. But- enough! There seem to be two schools of thought, radically opposed. One believes Andrew is guilty of a sex crime or at least misdemenour- and the other thinks he was just doing what guys go when they can and that Ms Roberts is the guilty party. Now I’m going to feed my cat and go to bed- enjoy the chat !
Mrs. Hercule Poirot
I find it very disrespectful to Prince Phillip that right after he passes, Fergie is all over the place and staying at Balmoral. Perhaps Andrew has learned to suck toes properly.
Nicholas Union
When the reign of the current Monarch ends…..everything will change….I think Anne the Princess Royal is far and away the only suitable candidate to be the next King of England.
This is so absurd they want to hide Andrew and bash Harry who wants only to do good.
Thomas Morin
Hes hiding behind mummy’s curtains at balmoral.
I watched the don’t sweat interview,what an horrible quivering jelly,Elizabeth must be so ashamed
Sherryle Lee
Please don’t put that trash book on display! What on earth are you trying to prove? 😡
siu chun Malnis
Why should I see at the background a book “written” by a narcissistic celebrity who has brought so much shame to the royal family and embarrassment to the country? Why are you doing publicity for a commercial product in an interview?
Loretta Caulfield
Why does that book “The Bench” have to remain in view?
I have no sympathy either and I hope that he gets all that is coming to him!
edward bella
The hardest thing to do in todays society is to tell the truth.It is easier to denie and live with guilt.
Andrew is a laughing stock. When he was in the navy he was never given command of a ship because he was considered too thick. Koo Stark dodged a bullet with him.
Elizabeth Shaw
Andrew and Fergie live in the same house! It’s not just one holiday together. I also believe they never wanted to divorce. If there are judgments in the United States against Andrew he doesn’t have to pay them and he’s gone to Balmoral to hide from being served a summons to appear in an American Court! Where do you people get your information from?
Corgi Love
He needs to man up and face this accuser and be done with this constant dodging and hiding behind mum 🥵🥵
margalit van bergen
I think Andrew and Sarah never separated. She wanted to get the Palace bureaucracy (The Mean Palace Machine) off her back. And then … Prince Philip had had enough of her as well. M🌷 ~~I have to admit she was the happiest Windsor bride of the lot❤
Marie-Francoise Rama
Andrew is convicted he did not know Viginia G. What is expected from him now.
Terri Coleman
What a terrible person he is I hope he gets punished. Poor HRH The queen has so much on her plate now him.
Ms Penelope
The Queen protecting Andrew is shameful. We have all had enough.
Micheal Currie
Place have dropped him while protecting him. Oxymoron.
flowerj potter
I wouldn’t be surprised if they remarry on their Ruby anniversary which is only in a few shorts years time. She has her ruby engagement ring and they seem to have an affinity with the colour red. I Can you picture the wedding organiser, dahhhling of course.
David Tanslow
Nothing changes!! That right put the blame onto Prince Phillip after all, he can’t deny it can he. Typical !! Tuttut.
Hazel Pony
Andrew is protecting Ms Maxwell. If he spills the beans she won’t be able to handle the heat.
Jackie Wilson
Your dress is beautiful!
Ivy Maureen Pritlove
Prince Andrew has gotten away with it far too long. He has used the English tax payer for years, time for his comeuppance. John pritlove.
I recommend to read court documents (case Virginia Roberts Giuffre vs Adam Dershowitz), and his book ”Guilt by Accusation”. Nearly all the girls who met Epstein only met him once or twice realizing what he wanted for money. Yet this girl stayed. And stayed and stayed for several years. She seems very happy in the picture to be with him, and he needs not to recollect anything. His left hand might have been too long to reach her waist. Photoshopped? Meghan Markle and her PR team made those very similar photos. It might be right: ”I have no recollection” because his accuser has absolutely zero credibility, the list of her inconsistencies and her untrue claims are very long. The evil duo MM+H seems to be in league with VR to bring down the Royal family.Andrew was a very handsome English gentleman and Prince, impossible to attack or force any woman, no need to. He is a sacrificial lamb, he is a patsy.
Colin garner
Andrew is delusional, like everyone says . I feel for the Queen .
Leo Peregrino
All what I get it’s this hate vibe from these journalists, I hope that they are never involved in a false accusation
Robert Campbell
Anyone else reminded of maggots feeding off a rotting carcass?
jacqueline wilson
Harry and Andrew have a bit in common. Both overly indulged. Both insecure. Both a bit thick. Fergy – the old joke that she had 50,000 pounds in the morning and 5 pounds in the afternoon but has no idea how it happened.
