The dark side of justice1

Yusef Salaam was wrongfully convicted in the notorious “Central Park Five” case

As a teenager in 1989, Yusef Salaam was wrongfully convicted in the notorious “Central Park Five” case

Dark side

The parts of a person, a group, an activity, etc. that are unpleasant, evil, or harmful:

She sings about the dark side to love.
He plays a police chief who gets results despite his dark side and personal faults.
The film illuminates with relentless honesty the dark side of its subject.
I wrote about a doctor who had gone over to the dark side and was promoting unproven fad diets.

Cambridge Dictionary

Donkere kant

De delen van een persoon, een groep, een activiteit, enz. die onaangenaam, slecht of schadelijk zijn:

Ze zingt over de donkere kant van de liefde.
Hij speelt een politiechef die resultaten boekt ondanks zijn donkere kant en persoonlijke gebreken.
De film belicht met meedogenloze eerlijkheid de donkere kant van zijn onderwerp.
Ik schreef over een arts die naar de duistere kant was overgelopen en onbewezen waanzinnige diëten promootte.

Cambridge Woordenboek

A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America

As a teenager in 1989, Yusef Salaam was wrongfully convicted in the notorious “Central Park Five” case and served more than five years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

Father, poet, activist, and inspirational speaker.

He has committed himself to advocate and educate people on the issues of mass incarceration, police brutality and misconduct, false confessions, press ethics and bias, race and law, and the disparities in America’s criminal justice system, especially for young men of color. 

Determined to educate the public, Yusef eagerly shares his story with others. 

In speaking out against injustice, he conveys the importance of continuing one’s education—whether formal or otherwise.

1 The Central Park Five Official Trailer #1 (2012) – Ken Burns Documentary Movie HD

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22 okt. 2012

A documentary that examines the 1989 case of five black and Latino teenagers who were convicted of raping a white woman in Central Park.
After having spent between 6 and 13 years each in prison, a serial rapist confessed to the crime.

2 Exonerated ‘Central Park Five’ Survivor Dr. Yusef Salaam on Black Trauma | NowThis

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7 jun. 2020

Dr. Yusef Salaam was imprisoned as a member of the Central Park Five, a group of Black and Hispanic teenagers who were falsely charged and convicted of an attack on a jogger in Central Park.

Though much of the public called for their execution, including future President Donald Trump, the Central Park 5 were eventually exonerated and have shared their experience as a warning against systemic police racism and police brutality, as seen in the documentary series When They See Us.

As the Black Lives Matter comes to the forefront in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, protests throughout the world are waking us up to the shared experience of Black trauma in a society that is unfairly biased against them. The Black experience shared by many African Americans is wrought with the collective trauma of centuries of injustice, and as the Black Lives Matter protests and George Floyd protests continue to grow, we must not lose sight of the tragedies that led us to this moment.

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3 Struggle by ‘Central Park 5’ ends in $40 million settlement

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21 jun. 2014

New York City will pay $40 million to five black and Latino men who 25 years ago were wrongly convicted of raping and beating a woman in Central Park.
Their conviction was vacated in 2002, but it took until now to close the book on the decade-long civil rights lawsuit. 
Jeffrey Brown talks to Craig Steven Wilder of Massachusetts Institute of Technology for more on the legacy of the infamous crime.

4 Donald Trump’s ‘Horrific’ Response to the Central Park Five Case | Opinions | NowThis

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12 jun. 2019

‘It was horrific then. It’s horrific to hear it now.’ — Ken Burns wants all of us to remember Donald Trump’s extreme response to the Central Park Five case.

In US news, Ken Burns sat down with NowThis News to talk about the Central Park 5 case and how Donald Trump reacted to it back in 1989. The Central Park 5 refers to Korey Wise, Antron McCray, Yuse Salaam, Raymond Santana, and Kevin Richardson who were convicted of raping and beating a Central Park jogger Trisha Meili. After the attack Donald Trump called for the death penalty to be used on the Central Park 5. The Central Park Five case was the subject of Sarah Burns’ book, later a Ken Burns’ documentary, and is now being turned into a Netflix series from Ava DuVernay called When They See Us. In a Trump interview at the time, Trump said he ‘hates these people’ and believed hate would help get things done.

