Puzzling – Perplexing – Bewildering

Puzzling – Perplexing – Bewildering

It describes something that is strange or unfamiliar, causing a sense of confusion or puzzlement.

Bewildered: Confused and uncertain

Arriving in a strange city at night, I felt alone and bewildered.
I came out of the movie a bit bewildered, but I enjoyed it.

Cambridge Dictionary

Bewildered: perplexed by many conflicting situations or statements; filled with bewilderment

It is not an easy life

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1 The Liam Allan case

It is incomprehensible that a girl falsely accused

19-year-old Liam Allan with the consequences:

10 years in prison and life in a register.

Nor is it understandable that the judiciary fell into the trap,

such a thing is unforgivable.

Prosecutor Jerry Hayes is outspoken about the aberrations in the case – BBC video 2

It almost turned into a wrongful conviction!

The paradox the police had evidence beforehand that nothing was wrong 

and could even not charge.

The case is ‘A perversion of justice’.

Liam Allan became a high-profile case.

There was a question to Theresa May about Liam Allan in The House of Commons.

2 It beggars belief: justice a deceptive construction!

There is more, when you carefully examine the examples in point 2 on the home page, you will be shocked that there are people who intentionally send someone to prison for an endless period of suffering over many years, without any hope of a way out. How can something like this exist, even 14-year-old children end up framed in prison!

Furthermore, when you watch and listen to certain videos, for example where Raphael Rowe speaks, you realize how the justice system works, namely by gradually adjusting the accusation so that something that does not correspond with the person can still be used in a deceitful file, and that it is just chance that Raphael Rowe, after 12 years wrongly behind bars as a 19-year-old boy, ultimately leaves prison very angry at the age of 32.

Raphael Rowe

3 Justice being fooled as in a candid camera

In the context of the sentence, “Justice being fooled as in a candid camera,”

the key points about “A Candid Camera” are:

  1. Deception: “A Candid Camera” is a reference to the concept of candid camera pranks or practical jokes, where people are deceived or tricked into believing something false or absurd for the purpose of entertainment. In the context of justice, it implies that deception is being used to mislead or misrepresent facts, leading to a false outcome in a legal case.

  2. Unpredictability: “A Candid Camera” suggests that the deception in the justice system is unexpected, surprising, and catches people off-guard, just like a candid camera prank. It highlights the element of unpredictability and the suddenness of the deception in the justice system, which can result in a verdict that seems irrational or absurd.

  3. Disruption: The sentence implies that the deception in the justice system serves as a lever or means to disrupt the normal functioning of the justice system. Just as a candid camera prank disrupts people’s expectations and perceptions, the deception in the justice system disrupts the fairness and integrity of the legal process, leading to a verdict that can have severe consequences on a person’s life.

  4. Lack of reason, cause, or motive: The sentence suggests that the deception in the justice system, akin to a candid camera prank, lacks any reasonable or justifiable motive or cause. It implies that the deception is arbitrary and unjust, resulting in a verdict that seems devoid of logic or rationale.

Overall, the use of “A Candid Camera” in the sentence conveys the idea that deception in the justice system can be unexpected, disruptive, and irrational, leading to unjust outcomes that can have severe consequences on individuals involved.


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Crazy Old Lady Driving Prank

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Poor elderly lady needs a helping hand! She is old and tired and someone is has to help her! Little do these good samaritans realize that she will try to kill them with her horrible driving skills when they try to put her heavy bags in the trunk of the car. Watch out!

It is not an easy life

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Social Conscience

Deception is ethical


Hiding in Plain Sight