Steve Burke
No one is above the law we all want to know if they Admiral was lying we want to see him in court
Angela Barnes
If she marries him again God bless her. Love is blind so I don’t judge her but just feel sorry for them all with exception to Charles, and Andrew they are the worst.
Jacquie T
Why do you have The Stench Book on display!? It belongs in the Trash!
Jules V
He will be easy to track just follow the slime trail.
Alice Cruz
It’s difficult to tell the truth 😕😪
Richard Mutch
He deserves to be behind bars, no human being should be above the law😶
Dingle Berry rides again
Andrew has a frightful snot on him
mirabell Nsofor
So what if Ferggie and Andrew have remained connected and friend’s following their divorce? Should that not be commened? So what if they live and holiday together!?!Pleeeaaaseee….get a grip! Not a fan of either; Fergie supporting him regardless of motive is very commendable. She is not a fair weather friend like mosy his other friend’s.
Patrick Hicks
i don’t understand why anybody cares about the royal family they’re less regal than the kardashians
Steve Redman
Exchange the royal weasel for Harry Dunn’s killer.
philip wilkinson
He’s dressing up as one of the Queens lady in waiting so they can’t find him.
Annette Ingle
He should have defended himself the right way this woman worked for Epstein was with alot of other men why she is coming after 1 man got well paid
shirley sutton
Fergie and Andrew deserve each other, both are users
Jane Doe
When the queen dies the royal family needs to go away
Ann Stuart
Andrew has still not been proved to have done anything wrong apart from be a friend if the now deceased Mr Epstein. Let’s just wait for the outcome shall we.
kel n
Pls keep on this story, I have no beef with the Queen, but take umbrage with people who hide information about abused children, surely once he knew that Lolita was entrapment he can throw Guillaume Maxwell under the bus
He was always going to Balmoral.
Frances Jeglum
He should be in jail
Chris Coker
Why can’t prince Randy Andy have a position polishing off the other royals snickers. He may be good at polishing off a few other things while he’s at it.🤣😂🤣😝😝😝😜😳
The man is so distasteful he’s a liar.
Duane Pipe
Utter disgrace to his family, he will NEVER show his face in public again …,,
Ida Chau
I have no sympathy for Andrew but he did NOT hotfoot up to Balmoral away from the FBI.. it was his turn to visit his mother.. Fergie and A have always been close and the idea of them getting married again has been around for years. As for public events with A.. in his own mind/ dreams.. !!
Why are we wasting time on this member of Britain’s most dysfunctional family? Get rid of the lot of them.
Bob Jary
Oh look the innocent man hires a Hollywood lawyer who objects on procedural grounds… I hope we are getting good value from the legal teams employed on this case…. Coz we are paying the ** bill
Ari Dale
Preyed upon young women- oh nonsense !! Their parents were pimping them out!
Andrew’s actions are not those of a man with nothing to hide.
Having that book on your shelf is shameful . Great way to lose subscribers.
Steve Hind
If he was going to talk he would have done it by now. If he talks Maxwell will talk. Hiding behind the queen us a dick move and we all know he is guilty.
Democracy Agenda
Apparently he will eventually get away with it Lol
William Walsh
He forgot to pay at the door
Please don’t show me that book! Really??
S Hendricks
0:44 What the he!! is a copy of #6s wife’s book on the shelf behind that fool??? Clearly a CONTRADICTION
John R
Q.. What have Prince Andrew and Michael Barrymore have in common? A… They are both guilty of their crimes
The prince should come clean and face the music if he is innocent why would he not want to prove it.
Sammie Mack
Hopefully this pushes lizzy the last over the edge
Anne Hinde
I have sympathy for all the young women and no one else.They deserve to be heard in order to heal from this abuse.
Wimpie Van der Westhuizen
The royals time is way overdue
Cody K
Off with his h3ad
Paul Wild
Send the paperwork by owl, By many owls. Down the chimneys etc.
Duane Pipe
Utter disgrace to his family, he will NEVER show his face in public again
C O'Hara
My Heart is My Oath; except when it falls to my toes 😉
Carol Miller
The dreadful Fergie….what a Hoot!
Rod Fisher
I would have more respect for him if he was to fess up, and also for his mother if she was to stop shielding him from behind her skirt tails. I see no honour or anything decent about either of these two. The privileged and powerful of this country show no moral leadership whatsoever.
There seem to have been some “Bal-morals” here. Seriously; lying low is a good tactic. Things do go away. People forget. eg JFK. LBJ. Clinton. Berlusconi. As for Mick Jagger, he just gives us his radiant smile……….& moves on! It’s all over now.