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John Collie
Trump hates these innocent kids, but wishes well to Ghislaine Maxwell. Makes sense.
adora edobor
“maybe hate is what we need to get something done” DO YOU AMERICANS HEAR YOUR PRESIDENT?? im done
He hasn’t changed. He still feels the same way about black and Hispanic people.
Just A Guy Production
At what point did Americans think he would be a good president?
Grey Bar0n
I was about 16 and living in NY when the Central Park Five was in the news. I saw Trump’s full page newspaper ad. Trump was a racist before that, during the event, and today.
Kelechi okoroafor
The fact that he’s our president makes me nauseous🤢
Great Cornholio
Lol “orange haired” accurate description.
Sheryl Howard
He also bragged on 9/11 in an interview that he “now” had the tallest building. I had just come home very late that day from my job at my airport, having spent hours consoling an elderly couple that were on their way to NY because their son had a meeting in one of the towers that day and had lost contact with him. I turned on the TV and got trump. I got so mad I almost broke my TV. Now we have 146,000 dead and counting. The man has to go!!!!!
The same people who claim to be pro-life are the ones who would be first in line for a public hanging.
I literally cried my eyeballs out with this 4-episode-series. UGHH I FELT SO BAD
This is truly how Trump feels about minorities, don’t buy his fake dog and pony show at the RNC
Nitin Dubey
For everyone who says Trump used to be a regular guy earlier and is losing his marbles with age – Trump was never regular or ‘normal’. He showed who he was decades ago and continues to do so. Anyone who still supports him is delusional or in denial or both.
Kat Lemons
And his presidency has been full of hate and lies. He needs to be evicted out of the people’s house. Facts.
john e Lawler
Even when the were proven innocent Trump still insisted they should be punished, He put his ego before justice
tRump lives in a world of hate. He learned it as a young boy from his Father.
Danial Wong
If people still don’t think he’s racist after watching this video, …, …, I have nothing left to say
Marissa Jones
So even when they were exonerated, and they found the actual guy that did it, he still stands on his response? Wow
“There was an orange haired real estate developer…” That’s about as savage as Ken Burns gets, won’t even say his name.
Trump should’ve been convicted for incitement to violence. He put these 5 people in imminent danger.
I remember this story well. I remember reading his “open letter”, and being horrified by it. I already hated Trump even then, but this was the first time he shocked my conscience. When people tell me they can’t see Trump’s racism, I think about this story, and wonder how they can not.
Mal Phillips
That’s what Trump is best at, poisoning the minds of people!
Foodie TheG
I watched the Netflix series with my dad because he wanted me and my sister to see how POC were treated and still are treated. He is African american, so sharing this story was an important warning for us. I feel that everybody should watch the series to get a better understanding of what they went through, and as MINORS. I Hope I never come across a racist cop that sees my curly hair and caramel skin and decided to shoot me, arrest me for no reason, or try and pin a crime on me that they know very well I didn’t commit. I just want to share this , ALWAYS ASK FOR A LAWYER. Don’t answer any questions because you can always get a lawyer for free.I may be young but I am grateful I am educated and know what I know.
bigman lizard
“maybe hate is what we need if we’re gonna get something done.” literally only need to hear the first sentence
Just shows a little of why I have 0% respect for Trump
Josh Cade
I’ve never heard anyone actually speak of hatred like it’s a good thing until now. 😦
The horror to know that this hate-filled man is now president . . . still spewing his hate as a means of getting what he wants . . . more hate
Herb Nichols
THIS is the very reason that many people voted for him!! He speaks their language!!
The only consistent thing about Bunker Boy is his consistent opportunism. Vote out this fraud in November. Biden 2020 🇺🇸
Diamond Scout
And since then he’s only proved to be more racist. Smh so hateful.
mini amiibo