David Murray
After all these years the queen means nothing if she wont speak for the abused, blm my arse
“I did not have sexual relations with. . . that woman. . . “
Diane Powell
She’s on with the markles keep her away
Laura 55
I reckon if he offered her £1,000000, she’ll grab it with both hands , she knew what she was doing, ‘three times’!
richard williams
The dodgy actions are on advice from his legal people who thought wrongly at worst that which is ruled already a misdemeanour in the US states of Fla and NY even if guilty would go away. They stupidly forgot about the UK and US media and social commentary whipping up the kind of furore the ex hooker’s lawyers dreamed of to increase any payday from Epstein’s millions. He should have fronted them up with a public statement along the lines of ” As a 30 year old ex naval pilot , with some connections, I have found myself approached by attractive ladies on many occasions, and have chased them, I am not trying to sound boastful , in fact the reverse when I say I genuinely don’t recall this particular one, amongst frankly a number of brief romantic episodes, at that time in my life,,,i would not wish to cause any offence by not recalling the exact lady and nature of any encounter we may have had. Certainly I knew Mr Epstein who proposed several business ventures and I met with him on several occasions here, and at his request in the US, It’ss true that he was renowned for lavish parties bug at no time did anyone suggest to me or others that he was doing so illegally ,or in some untoward manner. I can only apologise for any upset this may have unintentially caused and would be pleased to answer any further questions arising from the issue of Mr Epstein and the suit against his estate.” Many would have though 30 year old navy pilot and Prince not surprising he gets his share, end of – money grabbing ex hookers shyster lawyers need the high profile to up the ante,
Graham Fleming
England expects.150 million lives gone so typical of the crown the world is not enough. Bring back the British Empire – not. The European Union was brought in to smash juntas and deliver free speech!
Maggie Henderson
Fergie and Andrew have always been together since divorcing…..and..these are allegations..not proof..sonI reserve judgement..
Jacqueline Brunet
Je ne comprends pas Le Prince Philipp ne voulait pas de Mde Ferguson après le scandale qui avait poussé la Reine a faire divorcé le couple Andrew et Sarah Et là j entends qu elle était à Balmoral avec toute la famille royale et les rumeurs disent même peut être un remariage Pourquoi la Reine est passée outre de la volonté de don défunt mari Pour moi c est un manque de respect vis à vis de son défunt mari Pourquoi accepter cette femme qui a humilié Andrew et la Firme Et d un autre côté meghan est rejetée pour n avoir rien fait de mal juste être noire quelle injustice
Antonio Munoz
Number 1 loser tied with Charles and Camilla Behind them Anne and Edward. All losers. The queen is admired and respected through out world.
Frances Hicks
We address HM Queen as Her Majesty not HRH
John Nicolson
Get rid of all the Royal scroungers.
Kate Bates
Andrew should never talk to US Law enforcement Any lawyer will say same. Anything can & will be used & twisted against you.
Terry Sampson
I wish they would go after Trump and Prince Charles instead of Andrew and Harry
William Walsh
They were not kidnapped off the street what were they doing there anyway
jean myers
I don’t think Prince Andrew has a clue how much he’s disliked by people of UK
Brian Eduardo
Like the rug….. Fergie always out for what she can get….
Steve Mowat
Will a newly crowned King want to be publicly associated with such a controversial brother?
A daughter of the God of Abraham.
Fergie and Andrew have never really been appart. 🙏🙏🙏
Chris Taylor
I wonder if there is anyone besides Prince Andrew that thinks he did not do what he did.
Antonio Munoz
I agree with you all But the queen’s children are dirty and a mess Andrew is a loser. I feel sorry for the queen Got such bad kids
colly ateoo
I don’t hear 2 much about the wife of the American diplomat who killed a young man in a hit an run drive 2 Airport flew 2 America an claim diplomatic amunity but no more said 🤔
I have no sympathy for any of the Royals for whatever they go through. They have a privileged life. They do nothing for themselves. They’re all bored, spoilt brats. But I do like having them around.
Nigel Frost Foster
The quarter mile ripper
Paul King
He deserves the absolute worst in my opinion. No one is above the law ⚖ Fact especially with the arrogance of the so called man he’s a beast let’s cut to the chase here unless we’re all missing the point!!!!!
Dreadful Fergie is right
Mariam Moola
How safe is the royal children and royal female teenager prince Andrew
renekireborn renekireborn
Please stop showing us The Bench. We are here to listen to the commentators. It’s awfully distracting and annoying!
Elsa Stenberg
Mommy will do everything to protect her baby.
Remo Rossi
Andrew will walk away free it’s mother knows every trick in the book if you have money you have power Talk is cheap nothing will change the outcome
Jill Armstrong
Innocent until proven guilty!
Leah Rue
Why do you continue to have the hideous “Stench” book in the background?