I bet he wouldn’t feel so strongly about his opinion if he was the one struggling to fight for his life.
I literally finished the series just now, Koreys story touched me the most because he suffered the most and he wasn’t even there😪I had a full on breakdown but I’m glad justice was made
Quirky Quips
Judge one by their character and not the color of their skin. Yeah, his skin is orange but his character is darker than the darkest dark of racist HATE.
Toney Norton
In a short amount of time I think people have forgotten who this man really is. Our government is a cesspool.
Roy Johnson
This is when I knew there was something wrong with this man: reckless, impulsive, and WRONG. And he’s been the same way all through his presidency; Lafayette, USPS, Tulsa…The Central Park 5 paid a price for Trump’s ignorance then and we are ALL paying a price for it now. I guess now it makes sense that the NYPD Union endorsed Trump…
He doesn’t care about his own brother. Let alone these young men. Trump must go.
Rev Dr Kathleen Raphael DD LPN
“That devil wants to kill my son.” “He’s gonna take an ad out about killing my son.” I have a dead son. I KNOW what this woman was feeling. ❤💔💔💔💔💔❤
Better to hear who trump is from his own mouth. Remember to believe when someone tells you something dark about themselves. “Very fine people on both sides”.
I literally cried and tears by watching this show.. can’t believe what happened to them and this community, things has to change now. Sending all my prayers and respect to those people who survive this system. Enough
Zoilo Edjan
Imagine them having him as president now, truly sad
Sadinah Rafael
sometimes i think trump is the actual devil
Megan lovesresearch
I’ve seen the documentary and seeing this makes me try to stop the tears from flowing again. Trump is evil. Bless you brave men. I’m a southern white woman and I believe your lives matter and I believe black lives matter. I hope you see this message because much love is sent to you from me and my husband. You’re amazing men and I’m proud of you for staying so strong and true to what is right after all those years of suffering. You didn’t let them break you. This is why we should never have the death penalty because no matter how much the people don’t realize, law enforcement is not always right. And they have executed many innocent people. Point blank.
chris Ez
“Maybe hate is what we need if we’re going to get stuff done” and we wonder why the societal climate is what it is today and why he won’t condemn right wing extremism
He still has these same beliefs & he is STILL influencing ignorant people
sebas Gocher
This Donald guy speaks more hate than Hitler itself
This is so important. Thank you for making this video. ✊🏻🇺🇸
Jim Selfridge
Shows what kinda person that devil really is
Sarah o
Mom said it best, ” that devil wants to kill my son”.
Rutger Pentenga
To all American people: Be wise, don’t make this guy your president again… (Edit: The other option is Joe Biden, wich isnt so great either…)
V. Eddington
“Maybe hate is what we need if we’re get something done”- your president.
The Nova
Shame yourself America you elected this thing as president and what happened now!? Look at George Floyd and look at these young innocent boys
I watched both ‘The Central Park 5’ and ‘When They See Us’ and they were both very good and powerful and hard to watch. But everyone should see them both and remember that these things happen every day to every day people
Ms Alisah
That’s sad, this show us what we already know about-Trump
I can’t believe we had him as a president.
All RC Aircraft
You all in the US need to get him out. He is destroying your country.
Naija Kehinde
The DEVIL is always working overtime.
“Make America great again” In the eyes of an African American, America was never great
Flow Ryan
You can’t end racism if people like this run a country or large corporation Elect, boycott oil, boycott coal, boycott natural gas, coca cola, Nestle, Volkswagen, Adidas and all those human rights violation corporations
Handsome Grinch
American “democracy” is incredibly flawed
White privilege is shown here like no where else, they were only boys when this happened and my heart goes out to them❤️
Frank D97E
And now the Orange one is our Hater-in-Chief. We still have a long way to go.
leo maan
These days any news from USA makes me sick and want to vomit
Nathan Wheeler
This story alone should tell you everything you need to know about 45. HE IS A DEVIL.
Jane N
People, open your eyes! How could he be elected president ???
ElJefeDe Texas
“I did more for the African American community” you sure did trump, you sure did
Duke of derp
Bebe Butterfield
ALL OF HIS SUPPORTERS, especially those of color, should be gagged and forced to watch this. He is a monster now and he has always been a monster. Wake up.
Nicky Chimes
Trump is what the world thinks of when they have to describe a typical American Are you proud of that face America?
JML Marin
Why tf did this not come up in the election
Tzvi Krasner
He stated as recently as 2016 that he still believes the men should be executed despite being found innocent. As far as he’s concerned, being black makes you guilty of something. This person (I refuse to use the word “man” because he has yet to act any older than 15) is a racist and this video needs to be shared to every tweet he sends out about how he’s not a racist or how Joe Biden is racist.
Alist LPJ
Kanye and kim come collect your friend DONALD!!
Donald trumps father failed him.
Pat The Batman Fan
Can you imagine how galling it must be for those guys having him as President?
Kenichi Mizushima
That opening statement by trump made me involuntary gasp…what a dangerous person
Michael Tarren Scott
I think the way this video was presented was completely agenda drive for those who are thin skinned and emotional. Not to mention the continual hatred of Trump. It’s pathetic. Where was this video 10 years ago?????!?
Cormac. porter24
And people still want him to be president of America smh the world really is on fire and he doesn’t even believe that global warming is a real thing, disgraceful
Almost CatLike
Why are they even letting this man still breathe air, why?
You’re telling me that before even being elected trump had interviews like this before and he still became the president wtf
karla garduno
the fact that I’ll probably have to teach my kids about this 😞
That’s why you’ve lost this election Trump. Karma
idil akpınar
when i was watching “when they see us” i kept thinking how tf did americans actually elect trump as their president
Ken Burns, a legend❤️
Angelo Jones
I already knew this but Biden is different how? His policies and words feel pretty similar to me.
Darrell Garrett
Ken Burns is one of the most important filmmakers of our time!
i wish i can lock trump in a room with hungry Ramsay Bolton dogs…i wish i had that ability, but i don’t…
Krystal Phan
there is something seriously wrong in America
amy h
this is absolutely heartbreaking
Im saddened and disgusted at the same time My blood turns into vinegar just by facing the terrible truth of having this animal as our president
Well done America for voting in this fool of a man. I truly hope something like this injustice happens to a member of his family.
der Spanier
one of the best shows on netflix, too sad that happened and even more sad it is still common.
Scott Scotty
The US elected this guy as president. Sliding down from the greatest country in history to a 3rd world cesspool
Have these five exonerated men been interviewed on a high profile news program? If they are willing then it would be an important reminder to the public about who Trump really is. Also, they could explain to Trump what the words ‘exonerated’ and ‘falsely accused’ mean, since Trump clearly doesn’t know.
How this country has elected this dispicible man into office just blows my mind.
Kunst Wunderkammer
43.9% Poll still blindly believes this human being. From what planet do these people come from!
Warren Holly
You heard what came out of his mouth he wants to hate those people and he does. Now that he is wrong there should be consequences. Most Def!!!
Nancy Mojica
And he was elected President of the United States, meaning his followers didn’t care a bit, he is a dog he always will be, and now even worst that he got more power , he need to Be removed Just Vote, Vote
Erik Robin
When all that nightmare is over somebody must urge DT to apologise at the Central Park 5 on his feckin knees!
Donald Dorsey
They should make a movie about this DURING THE ELECTION !
John Hibbert
0:00 imagine saying that, then calling protesters thugs
My grandpa in jail for a crime he didn’t commit and I didn’t know that he was wrongly convicted until a while ago
Noora 666
who came here from “When they see us” series?
Eric Henry