Lee Flood
Fergie and Andrew where living together before …they are 2 people that obviously love each other they divorced because at the time Prince Andrew was always away Lock it up !!
Ada Kennedy
He is far to thick to know what to say if interviewed without putting his foot in it again
Honest politician
jim ‘ll fix it for him
richard williams
Pair of clowns He knows nothing of what went on20 plus years ago,
helenagavina@gmail.com Gavina
I don’ t believe this man …. He looks bad like Prince Andrew
Doreen Jemmott
Not because he is a prince with privilege, that doesn’t exempt him from any wrong doings , leave it in the hands of the court.
james green
Catherine Joy
They go to Balmoral every year, Fergie usually in separate lodgings. All the Royals are indiscreet (toe sucking,- close ups overcame security?). As for Andrew, firstly PP had purportedly been involved with one of Sarah’s family, hence PA circling the world for 2 years after marriage, to try to stress the marriage. PA borrowed money from Epstein for Fergie. There were hundreds of guests through Epstein’s properties & he liked to film their bedrooms. He drugged them, if they were not interesting enough. It seems likely that PA, like numerous others, was indiscreet. This does not imply underage, although girls can look much older than they are. The woman he waved to, was dark haired. I believe he is trying to prevent embarrassment to the Queen. There can be perfectly legal things in our lives that would be very troublesome. The extent of the debt, two Présidents involved (hence the log jam in Washington?), an affair with a married friend? But surely explaining would be better? People chose to hang rather than be indiscreet. It will unravel if the case is not dismissed, – claims against others have proved incorrect and been dismissed. Trial by media is incredibly popular now but often lacking in facts. As for his M/S Maxwell, currently in the prison from hell on remand, the chances of her being able/alive to give evidence cannot surely be higher than 50%. There are US ‘men in grey suits’ patently trying to slow this case down, using PA as a great distraction/crowd draw. And Brits are disliked by many Americans. ‘Misrepresented’ sums up this case. PA was brought up within the Palace. None of us would fare well with a creature like Epstein but Saville showed they can be in plain sight. His get out of jail dinner was well attended. PA was there with other notables and celebs. How many owed money/were being blackmailed? We know a few were dubious people but many were not. What power did he have over them, what hold? This goes for some of the older girls, but they may have felt lost. People like Epstein, a narcissist sociopath copycat (of a man who went on to kill) are beyond all our experience. A naïve Prince with a sometimes quixotic, emotionally overpowering father versus a seemingly warm, friendly, money helpful monster. What could go wrong? And, again, why was his security so lax?
Deborah Altunel
Do you lot not know that it is common knowledge that Fergie has been living with Andrew in Royal Lodge for years. They have always loved each other and have bought property together a chalet in Switzerland a few years ago. They have been a couple and back together for 20 odd years……
Trevor Or
He got caught with his ? In the dirty nookie jar. No sympathy
My guess is Andrew is 😓 sweating now.
Jennifer Bate
By paedophile..….do you mean the girls who were under the age of 15? Otherwise it gets very confusing as in America I believe the rules are different and it’s considered that women under the age of 17 should be protected. One wonders how much this woman is in need of a good amount of money from this case!
Well andrew I wish you luck .only one man can judge you is god ..talk is cheap and people will not feel sorry for you ..
Dreadful display of arrogance from Prince Andrew & also cowardly, hiding behind his mother’s skirt. Frankly the Queen & the rest of the Royal family are as bad, offering him sanctuary. This makes a mockery of the Monarchy. It also shows how you can evade the law if you are a Royal & can afford to hide & rich enough (with tax payers money?) to get a legal team to get you off on a technicality. The monarchy should end. They are a joke.
marlene g
Andy needs his mummy.
Shannon Mckenna
What happened to innocent until proven guilty.
Brian Paco Alvarez
I have no sympathy for prince Andrew, his mother, the supposed queen of England, and all her La Di Da. Nor prince Charles for what he did to Diana. Nor his bow wow of a wife Camila. Or any of the aristocrats and white privileged rich of Great Britain for that matter. They’re all at fault for what he did to all those young girls. Shame on that family. It’s high time for England to become a republic once and for all. PERIOD
Brie Chilli
Delete the elite !
carolyn tait
Hang on Whoa Boy there has not been a trial yet so lets abide by the rule of law and let fair justice prevail before you get the stocks out LOL
Kathleen Davidson
What no comment from Piers Morgan. The mouth from the south not willing to back this son.😂😂
Ray Green
He could flee to Ireland
Anne Hinde
I think they will marry again.
p s
That is why there shouldnt be a royal family who has immunity from prosecution. Queen will protect his son. This is 2021. No one should have immunity due to their birth rights.