See? That’s what his campaign needs!! A new motto — “You gotta hate!”
Autumn Skye
And now a year later. Still the same s he’s always been.
Jason Carpp
Thank you, Ken Burns for the story.
Gypsy Drop
I can’t believe this man had a cameo in my favorite childhood movie, Little Rascals.
Neon Neo
And he said he “loves his Hispanics and black people” but the truth is he does not care about them.
Easy Cooking
His followers will still defend him and say “he didn’t have all the facts”
Andi Amador
Getting things horribly wrong more often than not, being horrific in his words and deeds, too much hate for others and too much loving himself and glorifying himself way too much—are just how Trump has always rolled and he always will. It takes a completely sick-minded, or a completely uninformed person to out and out worship him like his supporters are doing—-and none of them can still be completely uninformed by now.
If “#1 racist person in the world” was a person.
Karen Shaub
That’s Trump for you. It perfectly demonstrates how once he’s made up what he laughingly calls his mind about something he NEVER changes it no matter how much evidence may eventually prove him wrong. Because he is NEVER wrong in that so-called mind.
Jon L
The right can’t say they are pro life, they have no room to talk.
Great to see so many of us checking out the ‘horrific’ response of the duffus in chief before he became the notorious ‘twit- in chief.’ Anyone supporting Donnie-Johnnie must urgently need enlightenment; you’re bright as a two-watt bulb.
VJ's Art
trump just said hate is the answer to this situation its hard to believe hes our president and people actually voted for him we can fix this VOTE
Veronica Apav
These children…🤔 He doesn’t have to live among these “children “ … F-ing hypocrites. That just want you are supposed to be…. EMOTIONAL! Not LOGICAL 🤔
Lee Holland
He still refuses to admit he was wrong or to apologize
Lorrie C
WHY MSM did it take THIS LONG to uncover this ?! The man is sickening 🤮, THIS IS sickening !!! USA needs a HUGE CHANGE. BOLD. BERNIE/TULSI 2020
Will Tatz
Imagine conservatives still supporting him after hearing all this about him. Can’t imagine. (Signed me, Will’s 12 year old daughter)
Jay rock
We need to make sure he goes down next 2020 voting, just imaging having him as president back in 1989…. even though they were innocent he still thinks they’re guilty even though Matias Reyes confessed to it.
Kim K
This makes me wonder who Trump was protecting
Lili Bee
Thank you for your good work. Please share this channel with everyone.
Doctor Zumzum
He’s been a scourge on humanity for decades now
Russ Gurpa
“Make America great again!”
Rab Abbs
How did the US end up with such a horrific dumb man as their leader? That electoral college is something I can never understand in the US democracy
David Nissim
Wonder how they feel about the man who wished death on them being elected president.
Safyan Hussain
And some of yall still voted him🤡
is it
He hate them now that’s extreme.
Dank Mematodes
This is one sided in today’s world but think back then, the kids were seen as guilty to the media no one believed they were innocent and with such a brutal case is why he came out with it.
Thanks for posting. I am a native New Yorker and remember this. He was a racist back then and still is
LoveHope &Charity
Now I know evil comes in tan shade! Thankfully him and his kind are on their way out! Let’s hope the future is brighter and with less orange
Nanny B
He was a hateful creep then and he’s still the same now
Can’t believe this happened to those poor boys . Trump ,Shame on him . CP5 , I hope they are enjoying their lives now , bless them .
Leonard Covarrubias
Wouldn’t it be funny if members of the Central Park five or them be on the jury…. related to corruption with a 45……
Kris Phoenix
“Trump hasn’t apologized” I’m sure he doesn’t even know the word…
Kelly Sams
Even more horrific, even though these men have been proven innocent, he still won’t admit he made a mistake or back down from his position. It is still his stance to this day in spite of all evidence.
Jason Cabral
I love how he pointed to an orange man 🤣🤣🤣 the lengths they would go.
Totis Iturralde
He was already an evil person before being the president! This should have been shown before the election in 2016!
Happy that they made a movie about this.
None of your Business
Convicting someone against clear scientific evidence is repulsive enough in itself, but even more so coming from a country that claims to be civilized. What is wrong with you, USA?
Thanks for sharing this!
Rufus Bayne
“Of course I hate these people”… He believes the color of their skin is enough to justify their execution. He and Hitler would have been best friends.
David Farner
He wears more makeup than most women.
Linda Benny
Unbelievable! He’s the one that the death penalty should be for! I hope & pray for the USA that he is voted out in a landslide so there is no way he can say that the election is “fixed” 💔🧡💛💚💙💜🖤
b m
well at that time everyone thought they were guilty, even the justice system proofed that they were guilty, so how could Trump know that they were innocent? if they really were guilty and if the crime they did was really brutal, why should he not hate them. he’s just honest.
Focused-on Life!
I can’t believe he took a ad out for the death penalty to brung upon children. Is he insane? I mean how much more idiotic can you get.
Yeah, that definitely tracks.
Trump has a history of abusing children’s rights. For example, the Trump administration succeeded in putting immigrating children into isolation camps in 2019.
NYC Rican
I wish they had just banned anyone from going to the park at night and there would be no trouble.
Helen Casillas
Well said, Ken Burns. Wonderful 👏. Documentary The Central Park Five. That could have been my son in the wrong place at the wrong time!
Rob Day
Although it is always easy to be wise in hindsight – It amazes me that the court did not exclude the majority of the ‘evidence’ offered in this case. Whilst these boys may have been involved in the assaults and disturbances, this miscarriage of justice beggars belief.
Watch the Netflix 4 part mini series “When they see us” Very powerful and moving true story of the central park five
Sunspot Dawn
Number one the real person jogger died. They parade a fake person out claiming to be her so they could tamp down the story. She was not the only person attacked.
The Anti-Christ is here. I think we are close to the end.
Doug Hansen
This just goes to show us ALL how pathetic our justice system can be… this also includes the people who believe that HATE will fix EVERYTHING!!!
Sydney Valenzuela
Add this to the list of things that really hit different in 2020
t T
Imagine if he was that cruel to putin
The greatest treat to America: Trump
Clayton Findley
How about the entire interview?
This made me cry. How could his followers still defend him despite all these evidences that he hate coloured people?! Father God, help this world we live in.
“Maybe hate is what we need if we’re gunna get something done.”
What more can you expect from someone who recommended injecting lysol
Maria Parrilla
Agent SuperArgo
The Proud Boy’s and Trump are actually The Oompa Loompa’s and Willy Wonka.🍫🍫
Robert Blaney
Well, nothing has changed with Trump to this day….well….maybe he’s even worse now if that’s even possible
I saw this clip in When They See Us and I didn’t know it was real. I already very very very strongly disliked trump but somehow that strong dislike has grown
M Murase
He should’ve been charged with witness tampering. Or the trial should’ve moved. But NYPD was evidently convinced.
Corey Gutierrez
Da same man who demand a death penalty on those men, iz now a president….worst nightmare
jason st john
Watch: The truth about the Central Park Five with Larry Elder for perspective.
Maxim Popov
You can’t always get what you want Donnie 🤣
Donny probably thinks he can’t apologize cause it’ll make him look weak to the people that worship him, even though an apology would be the strongest thing he could do.
Jake Mendoza
Metflix made a series about this case “When They See Us”
Hate is the agenda of the man who was basically elected by “christians”.
Dirty _ Dan390
I watched this after watching “When they see us”On Netflix.
The OG “Karen”
Taylor Hayles
1988: people thinking trump is amazing 2019-2020: people hating trump See how much the world changed and how trump is bad
No Filter
I want to see the whole interview not something they chopped up and put out.
GO 123
George Floyd ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻 no justice no peace 2020
Ajanay Johnson
And the Cheeto still didn’t apologised when he found out that they were innocent the whole time