Andrew needs to stop hiding behind the skirts of his mother and man up, do the right thing.
Sharon Haye
PSR 04
“wearily” – you are joking.
Andreina Femayor
Oh please of course he has something to hide. If wasn’t he should not be hiding around avoiding the issue. Someone who have nothing to lose should be the first in line to clear their image and facing the music loud and clear not in hiding mode. He is a total disgrace and cower man 😒😤🤢🤮
Bertram Pincus
Trade him for the woman that killed the British young man on the motorcycle. The only one that can’t have papers served on them is the Queen there is no such thing as a private estate to an officer of the court as the court is above everyone in the UK the only person that can’t have papers served on her is the Queen or King.
Denise Brailey
Prince Andrew is listening to his lawyers – as he should do. The Lawyers are running the defence. We have to wait and see what the defence reveals as to the truth.
Judith Payne
Andrew Pierce is the only one with any sense on this channel. And what are you doing publicising Markle’s failed book The Stench? Why have it in pride of place on the bookshelf? Ridiculous.
Dismissal not an option-:))
VIRGINIA was of legal age paid well, Consented WILLINGLY. It’s nothing like what r Kelly did!! That was genuinely horrific- I cried .. but this stuff is not that at all and Virginia was part of the scheme , darn it. It’s just about money for her ! She has zero guilt for her own actions. Oh and sue Smith did a great video too and said my exact point.. look up “sue Smith Randy Andy” And it should come up. Virginia is not a victim worthy of a pedestal, is my point. She’s also addicted to gambling and an alcoholic who’s never worked a day in her life (this is by her own account.. and why do you think she let herself go after age 20??.. huh? Pretty obvious who wears the pants in her marriage! She does!!) . It’s really unfair to genuine victims. she has a great life and had a crazy experience she knew she was hustling in.. now she’s back for more blackmailing.. it’s really giving a bad name to genuine victims. None of her money she’s gotten has ever, nor will ever go to helping actual victims or sueng the democrats and the swamp.. she goes after easy target Andrew and I really find that replysive and says alot about her character, which i was suspecting of already but now it’s confirmed.. she’s still a cold hearted hustler.
Philip Withey
Gay men always go for andrew makes them look like real men
Robin Burn
Given Megan’s friendship with Beatrice, I wonder who’s side Harry will take regarding his uncle, could be a game changer for him in America
Joesph Begley
The royal family are unnecessary !
Most Toxic Family on earth…
James Devine
Just a shooting party….like we all have…fool.
i feel sorry for prince andrew and i think whats happening to him and his family is part of something thats going on all over the western world a total collapse of everything , build back better
Cherie Buckler
OMG is that a book of “the wench” on the shelf….very appropriate when talking about Andrew…two of a kind
Carrie Boultby
Why are you promoting The Bench?
Steve w
If, as he claims, he did not have “sexual relations” with, the then, Virginia Roberts (A line from the Bill Clinton book of embarassing explanations) why has he been so evasive in responding to requests to assist in helping the investigation.His arrogance and sense of entitlement is astounding! To put this whole situation into perspective.. As a Senior Royal Andrew would have had protection. Part of that “protection” would have involved vetting anyone wanting to develop a friendship with Andrew. It’s highly unlikely that Andrew would not have been made aware of concerns regarding Jeffrey Epstein’s reputation regarding young women yet Andrew chose to allow the “friendship” to develop. His choices have now returned to haunt him! A look at his interview with Emily Maitliss explains his “reluctance” to engage with investigators and lawyers representing complainants. They’d eat him alive! However this isn’t going to just go away. Asking the Courts to unseal the settlement agreement signed by Virginia Roberts to show she is prevented from taking action against others involved in her exploitation do nothing to support Andrew’s claims of innocence. The seem to be the actions of a deluded guilty man and the best place for his claims of innocence, ignorance or memory loss to be tested is in court. A wealthy man who has done little to earn his wealth now in his 60’s desperately tugging on Mummy’s apron strings pleading for help and support…pretty sad. He’s ruined his own reputation, done great damage to the reputation of the Monarchy and thinks he has a way back into public life! Re-Marry Sarah Ferguson? I’m sure a Registry Office can accomodate them. I have no doubt that’s a far cry from Andrew’s expectation of Uniforms, Carriages, Medals, Military Bands and crowds of adoring fans cheering and waving flags! I fear his ego is writing cheques his character and integrity are incapable of covering and I don’t think the tax payer ought to be asked to help out!
Patricia Treslove
The queen is as bad as Andrew, she has protected enabled and covered up for both Andrew and Charles, she is a disgrace, has no respect for the people she vowed to serve, we should be proud of her, I am ashamed to say I am British.