I never knew about this. I just finished the Netflix series “When they see us” and it saddens me that their are people who would gladly jump into conclusions and wrongfully accused someone for something they didn’t commit. Hopefully the justice system is fixed now cause it would be bad if it were to happen again.
Milly Rivera
That was said when the truth didnt come to light.
A lot of people responded this way initially and we know the system was rigged to assume their guilt because of their race. I guess the underlying message is Trumps views didn’t change amidst new information.
So trump thinks it’s okay to execute kids Bro I’m scared
Sunspot Dawn
Number three the attackers all used names associated with the families of the victim. They were not their real surnames ever.
shanell e
Love how they just take what he says out of context 👌🏾
He’s Been using his wealth & platform to stir up tensions & be a disgusting human being for years
Nabiha Nasir
Poor lady who was attacked, and poor boys who were targeted for a horrific crime they didn’t commit. Hatred took the place of justice.
Sean Jordan
Trump ain’t putting no adds for the death penalty for Harvey Weinstein or kapernick
Lee Roy
Go watch the police interviews, all of them. They are long but then you will get to decide for your self from hearing own their words spoken. Not the fictional tv series
Color MehJewish
What about the other 8 people beaten? (some hospitalized w/ nearly fatal injuries) This is NOT about ONE CASE
Ronan Hughes
648 people disliked this video. Do these people believe that it’s ok to jail innocent people?
Patrick Dubuisson
It’s called projection you put on to others what you did. Pretty sure Jeffrey knows what it is…
Robert Heitman
Jesus preached love, Trump preached hate. Wait… Does that make Trump anti-Christ? ho ho ho
Blah Blah Ugh
Well to be fair he wasn’t talking about these kids specifically more over the people who did the crime.
Repost this please! It needs to be up new again!!! Please!!
Lara Kara
Idk how i didn’t i hear about this till now actually i knew about this when i watched the series « when they see us » and it’s really tragic i cried so much especially in the last episode it’s a must watch especially korey wise he has been through the worst ( beaten up , raped …) just because he’s a good friend and no amount of money can replace the discrimination and the pain they have been through this world was evil to them but i believe they are the strongest ever ❤️
Clint Ennen
Now I would like to hear the other side of the story because this was all one-sided… typical Democrat dishonesty
Gaelle MAZ
All five were squeaky clean!
Alain 8458
Two of my kids are going to further their English studies abroad and when we asked where they wanted to go, they replied anywhere but America. They said Trump is evil and his Barbie family make them sick.
The media are complicit in this being a sudden revelation now, they knew this happened and yet didn’t bother to bring it up during the primaries. His “mean” tweets are nothing compared to this, this is literally an incident where you can gauge how just or arbitrary Trump is, yet they were silent on this. It’s not just a matter of prejudice, if he can’t be reasoned with here, how can he be trusted to make level headed judgements elsewhere.
Arrested for a crime they admitted to with specifics. On a night they admitted to beating multiple people.
Terrible man, yep yep
Chloe wilson
I knew those young men were not guilty from the onset. I cannot imagine what the police did to them. Trump and his stupid, stupid,accusations. He was bad back then and horrible today.
Topher K Rock
This video (and all related “documentaries” on the subject) do a disservice to the truth. Please take a minute to read the actual ad that Trump took out. He wasn’t calling for innocent people to be executed. He was asking for NY to bring back the death penalty due to the high crime rate that NY was seeing back in the 80s/90s. Ken Burns and everyone else have created a twisted tale which sounds horrible if it were true. “When They See Us” might be entertaining, but it’s also fiction. Shame on Ken Burns for parading around a lie.
Joshua d'Estoville
Congratulations for blowing up only the headline and not the whole article. Gives folks a reason to doubt your cause and an opportunity to conduct their own research.
And now he is our president, surprised how our country has changed?? Not I.
Kelsie Bru
I like the guy who talking about the case’s voice tho. Its calming.
S. Rathgeber
Can´t say that this racist has changed in the last decades.
Film Toppings
That first sentence alone sums up why he is terrifyingly unfit to lead a nation
pirha Iftikhar
Watching trumps reply after watching when they see us proves to me that he has no heart or soul and that America you better be careful with a president this trashy he will take your country down for sure watch out!
Sick dude. Mentally disturbed person leading this country.
Andie Morgan
This man shows all the signs of a psychopath! As a non American, the more I learn about this man the more it depresses me that such a man was able to be a nation’s leader! 😢
Stefanos Smitty
Yet the stalk of broccoli is demanding an apology from Bubba Wallace for doing nothing wrong but still hasn’t apologized to these men, and most likely never will.
David Wood should preach american gov for the unjustices
I wish more people saw this 11 months ago
Pam Bergner
Thank God there’s a movie about it. Trumpster for the Dumpster.
R Bess
If people would have done their homework from the beginning, then maybe this man would have NEVER been elected. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist. Unfortunately, some that didn’t see it then still do not see it now. Sad.
Boz Songz
It’s amazing, he’s saying all this while he’s cheating on his taxes, making profits from investment failures and cheating builders of their rightful salaries. What a guy.
Steven Bass
Awwwww poor little things.
Teddy BAD B0Y
Anyone have a link to the full interview?
Delaine Cayenne
Anyone here after George Floyd?
Maggie D
There was a comedian, Zach Rushing, that believed united we stand, divided we fall and not to judge all white people by the actions of a few. But I would appeal that this is the few many people experience. So all though he is correct, we have to have patience for those that are not ready to trust just as we all would ask for patience when we are trying to grow and see things differently.
Even as a young man DJT hung his head in shame. Can’t seem to sit up straight. Sneaky!
Till this day his supporters excuse this and say that they have to be guilty. It’s a very weird cult of personal
Lil Qluv
Everyone what we have to do and us people can do to get him out the big house he wont get another four years.
His pops was a clansman, baby Trump didn’t fall far from the racism tree.
Wise Tekniquez
If it wasnt obvious enough who the clown really is… Hes showing you himself
Jesus Marquez
“And I want society to hate them”
Talking about death penalty on 4 innocent teenagers. How dare you. This still upsets me till this day.😢🤬😡
ileana perez
this y’all president?
“That devil wants to kill my son”….. Very liberal to make it political.🙄 Just confront the president with it… OR DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO LIE ABOUT?🤔
syntec smurf
NIce hit piece. But once again the Mayor of NYC and the Governor of NY in 1989 were both DEMOCRAT. The policies that prosecuted the Central Park Five were all under the direct oversight of Democrat politicians.
Movies Over Matter Productions
Absolutely! We should talk about this!
What about the “content of the character” of individuals in gangs that beat and rob people?
Lucienne Manace
Did he say “of course I hate THESE people “?
jason st john
There is a ton of evidence that the CP5 are not innocent. It is odd that Ken Burns did not interview the detective and prosecutor for the case. Also, Ken Burns says “there was an orange haired real estate person” Like he didn’t know it was Trump.
Mike Cooper
Hate has been the basis of trump’s campaign and incompetence well before the crook became poTUs.

5 Exonerated after 37 years, Tampa man ready to ‘get on with life’


15 sep. 2020

After serving 37 years for a murder he did not commit, Robert DuBoise’s name was cleared Monday morning inside the Hillsborough County Courthouse. The 55-year-old was sent to prison at 18 for the brutal rape and murder of 20 year-old Barbara Grams. The prosecution used what looked like a bite mark on the victim, and matched to DuBoise at the time.

6 Man’s exoneration leads Hillsborough State Attorney to launch bite-mark conviction review

15 sep. 2020

Robert DuBoise, 55, was exonerated of a 1983 murder after spending decades in prison.

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