Emily Gooner
Love Andrew pierce he takes NO prisoners, ❤👍🏻
Jimmy Dijkhoff
The woman wants money thats all
David Heck
“Waste of Skin”.
Ginger Nightmare
The Queen will never allow her son to be questioned by police let alone arrested! She is horribly above the law! Off with their heads!!!!
Snobby Sydneysider
Who’s paying for Andrews legal representation????
Ari Dale
Guilty of what? Going out with a young woman whose photo could place her at anything from 17-23 yrs of age- who asks to see the birth certificate of every pretty young girl of interest? He is a decent, slightly silly man (shouldn’t have done that TV interview).
Dan Jones
Bill Clinton 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤣 come on America
Steve Fowler
Who are these dreadful people?
Jamie Bourgault
He is not JE so stop comparing him to this man this women Virginia has made millions on her accusations so stop you are innocent until proven guilty i mean that is here in the USA im sure its the same in the UK so you all need to stop its pathetic we all know he wont be back do you all need ro STFU!!
Leigha Ellis
He is a giant baby hiding behind mommy’s castle walls to avoid being served. Shameful
Stella Adams
Never knew we had kangaroo courts in this country .if the girl was so innocent why did she keep going back
H MacK
Where is Ghislaine? Are they shutting her up so we find out nothing? Will anyone be revealed definitively and be brought to justice? Answer – no, because the elite can do as they please whilz their pawns and cronies in the “justice” system protect them. J<Politicians, judges, police and gendarmes are all sell-outs to this disgusting system. We need another revolution to rid society of these disgusting vile parasites.
Nigel Frost Foster
IRANDY WHITHY ggiirrllsos I RANDY’S adventure I Sinbad thy sail air just run out of mamnoond$ IRAQUEER
Henriquez Aguila
No christening for Lilibeth at Windsor. That is why they named her after the queen to manipulate her.
June Allan
Remember how royals became the royals.war, fighting,off with heads if you wanted power over them.
Harriet Kabali
Please pier Morgan comment on this we want your views
Pat Walker
The americans have one rule for them and one for us they said on tv this morning no one is above the law talking about prince andrew so why didnt they make the american woman who runa young lad over in this country and killed him and ran back to america was she above the law then .
Maggie Henderson
Maybe he didn’t!!!!
Christine Wilson
I am no great fan of Prince Andrew and I don’t like the dodgy business deals that he does, however I am at a loss as to why Prince Andrew would be sued for having sex with a 17 year old woman in the UK where that is perfectly legal? If he is suspected of commuting any crime then why is this a private law suit? Why aren’t the police taking the action? They are not because there is no criminal offence. In addition, her own previous statements say he didn’t do anything wrong, and why isn’t anyone mentioning the previous allegations that this woman has made about other men – and the amount of money that she has swindled out of them? She claims to be such a victim of Prince Andrew’s pedophile friend and forced into doing things, but at the time she was living with a man – who she later married. She also received money for every young girl that she introduced to the pedophile… Why isn’t any of this mentioned?
K E Pritchard
We don’t have any for you either. Karen Elizabeth Pritchard 👑
June Jones
They are all a disgrace first to last
Emily Gooner
In fact I hit play bc I just knew that was an Andrew Pearce words
Prince Andrew is like Harry a pathological liar.
He has talked to the FBI USA 🇺🇸
Mark Fru
I have heard many Royal Experts say you can not just drop in on the Queen whenever you like, even if you are a family member, these visits are all pre arranged weeks if not months ahead of time, especially during this covid pandemic,if that is true then Andrew and Fergies visit would have been pre arranged weeks ago, how is it that these so called experts can come to the conclusion that Andrew has done a runner at the last moment, i cannot believe that anyone would risk the life and well being of the Queen especially when you consider that at 95 years of age she is in the most vunerable category of people on the planet due to her age
Monica Zaharia
Why should Prince Andrew speak to FBI ? To help them get access to Epstein’s money which are blocked in some kind of trust from my understanding? Will the Prince testimony be useful for this matter? At the end of the day is all about money. He should ignore FBI request and let them force their own high profile citizens involved in Epstein scandal to give testimony and unblock with their help Epstein’s inheritance .
Nick Sanders
if he was innocent he would be talking in person to detectives to prove he is not guilty. HE IS GUILTY WITHOUT A DOUBT GUILTY. Hope he gets convicted. if nothing to hide why hiding behind mummy’s skirts, Be a man
As Andrew said, he hasn’t got any other friends…yes especially now that he can not hang around high schools anymore.
She was never a victim. Being a high class, looked after prostitute is not exactly a bad gig. She was of legal age, too! It’s nothing like what r Kelly did!! That was genuinely horrific- I cried .. but this stuff is not that at all and Virginia was part of the scheme , darn it. It’s just about money for her ! She has zero guilt for her own actions obviously.. she lured many girls in. Lady Colin Campbell voiced exactly what I always said (her videos from.a month ago) she explained it perfectly.. Virginias parents are at fault and they knew what was up, also vurigina was highly promiscuous already and really would have ended up on the streets of not for her chance encounter.. she also played and manipulated them all. Just like she does now. She’s not scared and never was! Lol. It’s a joke for her to play victim, and it’s an insult to real victims who didn’t have a choice or a voice !! She did!! She had a good time too and amazing experiences.. she is playing the victim role cause it’s good for her civil suit aka MONEY case.. and for her lawyer, to play the victim !!! She’s a snake too which is why ghilsane really liked her. Don’t you guys get this?? Can’t you full in the blanks for yourselves?! It seems i have to do it for you, of course.. well its psychology 101. And watch Lady Colin Campbell explain it perfectly in her video about Virginia and also the one about Andrew (they were uploaded back to back a month ago). .. Those keywords are in the titles and should come up along with searching for Lady Colin Campbell. Your welvpme. Oh and sue Smith did a great video too and said my exact point.. look up “sue Smith Randy Andy” And it should come up. Virginia is not a victim worthy of a pedestal, is my point. She’s also addicted to gambling and an alcoholic who’s never worked a day in her life (this is by her own account.. and why do you think she let herself go after age 20??.. huh? Pretty obvious who wears the pants in her marriage! She does!!) . It’s really unfair to genuine victims. she has a great life and had a crazy experience she knew she was hustling in.. now she’s back for more blackmailing.. it’s really giving a bad name to genuine victims. None of her money she’s gotten has ever, nor will ever go to helping actual victims or sueng the democrats and the swamp.. she goes after easy target Andrew and I really find that replysive and says alot about her character, which i was suspecting of already but now it’s confirmed.. she’s still a cold hearted hustler.
L Grigg
Love Prince Andrew I think that girl knew at the age 17 what she was doing she’s after money. Who is this guy talking look in your own back yard.
Dominique Ogilvie
I have NO sympathy for Andrew either. They can remarry if it makes them happy, but he belongs in jail.
art lewis
He goes to Balmoral every year,non news,Andrew is innocent until found guilty, not by the mob,
Frances Hicks
I too am a monacist but enuf of Ferguson & Andrew they r embarrising to queen & country, living a life of luxury at the ppls expense, neither have a brain between them
Leda Francesca Michela
Pray for him that he may repent of his sins and may not end up in Hell
It’s a last-knocking civil case because wot’s ‘er name has no proof of her accusations against Handy Andy. The FBI can’t compel Andy for that reason. It’s a money-spinner for wot’s ‘er name, that’s all.
Ruth Yvonne
Ugh, ship him off to prison. He is guilty as sin. His mum her Royal Highness has to tell him to answer for his crime.
Geraldine McArdle
I have no sympathy with the Randy Andy
Jean Anderson
For goodness sake. What happened to “Innocent until proven guilty”. You are having your 15 minutes of fame at his expense. You absolute pot stirrers. I have just Unsubscribed from this Channel.
Philip Roche
Get this man to america regardless
Rebecca Mondloch
Nobody is interested in the rf any more
Naa Korkor
The, photo of the prince and that woman IS NOT PROOF of sexual affair. The woman must produce Evidence to prove her allegations. And NO AMOUNT OF REPETITION OF Allegations will become proof of sexual assault. She must prove it.
alan Inglesfield
Andrew should take a polygraph test and prove if he his lying or not
Jayne Buchanan
Who cares if he had sexual relations with her, or not. She was over the age of consent.
‘A return to royal duties’….. he is experiencing life as Joe Bloggs. – thrown onto the scrap heap of life, fat, jowly and sixty. Let him stay there. O how he misses feeling important, people fawning and hanging onto his every utterance, being the centre of attention, the charmed life of the overindulged prince, the curtsying, the deference the awe!
Republic now
Mary Partridge
They are just targeting him because he is famous and wealthy. And who can stand that gushing Fergie.
pj moseley
Andrew has always had the reputation of being a naughty Prince. to put it mildly. But it doesnt mean he is guilty of what he is accused of. He also has the reputation of being an arrogant Prince too.
Kate French
I have lots of sympathy for Andrew. He’s maintained his innocence and I believe him. That woman’s original statements to the FBI were that Andrew did nothing illegal and that he did not have relations with her..Those were her words…..She also said that Epstein paid her 15,000 to “be nice” to him but he knew nothing about it. So there again he wasn’t involved in that. By the words of her Lawyers they tried to settle with him privately and he refused…A guilty man wouldn’t do that they would have settled quietly. Now her story has changed, quite a few times and each time it grows more and more sinister his has remained the same. I also believe that her story started changing AFTER it came out that she had procured girls for Epstein. Hmmm could it be that she changed her story to save her own skin from her illegal activities? I don’t trust her. And let’s remember it’s not a crime to have a sketchy friend. It’s not even a crime to have a friend that turns out to be a criminal. I also think Andrew is doing the right thing because you cannot trust the Feds in the USA. They are not independent law enforcement any longer but a political branch of the far left and do not operate with any integrity. To some research and find out what they have been involved in the last year or so, and what their agents have done, and what they have ignored (Look up Hunter Biden and the FBI hiding evidence etc). So Andrew is wise to stay away because IMHO they are looking for a scapegoat and have chosen him to keep focus away from the Rich, Powerful, and Political in the USA. They aren’t looking for Justice. Look up how many cases they “close” when the Main suspect dies…..Also I would urge you to look up the Death of Epstein and the involvement of the federal guards who by the way walked away scot free even after admitting they falsified documents…..Do not trust the US Law Enforcement…they have zero credibility and are not trustworthy. Several high profile men in the USA have also come up in the investigation and they have done nothing toward interviewing them or investigating their involvement and even if they did it would be covered up (again think Hunter Biden).
mary mcdermott
We all want to know who is backing Virginia Roberts in this court case..?… and how much money she expects to get from the RF……..the media has already tried PA he has lost his job and reputation…….somebody still wants a pound of flesh and to hurt and embarass the RF.and Her Majesty …….
lynne ivison
being accused by a discredited woman – we all have faults – yes i do have sympathy
Orania Savage
Still innocent Until proven guilty! This woman has sued before- its all about the money!
Lynette Vanrooyen
We, too, in Zuid Afrika love the queen BUT….. prince Andrew is DISAPPOINTING, to say the LEAST! 😫He should show respect AND apologize to ALL the young ladies, children abused by Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein! He thinks he CAN do as he pleases….
mrs kath
I don’t think he gives a fling pig if you don’t have a shred of sympathy for him or not . lol
Marianne Evans
I do not know one person who supports Prince Andrew. I expect only the Queen and Fergie stand by him.
Richard Abrahams
We the peasants deserve the Truth!!!??? Simple!!! The transparency has been lacking for many generations!!? Accountability is a whipping boy!!! Peace Solidarity Truth simple!!
Anna Konda
These 3 are as nasty as Andrew. The joy on their bitter little faces,pfft!
Leda Francesca Michela
Sara Ferguson has no fault, she is still the mother of their children! Moreover, if the Prince repented of his sins and returned to his wife and did not sin anymore it would be good news. His wrongdoings in the past remains but religiously we should pray for everybody’s salvation!
mark goode
The pervert prince is a sorry excuse for a human being. What happens between frightful-Fergie and the pervert-prince is of little interest to me; quite frankly, they deserve each other. What is of interest, is finally seeing justice administered on behalf of the young girls who were abused by the powerful and privileged. Once this has been accomplished it will be time to ask some other pressing questions such as: why did Charles have such a long friendship with the pervert Jimmy Saville? What did he gain from such a relationship? What did this relationship give him access to? What a disgusting family. It’s time we saw the back of them.
Flame Lily
The woman accusing Andrew has been proved a liar. She has had several other similar claims thrown out of court. Initially she said Andrew hadn’t had sex with her so she was either lying then or she is lying now. She was 17 at the time and over the age of consent. She is also known to have procured girls for Epstein and should be in prison alongside Maxwell. She is just doing this in an attempt to extort money out of Andrew. I don’t like Andrew but I dislike that women even more.
Lesley Cullen
I have to say. I know it’s a scandal that Andrew is involved in, but sorry Harry and MM have done worse , deliberately worse to Royal Family. They are bad, Andrew just stupid. The girl in mention was doing all this for money at the time and knew what she was doing. She wasn’t just going along with old and older men for plane ride. Even took a friend with her once probably told her friend what they would be doing and rewards etc. I’ll be slagged for saying all that. Fed up with all that metoo. Yes Andrew is pompous and thinks he’s status is way up there but M and H are out for the kill and don’t care who goes down. ‘It’s all about the money’ it’s all about the dum dum da di dum dum. And let’s destroy all our family’s when we’re playing that song. Souls have been sold to the devil. Andrews made big big mistake many men do this but he’s a Prince and it’s come back to slap him in the face. Sorry guys if you don’t like this
Debbie Sunlight
Look she was over 17. Over the age of consent. She wasn’t raped. What’s the point.